What do you know about snake venom composition/variation? Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Which family of snakes can be difficult to understand because it contains members that are either front- or rear-fanged?
The correct answer is "Atractaspididae"

If a type of venom compound is present in elapid venoms, is it also present in viperid venoms?
The correct answer is "Sometimes"

Snake venoms can be very complex mixtures, containing up to 100 distinct compounds.
The correct answer is "True"

Snake venom composition may differ between snakes of a population, but never changes within an individual over time.
The correct answer is "False"

Is it possible for two different types of venom compounds to yield similar envenomation symptoms?
The correct answer is "Yes"

A metalloproteinase can have multiple kinds of targets because it has low substrate affinity.
The correct answer is "True"