If you think a grave or cemetery is one that is unmarked and located close to you, and someone is about to build over it, to whom do you go to stop the destruction of graves?


First, look for a Department of Historic Resources or some similar type of government offices associated with historic preservation in your county, if you are in the United States. To do this, search online or call your local government offices, either city or county. National acts have been passed to protect unmarked graves as well, including those of Native Americans (NAGPRA). Graves can be found with a ground penetrating radar, of which the government might or might not pay for. If your city/county offices cannot help you, you may need to turn to your Governor's Office to ask whom to contact.

Updated on April 3, 2018

Original Article:

How to Find Unmarked and Marked Graves in North Carolina
By Patty Inglish