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What Is Mind Blanking? Tips to Get Rid of That Foggy Feeling

Drawing a blank in the brain is frustrating when you have work to do or something important to say.

Drawing a blank in the brain is frustrating when you have work to do or something important to say.

What's That Foggy Feeling in My Head?

We've all experienced it at one time or another. It's that dreaded feeling when your brain goes blank, where you stop in mid-sentence and the words don't come. Or you don't remember where you just put your keys.

Mind blanking is a full-on fight-or-flight response that occurs during frantic moments when we think of nothing for a moment or two. This mental state shares similarities with mind wandering. While mind wandering occurs when thoughts unrelated to the current task are brought to the forefront of our attention, no stimuli is brought to mind during a mind blank.

Adrian Ward Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, describes the phenomena as " . . . conscious awareness [that] is directed neither toward the present perceptual environment nor toward stimuli decoupled from this environment."

This article will detail:

  1. Why am I drawing a blank?
  2. What happens when my mind goes blank?
  3. What practical steps combat blank brain?
  4. What are strategies for prevention?
Blank brain interrupts creative flow. This can prevent retrieval, recall and our ability to express.

Blank brain interrupts creative flow. This can prevent retrieval, recall and our ability to express.

Why Am I Drawing a Blank?

There are both internal and external origins for the reasons our brains blank. Some of the causes include:

  • Change: New results towards a goal may require a way of thinking that is new to the brain. Sometimes our mind sabotages our efforts in order to remain immutable.
  • Anxiety associated with performing before a group: Our fear of public speaking and the feelings of vulnerability that comes with it is a common stress-prompting event that causes us to draw blanks.
  • Medication: If you experience brain fog after recently taking medication, than you should talk to your doctor or healthcare professional to make sure that it is a side effect of the drug.
  • Lack of sleep: We are less efficient when our bodies are not operating off of a healthy night's rest.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed: Our busy lives may wear us thin if we are not taking measures to take care of ourselves. Sometimes our brain goes blank when we realize that we have less resources than required for all the tasks we need to get done.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions linked with blanking out typically include inflammation, fatigue, and changes in blood sugar levels. Those diagnosed with fibromyalgia may experience mental fatigue on a daily basis. Other conditions that cause empty-headed symptoms include:

  • anemia
  • hypothyroidism
  • depression
  • arthritis
  • lupus
  • Alzheimer's disease

What Happens When My Mind Goes Blank?

For most people, mind blanking is an irritating phenomenon that temporarily interrupts us from doing what needs to get done. Why does this happen?

The Anatomy of the Empty Head

There are three main regions of that brain that are involved when our minds go blank: the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex (PFC).

  • Hypothalamus: The bridge between our perceived emotions and our physical sensations. The hypothalamus is strongly associated with our endocrine system and the hormones that exist throughout our bodies.
  • Hippocampus: The center of our emotions. The hippocampus plays a pivotal role in both learning and fact retrieval.
  • Prefrontal Cortex: Controls the aspects that differentiate humans from other animals including planning, decision-making, impulse control, and social interaction.

Hot and Cold Cognition

During predictable, everyday tasks our brains engage in cold cognition. The hypothalamus is slowed down, and we are able to enjoy our music or study while our stress hormone levels are low.

On the other hand, risky, unpredictable situations place us in the realm of hot cognition. Someone who must choose between meeting a deadline or joining friends at a party may experience hot cognition. As a result of the stress and perceived threat, the hypothalamus activates the fight-or-flight response which subsequently releases cortisol and other exciting hormones into our bodies. These hormones invade the PFC and the hippocampus, disrupting neuronal activity and our normal brain patterns. As a result, our methods for factual retrieval and recall methods are disrupted.

Five Practical Steps to Taking Control and Combating Blank Brain

In order to combat blank brain, five critical areas need to be addressed. Being proactive can help decrease the fears, frustration, and lack of control this phenomenon can cause in your life.

These steps are offered based solely on years of experience counseling clients who deal with high levels of exposure to stress and performance anxiety.

1. Understand How the Brain Works

  • Accept that the brain at times can go on overload and needs a break; even computers crash so why not the complex human brain.
  • The brain has the capacity to store an infinite amount of information but cannot always retrieve it immediately.
  • Short-term memory, long-term memory, and attentiveness determine your ability to retain, recall, and retrieve information; it's not your fault.

2. Don't Take Yourself so Seriously

  • Re-adjust your expectations about producing; temporarily reset your goals.
  • Laugh at yourself when you fumble or forget what to say; play it off with a confident demeanor and move on.
  • Read a sample of your favorite work or view a video of your best presentation to remind yourself how productive you have been and can be again; you are the same person with the same skills.

3. Use Specific Techniques to Assist You

  • Learn deep breathing exercises; incoporate them into your life as a way to stabilize and maintain a sense of inner calm; at the moment of blank brain, take a long, deep breath, relax, collect your thoughts, and allow your memory to do it's job before anxiety sets in.
  • Do not take information in passively; be alert and attentive to the information you want to retain, remember, and retrieve later; pay attention to external cues, make them meaningful to you; let your awareness of information around you feed your ideas.
  • Keep written notes and ideas on 3x5 cards; have them handy for presentations in case you draw a blank; for writers, use the same technique to jot down ideas that you can refer back to and expand upon when you're having a dry spell. Create an idea bank.

Blank Brain Produces Empty Pages and Blank Screens

Empty pages of a notebook: a metaphor for the creative brain that has gone blank.

Empty pages of a notebook: a metaphor for the creative brain that has gone blank.

4. Know Your Stuff

  • If you familiarize yourself with your topic, know what you're talking about, do your research, and strive to become an expert, you are less likely to flub or go blank. Develop a niche.
  • Expand your experiences and social circles to increase exposure to more encounters from which you can draw more ideas. Sitting at home without regular social interaction and involvement will not lend itself to fresh ideas coming into your head.
  • Learn something new that you're not necessarily interested in and either speak about it or write about it. You may discover something new and unexpected that will stimulate new ways of thinking outside the box. Use a thesaurus for new words and phrasings to change up your speaking or writing flavor.

5. Know Yourself

  • Be aware and honest with yourself about personal issues, losses, elevated stress levels, or unresolved traumas that might be getting in the way of your capacity to function optimally. Self-care, breaks, regular support, and healthy outlets are necessary for sustained productivity and performance.

