What are the causes of the employment syndrome? Additionally, the essay prompt requires that you should suggest various innovative ways to curb the problem.


You have a two-step essay question which asks you to first investigate the causes of the problem and then suggest solutions. To organize this kind of essay, you might want to start with an example of the problem for the introduction. Then define and explain "employment syndrome." For the next paragraph, start with the question "What causes employment syndrome?" and then discuss the probable causes, using examples and any evidence you have from your research. Head into the second part of the body by using the second question to start a new paragraph, "How can we solve the problem of employment syndrome?" If you need help on how to write these kinds of essays, you can see my articles on "How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay" and "How to Write a Problem Solution Essay." While your teacher framed the question as a "cause" essay, the assignment seems to mostly fit the category of a problem solution essay. In order to figure out a solution, you must always first investigate the cause.

Updated on January 31, 2018

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100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics
By Virginia Kearney