In most cases, the doctor will call the patient after a biopsy, right? I had it done on a Tuesday, and today is Saturday. Should I have received a call?


In my opinion, yes, you should have received results after five days. But let's consider some things. What time did you have the biopsy taken on Tuesday? If it was in the mid to late afternoon, you could discount Tuesday. Saturday is a weekend day. It doesn't count. That leaves Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Expect your results on Monday or Tuesday. The routine work was done, and results were ready on Wednesday. If further testing was needed, it would take the rest of the week. If the specimen was sent to a reference lab, it could take a couple of weeks. Call the doctor's office on Monday.

Updated on April 10, 2018

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The Biopsy: Six Steps of Processing in the Histology Lab
By Chris Mills