Seek Medical Attention

Recurring panic attacks, sleep problems, changes in appetite, dizziness, headaches, poor concentration, fatigue and other symptoms of depression may be signs that you need medical assistance. If these symptoms persist, worsen, or prevent daily functioning at home and at work for a significant duration (six months or more for anxiety, two weeks or more for depression), consider a medical or neurological evaluation.

Relieve Your Blank Brain With Knowledge and Prevention

Luckily, there are simple ways to go about preventing our minds from going blank in the future. With a little practice and discipline, these untimely patterns can be unlearned.

1. Be comfortable informing people your mind has gone blank.

Panicking and worrying about the potentially humiliating consequences of having nothing to say in that moment will not help your thoughts come.

2. Ground yourself in your environment.

Center your attention outside of your mind. Take notice of your environment with the help of your senses. Breath deeply and let the anxiety fade on its own.

3. Follow your intuition.

Don't over-exert your mind when it goes blank. Let your higher source guide you until it is safe to return your focus.

4. Silence is not disastrous.

Silent moments in conversation is bound to happen. Practice maintaining your outer composure and moving on when you feel that disaster has struck. Being secure in ourselves is all mental.

5. Know your limitations.

In our society where productivity and performance define our self-worth, blank brain can take a toll on our ability to live up to our professional and personal expectations. We contribute to those unrealistic expectations by pushing ourselves too much. Exercise, eat well, and avoid overindulging on caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.

We have more control than we think we do by taking preventative steps to combat blank brain. Taking better care of ourselves will increase our ability to produce good work on a consistent basis.

Drawing a Blank Brain


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This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Questions & Answers

Question: I am seriously worried about myself. I am feeling that I don't have any wishes, any ideas or nothing to strive for. I am feeling that this life of mine is a waste. I have no interests, and I am not passionate about anything. How can I overcome these feelings?

Answer: What you're presenting will take some time to sort through, preferably with a good therapist you can meet with regularly. It sounds like you're in search of purpose, fulfillment, identity, and connection to something that will inspire you. I wish you peace.

Question: When someone is talking to me, and I am just listening, my brain sometimes gets fuzzy, and I can only hear what they are saying and don't fully understand it. This has been happening for about a year now. What could be wrong?

Answer: It sounds like you're not processing what you hear or attending to it. In other words, it could be that you are distracted and not focused on the content of conversations. Attentive listening skills don't come naturally and need practice. To rule out any neurological problems, it may be a good idea to share this with a physician for advice on whether an assessment is needed. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, excuse the delayed reply.

Question: I’m having serious problems. I can’t even engage in a simple conversation sometimes because I have nothing to add I’m always blank and most times I’m trying to listen what the other person is saying and still I don’t get half of what they are saying. When I think I have something good to say, I get really nervous just to say it. I stutter too when speaking because mid way in the sentence I can’t find the words that I’m looking for. How can I overcome this?

Answer: Sounds like your biggest issue is lack of confidence. You must believe that you have something extraordinary to add to the conversation and that what you have to say is as important as the next person's input. Also, do a little research on current events to increase your knowledge and opinions. You will decrease your anxiety when you're more comfortable in your skin.

Question: I at random forget who I am, where I am, and who the people around me are. I also have to stare at myself for long periods in the mirror to remind myself who I am. Sometimes I forget that I have a boyfriend and a baby and wake up with them there and I'm confused. What do I do?

Answer: It sounds like it would be best to discuss these symptoms with a medical doctor who can make an assessment of what might be going on. A neurological test may be indicated.

Question: I find that my mind goes blank when asked a question at work and it’s freaking me out. I literally cannot get my brain to come up with a coherent answer. Its only been this year and I’m very worried about what it means. Does it sound like anything specific?

Answer: Other than anxiety, it probably isn't anything more specific. The best defense against this type of blanking out is to increase your confidence level and believe that what you have to share is as important as the rest of your colleagues. Having a good grasp of your knowledge area is also paramount to your being prepared to answer any questions that should be presented to you.

Question: I've studied almost two hours on one chapter, but when I go in for the test, my mind goes blank as if I haven't studied at all. What should I do?

Answer: It sounds like anxiety is preventing you from retaining and retrieving information. Try breathing exercises on a regular basis to decrease anxiety before studying and before taking a test. Give yourself more time to study and take notes. Don't just absorb blocks of words. Let go of the expectation of failure. Consider seeing a tutor or counselor for support at your student counseling center.

Question: Whenever I got asked a question that I m not familiar with my brain goes blank, why is this?

Answer: It is definitely anxiety about being perceived as unprepared and lacking knowledge. Make sure you enter a situation with as much knowledge about a subject as you need. It's also fine to say, "I'm not sure, or I don't know." It's also a confidence issue about not believing that you have something important to say.

Question: I feel that I'm slowly losing my friends because of my blank mind. It happens all the time. During a Conversation, when writing, trying to speak publicly, during a test. I can never come up with things to say and I don't know how I can stop this from happening. Do you have any tips or things that might help me?

Answer: It sounds like your anxiety is impacting you socially and academically. Try some of the tips at the end of this article. Use deep breathing and relaxation techniques to decrease anxiety and increase self-confidence. Increase your knowledge of current events and pop culture to expand your interests so you can initiate conversation and have something to share. Don't beat yourself up. When anxiety is high, the brain does things that are out of our control; it's not your fault. Let these symptoms pass, take a deep breath and try your best to engage the task.

Question: Why does my brain get foggy while taking exams?

Answer: Possibly performance anxiety is the culprit, which is a separate type of brain fog. It has more to do with your anxiety about not doing well than your brain. Take time to review your material to increase your confidence and ability to retain information. Relaxation and breathing techniques may also help with preparation.

Question: How can I use Mind Blanking to help me focus on my work?

Answer: Empty yourself of worry which can be a distraction. Do this by actively engaging in breathing exercises before you approach tasks. Break it up parts, complete a task, take a break, then return to another task. Use breathing exercises between tasks. Visualize and exhale the word, "worry," inhale the word "focus."

Question: Why am I going totally blank during my Zumba class? I’m the instructor! It happens when I get hot and sweaty.

Answer: Maybe you're overworked, doing too much. What are you doing before class? Also, might you be doubting yourself and your skills as an instructor? Sometimes are routines can become so rote that we are on auto-pilot and forget what we're doing.

Question: My brain went blank a few years ago, I started to have problems remembering, and it seems like life is a dream. It is like that feeling when you dream, but what every you do in real life, it seems like a dream. My brain is always blank, I have trouble remembering things, and I am also having trouble interpreting things, is that a problem?

