Thinking vs. Feeling Test Quiz Statistics

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Which of these results are more important to you?

Which decribes you best when a friend begins to tell you about a problematic relationship?

When you are having a difficult conversation with a friend which of these do you pay more attention to?

Which option describes the best way to persuade you?

When watching a TV soap or another TV show, which explains you best?

Which describes you best?

Which do you trust more?

Would you say your actions are often times impacted by your feelings?

Do you find it difficult to talk about emotions like anger and love?

Do you feel that you have a strong control over your desires and temptations?

Someone asks you, "How do I look?" and they don't look nice. What do you do?

When are your feelings valid emotions?

Which one describes you best on how you feel others perceive you?

Which do you pay more attention to?

Do you hold on to sentimental objects that you have a stonge attachment to?

Do you like to learn interesting insights about others through arguments?

Are you often times accused of being insensitive by others?

Do you consider yourself to be "thick skinned."

Which describes you best?

Do you sometimes have a hard time understanding how others are feeling?

Which is more important to you?