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Book Review: 'Banned in Britain' by Michael Savage

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


“Banned in Britain” by Michael Savage became available as an Amazon Kindle in October, 2016 after Wikleaks revelations that Hillary Clinton kept conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage on the British equivalent of a “no fly” list around 2008. He couldn’t get that travel ban lifted so he could attend a Cambridge Union Debate scheduled for late 2009.

Wikileaks revealed that Clinton herself as Secretary of State emailed with various parties to keep him on the travel ban in 2009. Michael Savage had been put on that list in 2008 as a white man to counter balance the Muslim fundamentalists on it because his political views were deemed hate speech. That his statements that the US should end immigration of Muslims unless we could vet them for terrorism ties and should take in the Christians persecuted by Muslim nations instead were ranked as bad as the imams who called for the deaths of homosexuals, Jews and critics of Islam.

Perhaps equally frightening to conservatives was Clinton’s exchange with legal counsel Cheryl Mills revealed via Wikileaks that similar travel bans could be put on conservatives in the US. Clinton said it could be done in the name of controlling dangerous elements, simply by labeling their views hateful and thus equating it with incitement to violence.

England banning people for conservative views is an act of censorship, but it has a long history.

England banning people for conservative views is an act of censorship, but it has a long history.

Pros of the Book “Banned in Britain”

Michael Savage was banned from the UK based on a collection of soundbites that sound extreme, a view to which even New Yorker magazine agreed. He was added to their travel ban list so that the British government could have “balance” by putting a white man on the list to offset all the Muslim imams banned for calling for the death of infidels. Savage details his fight to try to be allowed to visit the home of the Magna Carta to debate at Oxford and the failure to get it lifted.

His Freedom of Information Act requests in 2009 proved that the political conspiracy against him went up to the British Foreign Secretary; only Wikileaks later proved that the conspiracy went all the way up to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the American side. The documentation in this book show that as far back as 2008, Clinton and the British liberal government would knowingly lie about the reasons they would ban and censor people in order to give it acceptable cover. All of the documentation such as links to news articles detailing these events and what happened next are in this eBook.

“Banned in Britain” gives the history of other people, many of them authors, banned from visiting various nations in an effort to halt the spread of their views. That is only a precursor to the outright censorship of such views as is seen when the book came out from social media platforms banning conservative views as hate speech to Social Justice Warriors attacking conservatives after labeling expression of a conservative opinion an incitement to violence, theirs.

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Any book that quotes the poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller gets a point for doing so, especially when it outlines the priming of police and government officials to see populist political gatherings as a threat so that it is easier, later on, to crack down on them.

This 2008 Michael Savage book points out the differences between Republicans and conservatives. Republican leaders favor open borders for cheap labor, while conservatives oppose illegal immigration in favor of rule of law. This has the side benefit of preventing depressed wages and job losses for citizens. Republican elites are in favor of bailouts for big business and crony capitalism, while conservatives are in favor of a fair legal and tax system that doesn’t reward big businesses.

This book is a good reminder of the corruption, cronyism and hypocrisy evident even at the start of the Obama Administration.

Cons of the Book “Banned in Britain”

The republishing of this Kindle in response to politics means that the formatting on Amazon Kindle is not as good as it could or should be.

The book lacks the details from Wikileaks that I provided above, though that would make the re-release of the book more relevant. It also lacks critical events predicted by the book like harsh censorship of conservatives. For example, Michael Savage was cut off mid-broadcast on September 26, 2016 for detailing medical concerns about Hillary Clinton; the broadcaster switched to a liberal host. The Kindle version of “Banned in Britain” came out weeks later with enough time for at least a foreword to mention such events, yet it didn't.


It is very difficult to find a print version of “Banned in Britain” by Michael Savage. The Kindle version costs about $6.

If you have read Savage’s other books like “Trickle Up Poverty”, “Scorched Earth” and others, you’re familiar with the material in the political chapters of this book.


Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on December 27, 2016:

One more glimpse of HR Clintons "shenanigans." Thanks for this one.

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