Answer: Yes, it can be a problem if it's impeding your productivity. But it's not a problem that cannot be overcome. Speak to a medical doctor and counselor to address methods to decrease anxiety. Most of the time, this is the issue coupled with self-esteem and confidence challenges. Thank you for reading this article, Good luck on your journey to overcome.

Question: I woke up totally blank, what does that mean?

Answer: That could mean several things about which I am not at liberty to guess. If this happens regularly and for an extended period, you may want to get an evaluation from a neurology specialist. Also make note of any behaviors that may be contributing to the problem that you can change, i.e., poor sleep habits, not enough sleep, alcohol use, or use of medications or other substances.

Question: I can be holding a conversation fine and then all of a sudden I stop mid-sentence and my mind draws blank for a minute. Sometimes I even forget what I just said or my eyes go backward. What can be causing my mind to go blank?

Answer: This is quite common and could simply be anxiety. Deep breathing and attentiveness to what you want to say may help. Preparation and practice are also techniques that can relieve anxiety. If these symptoms are severe and prolonged, you may want to ask your doctor to evaluate to rule out any other issues.

Question: My brain has a hard time retaining information. What can I do?

Answer: If you're having severe or chronic learning problems, it needs to be determined whether there is a learning disability, anxiety disorder, or some other neurological problem. The only way to know this is to have a thorough evaluation by a doctor to clarify what the problem might be. Then follow through with their recommendations.

Question: I am not feeling confident about anything I make, what I shall do?

Answer: Sounds like you are really down on yourself. Be gentle and take time to identify the problem before judging yourself so harshly. Not everyone grasps science, math, and technology very well, especially if you are a creative type. I suggest getting a counselor you can see on a regular basis for supportive counseling to work on confidence-building and self-esteem issues. When you become more confident and find a purpose that fulfills you, you might start feeling better about your abilities.

Question: How do I write letters or pargraphs without getting a blank brain?

Answer: Try to write bullet ideas of what you want to say, and then develop each as a paragraph. Try the same for letters.

Question: I am having trouble in my mind that it's like a puzzle and most of time my mind goes blank entirely that I dtarted to hate my self more last time I was a someone who people leans on now I am a person who leans to other I feel like I have another person lives in me that makes me talk to them and there is this person inside me who just wants to be alone. What should I do?

Answer: You may benefit from seeing a medical professional to assess your symptoms. It may be a combination of anxiety and depression that makes your brain foggy. Also, you may benefit from seeing a counselor help you process the feelings you have about yourself. Being too hard on yourself only makes it harder for you to heal and move forward.

Question: Sometimes when I wake up I get dizzy, maybe from me getting up too fast, but then as I'm walking down the street or sitting down or walking from my room to the kitchen I get lightheaded and dizzy and then my mind goes blank. I know where I am, I know who I am, I know who's around me, there's just no thoughts, as if everything that I was thinking just disappeared and I have to stand there and stare until my memory comes back, I'm only eighteen. What is happening?

Answer: You are quite young to have these types of concerns. Outside of alcohol of other substance use, it's difficult to say what might be going on. I recommend you share these symptoms with a medical doctor and get a thorough assessment. You may be advised to get a neurological evaluation to rule out any significant issues.

Question: I get blank brain mostly when I go shopping with others. I take a lot of time to search for what I want and finally choose with no ratification. I don't get a clear idea and always need someone's opinion. I also feel the blank brain when I do something new. What can I do?

Answer: Sounds like you're not retaining and easily losing focus. Your issue may be more about distraction and not being fully attentive. Try to be more intentional about retaining information by focusing more. You also may need to work on increasing your decisiveness and confidence about making choices.

Question: What is the general purpose/objective of the mind blanking?

Answer: I'm not sure of your question but it appears to imply that there is some intentionality with the mind blanking. I suppose that it's possible that anxiety can cause one to intentionally avoid situations by "blanking out." In that sense, the purpose or objective would be to avoid an uncomfortable or psychologically unsafe situation by retreating inward, causing one's mind to "shut down" due to fear. Hope I've answered your question. It may require you to do more research outside the parameters of this article.

Question: Is forgetting words immediately after reading a sign of dementia?

Answer: No, not necessarily. You need to get a complete assessment by a doctor to make that type of diagnosis. It is more likely that lack of attentiveness to the material is affecting the ability to retain information.

Question: I’ve been having trouble remembering, concentrating, and focusing on things. How can I fix this problem?

Answer: Sometimes worry, anxiety, and overthinking can get in the way of staying focused and in the present. It may help to see a counselor to help you sort out what is causing you to be so distracted. Seeing a doctor may help as well to rule out a neurological issue. For your mind to be "numb or blank almost everyday" is not the norm, unlike occasional troubles remembering or concentrating. I wish you the best, thanks for reading.

Question: I have been experiencing feelings of decreased self-worth, and I'm not interested in things I used to be because I am no longer proud of myself. I can't stay comfortable around people because my brain is always giving me a timid reaction. I can barely go out because of this. I used to smoke, but I stopped. Am I really experiencing the issue of Anxiety disorder and depression? I need help, please, what do I do?

Answer: It definitely sounds like you could benefit from counseling sessions to help you recondition the thought and beliefs you have about yourself. Anxiety can be very debilitating and impact your brain's ability to function optimally. Look for a therapist that deals specifically with social anxiety.

Question: I can't do anything anymore. Nothing makes sense. I feel like I've been in a coma for the last 5 years, and while I'm terribly depressed and becoming anti-social I can't fix it. The one thing I used to champion was my thoughts in writing or jokes. Now it's all I can do to do regular tasks. Do you have ideas to help with my situation? Medical help isn't an option.

Answer: If medical help isn't an option, which I assume would include counseling, your alternatives are self-help. Examples include learning relaxation and breathing exercises, natural supplements for anxiety and depression, daily journaling and goal-setting, and self-help books or instructional you-tube videos. I also recommend physical exercise and watching comedy films for increase your endorphins. I wish you well, thanks for reading. Note: research the use of supplements, use a free medical hotline for information on side affects and possible interactions.

Question: I went totally blank while writing in exams, and I am unable to sleep when going to bed. My shoulders, neck, and head have become painful. Why did all this happen?

Answer: Unfortunately, I cannot address the specifics of your inquiries. Most of your questions should be directed to a medical doctor. However, a lot of issues with taking exams have to do with anxiety and problems with sleep, and physical pain often requires a need to assess sleep habits, bedding and body alignment.

