QUIZ: Do you understand "the fetishism of commodities" ? Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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What is a fetish?
The correct answer is "An object worshipped for its apparent magical powers; an irrational commitment to something"

What is a "commodity," according to Marx?
The correct answer is "Anything that people deem to have value"

What does Marx believe capitalist society is obsessed with?
The correct answer is "Things (commodities)"

According to Marx, what is wrong with capitalist society?
The correct answer is "The fact that commodities, or "things," have apparent value but the human labour that made them is ignored"

Why does Marx compare people's relationship to things/commodities as a "fetish"?
The correct answer is "Because people obsess over commodities for their apparent value when really the labour behind the thing is what counts"

According to Marx, human labour is embodied in all commodities
The correct answer is "True"

Marx would want everyone to remember this one thing:
The correct answer is "A commodity is first a product of the worker"

How does commodity fetishism affect society, in Marx' opinion?
The correct answer is "Social relations exist between commodities instead of between people (producers of the commodities)"

What would Marx say gives a "thing" or a "commodity" value?
The correct answer is "Human labour power"

For Marx, why is it irrational to obsess over or fetishize commodities
The correct answer is "Because real social relations are between people, not between things"