Do you understand front- and rear-fanged snake envenomation systems? Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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For simpler understanding, rear-fanged snakes are considered as belonging exclusively to which taxonomic family?
The correct answer is "Colubridae"

Which snakes possess an accessory venom gland in addition to the main venom gland?
The correct answer is "Elapids/Viperids"

Muscles tend to be associated with venom glands in which snakes?
The correct answer is "Front-fanged snakes"

Front-fanged snake venom glands have a large central lumen, capable of storing considerable amounts of venom.
The correct answer is "True"

Which venom delivery system is “closed” and significantly more efficient?
The correct answer is "Front-fanged snakes"

Rear-fanged snakes tend to exhibit “bite-and-release” behavior when envenomating prey.
The correct answer is "False"