Question: I recently started playing badminton with family members. Sometimes my mind goes blank/I zone out/shut down when I go to return a shot causing me to miss it. I think it's likely to be because I'm panicking, perhaps unconsciously. I've had this all of my adult life. Do you have advice?

Answer: You definitely hit the nail on the head. Panic is a form of anxiety. If you address the anxiety, your panic may decrease. What is your greatest fear when you see the ball coming? That you may miss? That it will hit you? Allow yourself to make the mistakes that are causing you to freeze up; let it pass so you can move forward and approach your game with increased confidence. Apply this thinking to the rest of your life.

Question: I feel like I'm having a brain freeze and I'm not able to process in order to solve complicated cases. This situation is from about 2 years, not in episodes but continuous?

Answer: If it's been going on for two years continuously, I would recommend seeing a doctor to get more information on your symptoms.

Question: It feels like my ears are listening, but the information that my brain is supposed to take in hits a wall and can't get in. I also have trouble remembering and I have a strange feeling as if my brain is not working. I don't know how to explain this, but it's almost like I'm trying to think or trying to remember something and there's just nothing, and it seems to be happening more and more these days. Do you have any advice?

Answer: I would recommend presenting these symptoms to your doctor to rule out any neurological issues. It's possible it's just fatigue, anxiety, or a tendency to be distracted, which can interfere with retention and recall. It may also help to seek counseling to decrease anxiety and increase the use of mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Question: Why do I feel like life keeps piling up? Work and school are getting too tiring for me to handle, and sometimes I find myself getting blanks when doing something. I get stressed out a lot when this happens, and I resort to not doing anything at all.

Answer: Sounds like you're overwhelmed which leads to paralysis. This is sometimes caused by unchecked anxiety. It's time to stop, slow down and consider getting a good counselor who can provide support while you reset. Take some time to set priorities and goals. Put aside the things you cannot control right now and take care of one task at a time. Also, employ relaxation techniques to begin centering yourself and clearing your mind to tackle the day's tasks ahead. Breathe and be well. Thanks for reading.

Question: At the end of my academic semester, I start to have bouts of dizziness, and my mind seems blank. What could be causing this?

Answer: I can't know exactly what your problem is but is sounds like you become overwhelmed with overload at the end of the semester. College and school is no joke and seems even harder now than when I was in school when you look at the amount of work and information you have to retain and recall. It makes sense that the end of the semester is when these symptoms culminate for you.

In my opinion college is more of a test of endurance than a passing of tests of knowledge. Try to pace yourself, set structured study time, set priorities, and most of all take small breaks to breathe and rest your mind. Don't be too hard on yourself looking for a diagnosis when what you're experiencing may be normal and expected. Hope this helps, good luck, thanks for reading.

Question: I get distracted easily when I have a foggy mind while playing Xbox. What does this mean?

Answer: I'm not an expert on this but I believe it has been reported that playing video games can affect the brain and even cause seizures. I urge you to look up information about this on a medical site.

Question: Okay, I understand, but with me this happens at exam time. What should I do when my mind blanks during an exam? This is such a humbling thing. How can I control my mind to prevent it from blanking?

Answer: If you're looking for something to help at the time you're taking exams, your best bet is to use breathing and relaxation techniques. But it would be best to learn them before your exam.

Question: I am scared. I feel like my brain is heavy, as if it is full of thoughts. I can't add new things and always there is this uncomfortable feeling. I tend to repeat things a lot verbally or inside my mind, like I can't process it. It's difficult even during an exam, as I can't trust myself when studying. What is this and what can I do?

Answer: It definitely sounds like anxiety. The need to repeat things indicates you're not sure of yourself and lack confidence, even when you know the material is simple. You could benefit from counseling sessions to learn deep breathing, relaxation techniques and exercises to change thoughts and improve self-confidence.

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jo-anne on August 22, 2020:

I study for exam a week before and the night before it, I make sure I make summary notes and practice past papers but once I'm in the exam hall my brain just stop thinking and i go blank. I know what i have study but when i have my pen in my hands i tend to doubt myself and don't know how to answer a question and i try breathing in its just make me more anxious. please help.

Phil on July 26, 2020:

When I am a passenger in a car, I blink my eyes and I am In a dream state. I come out about two minutes later and carry on with what I was doing.My hand writing is almost illegible at this time..I realize what happened when I wake up....

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on June 06, 2020:

Thank you very much, Nikita. I give some credit to HP Editors.

Nikita Singh from India on June 05, 2020:

That's an amazing and informative article .

Rajwinder on May 25, 2020:

Actually I have a biggest problem from my teenage and now I am 22. Actually whenever someone talk with me at any place even at home with my family. Sometimes, I understand everything what they say but sometimes my mind goes blank, after that when I think about it like where was my brain when someone was talking to me and even I did not know that what was I thinking In my mind while conversation even nothing it’s always just blank.

Secondly, nowadays I am learn electronic machines to work in warehouse. I am taking training sections. Most of the boys come there to learn and they learn 1 or 2 machines in one day. But I am learning 2 machines from 5 days but I could not learn it yet. The main problem is I do not know driving. Until now I do not know how to handle steering wheel even I am impossible to make estimates. While making estimates My brain do not work, may be it is blank. I have determination to learn and I am ready to learn it and I will not loss my hope until I will not learn. But what I can do with my brain’s blankness.

Thirdly, whenever I do any work continuously and repeadly in same way then there is nothing any problem. But suddenly if the same work, I have to do it in two to 5 different Ways on the same day then I will forget it and then I continue work blankly without thoughts.

I sleep properly, no any stress or tension, no depression, but please tell me something to solve my problem, I will definitely work on it

vuyo on April 13, 2020:

I do not like to read books, but if I see an interesting love stories i do read them. But when i have to read a Bible , i will go blank not remembering what i just read,this is bothering me big time, do you think i need serious help?

Ekundayo on April 12, 2020:

I have had blank mind since I had a very long sleep deprivation, do you think it will go soon

Yunus on March 31, 2020:

I always get a sudden fear for no reasons. It feels as if something bad is going to happen.

Is it normal to feel that way?

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 01, 2020:

Sounds like you might have a crisis in confidence, maybe not foggy brain. Comparing ourselves to others can cause us to question our worth which can lead to anxiety about not performing well. Maybe seeing a doctor to rule out any neurological issues would ease your concern. But I have a feeling a confidence boost to raise your self esteem may help, too. Thanks for reading.

