QUIZ: What is Your Learning Style? Quiz Statistics

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Here are the results:

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Do you seem to take more notes than others, during a class lecture?

Do you have trouble understanding a concept because you can’t picture it?

Do you have trouble following verbal instructions?

Do you have trouble following along in conversations?

Do you find it difficult to sit still and listen to the teacher during class?

Are you good at remembering faces?

Are you often told to sit still or stop fidgeting?

Do you PREFER to work with your hands (building, fixing, assisting)?

Would you prefer a desk job or a job that keeps you moving?

Do you find working in groups to be helpful?

Are you easily distracted and need silence to concentrate?

Can you concentrate better when you or an object is in motion?

Do you seem to have poor spelling and handwriting skills?

Are you naturally good at listening to others speak?

Do you remember better if words are spoken, rather than read quietly?

Do you like to listen to music while studying or doing homework?

Do you prefer listening to retain information or reading about it?

Are you good at remembering names?

Do you prefer to figure out a project through trial and error or would you rather seek expert advice?

To waste time, would you rather listen to a favorite audiobook, look at favorite pictures, or play a favorite game?