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Do you often times experience doubt?

Which word describes you best?

When asked to make an educated guess which method do you feel is better?

When you're asked to make a guess about something important how do you feel?

What do you consider yourself to be?

When making a decision which of the following helps you more?

When I am bored I entertain myself by doing what?

Which phrase describes you best?

Which of the following do you consider yourself to be?

What are you more concerned with?

When you are given a problem which part of the problem do you enjoy most?

You are given a routine task at work, what is your immediate thought?

What are your thoughts on the question: What is the meaning of life?

When you are asked to measure something which option best describes what you would do?

People who write should be more...

Which describes how you solve problems?

Do you often times use metaphors or symbolism to explain things?

Which do you spend more time thinking about?

What do you prefer to do when given information?

Do you like it when processes or tasks change at work?

Which process explains you more when trying to solve a problem?