Sony on February 23, 2020:

My problem is that when I go somewhere to do something or start something and see other people that they are doing so good from me then my mom Nd stop learning Nd taking things and at that time I jst want to run away from there or I think at that moment that this is not my place

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on February 17, 2020:

Thank you very much for reading. Glad you liked it.

Amos on February 14, 2020:

wow good article

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on February 03, 2020:

An evaluation of your son by a medical professional may be in order to get a full picture of what is going on. Thanks for reading.

Michelle on February 02, 2020:

Hi. My son has a stutter but for a year now he has also been "freezing" mid sentence or even when walking or playing football. he will just slow down very noticeably or stop completely. Any thoughts?

Vkumar1204 on January 03, 2020:

I have read other’s questions and answers as posted on this website, it seems my questions have already been answered.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on January 01, 2020:

Thanks, Penni. I really appreciate your comment. It is my mission to help people. Glad you liked the article.

Penni Livingston on January 01, 2020:

wow- you got thrown alot of super hard questions and you handled them kindly and professionally. Thanks for caring about people in need of direction. Appreciated the article too and know I just need to drink more water or breath deeper when I blank out on where my phone is this time. Ha.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on December 28, 2019:

Have you talked to a doctor about this? Most of the time it's related to anxiety but it's always good to check with your doctor to rule out any medical issues. If it is likely anxiety, you can address it with a counselor. Lack of confidence can sometimes get in the way of being comfortable expressing verbally with others for fear of sounding not smart enough or being judged. Trouble retaining what we read or hear can be related to not being attentive or not using cues to help us remember. I hope this is something you can address and doubt it's anything you can pass on to your kids. Thanks for reading, wishing you luck.

Mandy on December 22, 2019:

I have no idea what is happening with me. I would read something and forget. When i am with other people i want to add to the conversation but will go blank as if i didnt want to add or comment. Sometimes i am unable to think even simple things. It feels as if my brain is empty. It fustrates me. ...i am worried this carry on to two kids.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on November 09, 2019:

You're very welcome. I wonder if your blank mind sensation is related more to avoidance and procrastination than to any serious issue. Social media can becoming addicting when we're trying to escape our real priorities. I suggest you re-prioritize what's most important to you and set goals with target dates to encourage completion. Ask yourself what you're avoiding and what are your fears about becoming successful. If that doesn't help, consider a consult with your doctor to rule out any medical issues. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your inquiries.

An aspiring academic on November 09, 2019:

Thanks for this informative article. I have an essay to write but my mind feels extremely blank. Is this writer's block? When I force myself to write anything down it sounds like generic garbage. I have a desire to be productive but i'm throwing my life away succumbing to distractions (especially things that require little or no effort e.g. quora/facebook/youtube) when I feel that blank mind sensation. Please let me know if there is anything in particular I can do to cure this.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on November 04, 2019:


jane on October 29, 2019:

sometimes when i stand up my mind goes blank could 2 much drinking cause this

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on October 21, 2019:

Have you tried exploring resources for study techniques? They can me very helpful for improving study skills. If focus and concentration are an on-going issue, you may need to speak to your doctor or a counselor about possible depression, anxiety or stress. Thanks for reading, I wish you luck with your studies.

Tanvi on October 16, 2019:

During my exams I don't understand what I'm studying, I don't get worried about tomorrows paper. I just don't understand what to do, how to study? When I told my mom about this she said that I myself only can get rid of this. I don't know what do do.

Neha on September 02, 2019:

Hai janis it is so sweet of u pls do solve my problem mostly lives in tendion brcause i cant talk ..due to various reason as i thought like my mother eas like so.i took so much educaton but my inlaws say me fool and boring amd they say yhat i have spoil their life as i dont engage in serios talks and desicion ..i feel that i dont have so much mind like them...beacause in my maternal home i dont use my mind in discussion and all....even i did not realize that i would be having so much problem after marriage and due to some stress i got forgetfulness.irritation

Anxiety.anger and so much freezy mind...pls tell me to get rid of it ..immediately as i did nt enjoyef my single day from ten years without thinking about it they want divorce also that i cant give as i have two kidspls u r the last hope dont say to concern with doctor..any exercise or yoga u will suggest to me i will definite do that ...i have become so depressed pls save mu life

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on July 11, 2019:

Glad you found the article helpful, you've overcome a lot. Thanks for reading, I wish you well.

Lilac1961 on July 11, 2019:

Hi Janis,

I found your article very informative and helpful. I have been struggling with "chemo brain" for the past year. During my year of treatment, I could not retain new information and my short term memory was weak. During this time, I was attending university and needed every cell in my brain to work efficiently. My brain did not work as planned and my GPA dropped significantly.

Fida mohammad on June 27, 2019:

Thanks alot of thanks its really help may Allah give a huge success tanx

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on May 30, 2019:

Thanks for your inquiry. I hope your math exam went well. I've been away. It's difficult to retain and retrive information we don't need. I trust that you were able to do your best despite what you couldn't recall. I wish you well in your studies.

Someone on May 22, 2019:

I have been studying for the last week and a half. I am great in math and always know how to do the problems. I have been struggling lately so when we started going over things I was going to try harder to make sure I have everything down but things that we have just learned I can't remember. I can remember I knew how to do it but everything math related from the year in two different classes I can't remember. Is there any way to help? I have finals tomorrow and can't afford to be drawing a blank. Please and thank you.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on April 30, 2019:

Sounds like you tried everything without success. Maybe you can consider starting over with treatment; Get a fresh start with a new therapist to address self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Since you were on medication so long ago, a new evaluation would be helpful. Also consider talking to your doctor about taking an holistic approach regarding medication if you don't agree with traditional prescription medications. Thanks for reading, I wish you well.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on April 30, 2019:

So sorry for your loss.This sounds like classic symptoms of grief and anxiety. I hope you will find a good therapist to address the shock of this devastating loss which can affect functioning in several ways. Since the symptoms started after your loss, it is likely that it is affecting your ability to focus and be present. Also consider a support group for women dealing with miscarriage. I wish you peace.

Noemi on April 26, 2019:

I had a miscarage 1 month ago and since then ive been really distracted. I dont pay attentions like i used to and when my husband speaks he has to call my name 5 times to get my attention, today i blanked out when parking my car and crashed the parked car infront. I dont understand what happend my mind went black i somehow forgot which pedal was stop and to stop.

