What are the weaknesses of the online registration system?


Since I originally wrote this article, I've personally had to operate a variety of online school registration systems with my five children. I think that the weakness of an online system is that it tends to be very cumbersome to fill out, and often the software systems have flaws that cause the submission process of the forms to work incorrectly, causing the parent to have to fill everything out again. I've also been annoyed by the fact that I have to fill out the same information so many times for each child. Of course, I used to have to do the same thing when I did a paper and pencil registration, but it seems to me it should be less repetitive with an online system. For my children to participate in sports, I had to fill out nine separate online papers correctly and have them go through the system entirely. That just about drove me crazy when I had three children in sports one year. Why couldn't that have all been done on one page? I think that my overall comment is that most of the systems I have used could be better, more efficient and more user-friendly.

Updated on March 10, 2018

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Benefits of Online School Registration
By Virginia Kearney