Roll the dice on April 26, 2019:

Hi I tend to get forgetful and not take in when I’m given instructions, I should know what I’m doing as I will have days I do so good and other days my co workers look at me as if I’m on drugs with I’m not I’m healthy, fit 52 and have just been in this job for Nearly 7 months, but I feel every e uses me. And my head is telling me they dont think I’m all there, I feel bad as I beat myself up and worry and people see me stressing and apologising all the time I put myself down a lot , I’m exhausted, tired and I don’t feel good about wear my life is going, I’m lonely and I need to stay strong for my 3 teenagers, as I’m a single parent and I have seen a psychologist before but I feel they just look at me and look at their clock , I was on depression tablets about 8 years ago but went of them as I don’t agree with them and it wasn’t helping me

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 17, 2019:

I'm sure the hospital staff assessed your symptoms before treating you and determined a panic attack which sounds accurate. The foggy mind you felt was probably just another symptom of anxiety which, in your case, lead to a panic attack. I would suggest you consult with your doctor to rule out any other medical issues that may contribute to your panic. In the mean time, addressing the anxiety through counseling or breathing and relaxation exercises may help. Thanks for reading.

Jasmine on March 16, 2019:

I was having a panic attack and then my whole body went numb and I felt like I was dying like it was severe coz there panic lasted from 4pm till 12:00am and only stopped coz hospital gave me a pill, before the pill during my time of panic my mind felt foggy and gone and I couldn’t even read in my head it felt so empty and hot, can I please have some advice on that

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 05, 2019:

You're welcome, thanks for reading.

Anime is the best on March 04, 2019:

this really helps

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 03, 2019:

Unfortunately, the only person who can answer your question is a doctor. I understand you cannot afford treatments but an assessment would have to happen in order to understand your situation and if the accident caused the problem. Check with hospitals and universities or the National Institutes of Health to see if you qualify for participation in a study. Thanks for reading.

Rhoda on March 01, 2019:

Thanks ma for your time. Like today i experienced mind blank i was in a meeting people are talking but my mind was not there i was just thinking hope i will not disgrace myself as i cant seem to feel my mind absolving anything they are saying or even having any contributions upstairs, this has been happening reccurrently. Also i do not remember words to complete my sentences most times, i forget things i also do have mood swings this makes me not to be sure of what i can do, i do not have money to go for treatments. I rilly do not like this about me because i used to be intelligent growing up but now i do not know what brought about all this. Also around 2005 i bumped my head in a car could this be the cause, but when it happened i did not feel any headache or swolleness but the bump was with great force, could all this am going through be as a result of that accident? Thanks.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 01, 2019:

I'm not sure about exactly what might be happening with you. But it sounds like when you get overwhelmed by all that you have to do, your mind goes to overload. This causes you to obsess about the list instead of taking action. Maybe you can try to shorten the list and do your tasks in blocks. Sometimes when we have so much to do, it causes us to shut down and become paralyzed with anxiety. Break up your tasks, take a breath and proceed. Hope this helps, thanks for reading.

Gaby on February 28, 2019:

I get overlapping thoughts and my mind suddenly went blank while in the process of listing things I need to do for the day.I tried recalling about it and it is bothering me until I realized my time is wasted recalling about it.Any advice on this.Thank you!

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on February 28, 2019:

One thing that would be very helpful is counseling. It gives you a safe and confidential place to talk freely about your fears and social anxieties while practicing your self-expression with a supportive person. Consider counseling as a first step to building your confidence for interacting socially. Hope this helps, thanks for reading.

Jayshree singh on February 27, 2019:

I feel that my mind become light and i dont store anything for long time which i remember my questions and answers i think myself that i dont know how to talk with others i think my communications skills is soo bad i don't interact people what i do

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on February 19, 2019:

I would recommend that you share your specific symptoms with a medical doctor who may give you a referral to see a neurologist for an assessment. It may be time for an update of your diagnosis to get more information about what may be going on with you. Thanks for reading.

christopher scott on February 19, 2019:

i have been diagnosed with schizophrenia before. also, I have seen decline in my attention span and ability to function effectively and think critically on so many situation. On several occasions I have done things out of impulse, withdrew from friends and mostly i am shy and socially awkward around people. growing up i thought this was something every kid go through and with time, one could be able to grow and mature, however it seems as if all i have read cannot be recalled and I fear I have been learning based on rote memorization rather than understand fully what I studied. At work, i constantly find myself not being able to deliver on time and effectively work to satisfaction. I fear dementia or some related mental issue is affecting me. considering the triviality of the work environment and scarcity of job, i would really like you to help me on this. especially me being socially awkward.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on February 10, 2019:

It must be very difficult and worrisome to see your mom like this. I hope it gets better for both of you. It would be best to ask a medical doctor to evaluate your mom and give you a prognosis about her recovery. Thanks for reading.

GIan on February 09, 2019:

Pls help me. This early morning my mother bought something but he can say it to me then after few hours he got some head ache and then he said i dont remember anything and he dont know my name anymore is there any chances she can recover again? Im so worried

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on January 29, 2019:

Thanks for sharing your dilemma, Ashley. You hit the nail on the head in explaining how it affects you and feels like it's becoming a social phobia. From what you've described, it sounds like social anxiety or performance anxiety in social situations where you feel you're being evaluated on the spot. In addition to thorough preparation which is great and spot-on, I'd also recommend breathing and relaxation techniques. Using a combination of these exercises as part of your preparation will decrease your anxiety and increase your confidence. Focus less on expectations of being evaluated on more on the value of what you have to say. Thanks for reading, I wish you well.

Ashley Bergin from san francisco on January 29, 2019:

Blank brain is the worst!! Today I’m stressing out because it’s my first day back at massage school after taking a year off due to family medical issues. I’m awful with being put on the spot, small talk, or being “observed” by the teacher. In the past, this has caused some distance between myself and the instructors, and with my fellow classmates. They seem to equate my quietness with unwillingness to learn, or snobbery – but that’s not the case at all.

Once, one of the instructors pulled me aside and asked why I don’t participate in class, and I told him that I learn better by listening, and that my brain doesn’t seem to function if I receive a surprise question that I’m not prepared to answer. He told me that was odd, because my papers and test scores show that I’m quite intelligent. Well… I personally wouldn’t link mind blanking to stupidity – for me, it’s all about preparation. I have no problem with writing, public speaking, or giving presentations to the class - because I can prepare down to the last detail. But if someone puts me on the spot with questions, I stumble over my words. It’s almost like a form of verbal dyslexia!

The brain blanking is really horrible, and I feel like it’s almost causing me to have social phobia. This doesn’t happen at all with people I’m already friends with – just with new people. It also doesn’t happen on the phone, just in person. I’ve already spent the last week trying to rehearse possible conversations with classmates or teachers in my head. This whole thing makes me feel like some part of my brain is missing, since the simple act of talking doesn’t seem to be this hard for most other people!

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on January 05, 2019:

Sounds like you've tried everything and are exhausted after not receiving good results. Maybe taking a break to regroup and rest. Then consider second opinions about other options. Don't give up entirely on treatment. There is support out there, just need to know where to look. If lack of financial resources is a major issue, I suggest checking counseling centers at universities, support groups offered at community organizations, mental health associations (NAMI), or hospitals. Also consider the National Institute of Mental Health. They often have protocols for free treatment. I hope this helps, I wish you well.

AllyYu01 on January 04, 2019:

Ever since I got the flu 2 years ago my brain hasnt been the same. Ive always suffered from depersonlization and derelization. But. Now its 10 times worse due to the fact that i have this thick cloud surrounding my brain

I cant concentrate i forget where i am im seeing things in the corner of my eye. I have been diagnosed with vetigo. But that doesnt explain the constant confusion. I'm only 19 and im so scared.

Ive seen so many doctots thearpist who watse my time. Last thearpist i saw she asked me "what can i do to help?" Seriously i wouldnt been here paying you 100 of dollars an hour if i knew the answer. I'm failling college i just cant bring myself to care anymore its hard to write hard to read my vision is blurry. I'm hardly keeping the job i have now. I still live at home and my mom just rolls her eyes at me whenver i mention this insanity. Im thinming it may be black mold we have black mold in our apartment and we cant get rid of it i have no money to move.

Or schizophrenia which runs in our family. Ive seen a nerugolist who just brushed me off did a quick check up and told me to see a therapist. Im sorry thearpist have wasted my time and money one too many times.

I'm reaching a breaking point i have no where to go no money and i just want this to end.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on December 13, 2018:

Yes, Marlene. They have saved me in many a presentation in the past. Thanks for reading, appreciate your visit!

Marlene Bertrand from USA on December 12, 2018:

I needed to read this today. Your article reminds me of a very important tool I have used in the past - 3 X 5 cards. They have been true presentation savers for those times when my brain just won't kick into gear.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on December 09, 2018:

If your blank brain symptoms are resulting from a diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc., there are medications to alleviate those symptoms. Only a medical doctor or psychiatrist can evaluate you and determine whether or not medication is indicated. Thanks for reading, I wish you good health.

mukul on December 08, 2018:

can meditation help to cure a blank brain

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on October 10, 2018:

Possibly anxiety about being able to complete the paper is holding you back. You stated that you forget even though you know the material so this tells me it's anxiety. Taking time to breathe as you work may help to decrease your fears about being able to finish the task. Also, extra study to become more familiar with the knowledge will help, too. Hope this helps, thanks for reading.

xx on October 09, 2018:

while attempting a past paper, i find my mind blank almost suddenly often when i am almost halfway through, and attempting questions becomes impossible even though i know how to attempt them, i forget and get confused. why is this so?

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 29, 2018:

I'm so glad that you find the article helpful. It sounds lime your stess level is high and confidence is low. Keep using the tips in the article yofind helpful and consider counseling for extra support to address anxiety. You will be okay, thanks for reading. Best to you.

Magic on September 27, 2018:

Hi... im not really sure what is going on but i had my friend over the weekend and she is very close to my heart... i just went blank i couldn't find anything to talk about with her... i coudnt find anything in my head... like nothing is there... but when i open my mouth it was like river of words... unstoppable and every second word i repeat wogole (polish it mean "at all") where is this come from... what just happend to me... at some point i even had problem with understanding what she said... like someone put over my head glass... we end up sitting in silent... it didnt work well on the end... and she is gone... life... i had very stressful 3 weeks at work and my private life... all problems landed on my head at the same time... i know i have problems with recognize who i'm what is my purpose here... just end up in the patern work... home.. work... home... i feel terrible about myself like im going nowhere... and it will stay like that... do i have some sort of break down... not sure what i should do next... thanks for this article... it give me some answers... all the best M

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 22, 2018:

Sounds like counseling is in order to reset goals and regain a sense of purpose. Start over by looking at your resume, see where your strengths lie, and go from there. It's never too late, tomorrow is a new beginning. Make a commitment to yourself. Thanks for reading, I wish you well.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 14, 2018:

Hi Michelle! Thank you for you comment, glad you found the tips helpful. I get foggy myself sometimes, lol. It's very common.

Michelle Mollohan from Looneyville, WV on September 14, 2018:

Great article! I suffer from brain fog frequently, which I attribute to overthinking and stress. Your article's tips offer some great ideas to help deal with this phenomenon.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 13, 2018:

It's good you reached out for help to a psychiatrist to rule out any issues. I suggest you also seek counseling to address how the problem has spread from writing to other areas of your life which indicates anxiety. You may benefit from exercises to changes your thought patterns about your life. I wish you well, thanks for reading.

Vinod Kumar on September 13, 2018:

I was alright but one day I lost control over writing. I was deep in the study room and preparing for exam but suddenly it came to my mind that how my mind controls the writing pattern and literally I lost everything. Then this whole thing stuck in my mind for several months that how I was writing the words and I failed at the peak stage of my life. Still, I struggle with it but it's also spreading to other activities of my daily life like how I speak. Even I went to a psychiatrist but couldn't explain him what I am feeling. My mind sucked my career.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 05, 2018:

Sounds like short-term memory issues for incidental things to which we don't pay a lot of attention. No worries, unless there is something very important. If so, be more attentive and intentional about remembering to increase your recall. Thanks for reading.

Zubair Rasheedat on September 04, 2018:

I do forget what happen at home immediately i get to office until am about going back home or the way back home. what could be happening

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 01, 2018:

Absolutely your stress level is impacted your communication. You are on the right track with breathing techniques and tai chi. You have to keep at it over time to see results. I would also suggest adding counseling to talk with someone to help you self-esteem. Verbalizing your fears and inadequacies about performance and self-worth can help move the process along. Be patient with yourself. Expecting quick results will only feed into your anxiety. Thanks for reaching out, I wish you the best.

dupszy on September 01, 2018:

i am not working at the moment and this is really making me unhappy and affecting my self esteem. Does that put stress on my brain because my brain goes blank all the time that my communication is hindered. Please help me. I am under going some exercises like deep breathing and tai chi to help with anxiety but i am yet to get the effect.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on July 25, 2018:

Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out. You hit the nail on the head regarding lack of confidence. Try focusing less on others evaluating your performance and more on making an impression with your knowledge. In other words, base your confidence on your intellectual abilities and the content of what you're sharing to decrease going blank. People will be more impressed with what you're telling them than the anxiety going on inside of you. They most likely don't even notice it. If you believe in the importance of what you're saying, you will pay less attention to yourself. Take some time to study and rehearse the knowledge you want to impart to others; believe you have something of value to share and master it. I hope this helps. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I wish you well.

Paul on July 24, 2018:

Hi Janis,

my mind tends to go blank whenever Id have to prove intellectual abilities, for examample when participating in class, in conversations (even with friends or family members) or when just trying to solve a problem on my own. This problem is bothering me so much that i have become more afraid of my mind going blank than having to prove intellect, which ends up becoming a self-fulfuilling prophicy, a never ending cycle...The fear that my mind could go blank has even started to make me be afraid of just thinking in general...I have a very low level of self-confidence so being too dependent on other's perception of me and constantly having to prove my self-value to myself by performing according to my own standarts is putting a lot of pressure on me...Do you have any advise apart from building my self-esteem to solve this problem in particular? I feel like the video above rather adresses brain fog caused by life-style problems and not by anxiety or over-thinking...Id highly appreciate any help you could offer to me!

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on May 23, 2018:

You'll be best served if you find a psychologist or counselor to do a thorough assessment of your issues to get a better read on what you need. Thanks for reading.

.... on May 23, 2018:

I am a student, leading a normal life but I don't know sometimes I feel my mind goes blank. Either I do stupid things or I forget trivial things or data. Though I could remember that while listing to the lecture I thought I would remember this fact but unfortunately, I could not.

You won't believe but I actually forget very trivial things like the name of my friend or some canteen's name.PLease help. Thanks!

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on May 02, 2018:

I recommend you talk to a medical doctor who can evaluate your symptoms. Thank you for reading.

William Angel on May 02, 2018:

I can't think of anything. This is making me really bored all the time and thinking of suicide to stop myself from getting bored. I think this probably happened when I stopped eating and drinking and my body parts started to diteriate for my survival.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on April 25, 2018:

I totally understand. I hear this from clients and it is very annoying, you end up getting angry at yourself because it seems silly. Anxiety takes over and paralyzes you. I recommend seeing a counselor who specializes in breathing and relaxation techniques to decrease anxiety and increase confidence. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and share your experience. I wish you peace.

timihengs on April 24, 2018:

it's a good thing I saw these. at least it's a plus. I find it so difficult to speak in a gathering I might be listening to everyones convo but when it's my turn to contribute my heart starts beating fast and my brain become empty .. seems like a doubt my self and feels like whatam about to say will be total nonsense. so I stay mute and just say sorry but I have no contribution to the conversation. It's so annoying I find my self in these part. I get home and get angry over my situation but it's something I can't share out with coligues. I am highly pissed

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on April 24, 2018:

It's scary not to understand what's happening, especially when you have children to care for and a job to do. I encourage you to destructor for an assessment of your symptoms and a good therapist to address anxiety.

Mhe on April 24, 2018:

Im a mother of two kids. I dont know what is happening to me right now. I am a nurse but cannot asses myself i really cant explain what is happening to me. Im far away from my kids. Im an ofw everytime someone share ideas i cant relate with them.. Everytime some one ask my opinion my brain is so blank.. I studied for how many years but no retains on my mind. Im confused.. I feel like a robot at my work no communication with my boss because evertime ive been ask i cant answer back..

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on April 03, 2018:

I'm glad you're under medical care although it seems to be giving you no relief. I'm not a doctor and strongly suggest you ask your doctor to re-evaluate the efficacy of your treatment. In addition, consider a second opinion. I would also suggest adding regular practice of deep breathing and meditation to your treatment regimen. It will help with relaxation and anxiety. I wish you well, thanks for reading this article.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on March 18, 2018:

Wonderful! So glad to know the tips were helpful to you. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time to read it.

Shrishti on March 18, 2018:

Thanku so much because I was totally confused what should I do but when I read it than I understood what should I do

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on February 09, 2018:

Follow tips, see your doctor for medical evaluation. Thanks for reading.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on December 18, 2017:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. I see you've tried everything and still struggle. I'm not familiar with any apps or online trainings. I would suggest you continue to let your upbeat attitude get you through, a day at a time. Be kind to yourself using self care activities and don't sweat the small stuff. Thanks for reading. Have a good week!

Ajack8572 on December 18, 2017:

Thank you for this! I am always dealing with Brain Fog.. I've had people tell me I'm full of it when I try to explain I REALLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS SAYING/DOING! I have dealt with this as long as I can remember HA NO REALLY.. Its been a constant struggle, fear & hatred. I've never got it fully under control. I'v done the Dr.s, Med's, Electro Therpy, Clinics, been diagnosed all that you listed & a couple more, yup. I have been embarrassed too many times to count. I DO however try my best to make fun of myself as you said, but sometimes it hurts. I can't keep relationships, mostly because they won't take time to understand me & THAT hurts! None ever takes me serious. How can I keep peace within myself & help others see ME for ME?! & IS there any like free online training exercises or apps or something that I can use to gain control of my thought process? Again thank you for writing this. I'm gong to print this & keep it with me.. MAYBE I can just hand a person a copy & say "READ THIS & YOU'LL CATCH A CLUE!?" It sure sounds good.. LOL Have a blessed day!

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on October 01, 2017:

Whatever you choose to do with the rest of your life, sounds like you could benefit from talking it out with counselor. I wish you the best with your family. on October 01, 2017:

Got married at 20. Today 50. Always blamed for ego attitude being loud, extrovert. Loser in all years. Still laughed to the best. Today broken. Nobody as family friends or known. Alofe with husband who is innocent guy with simplicity. Son over enthusiastic but busy with his own thoughts. Do not know what to do the rest life.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 27, 2017:

Memory issues as adults age is expected. If she has concerns she should talk with her doctor.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 27, 2017:

You're welcome, Tiffany. Thanks for reading.

Farnoosh on September 27, 2017:


My grandma is 72

Sometime's her mind goes blank

For example plenty of time she says "year" instead of "day"

Or something like this..

I wanna make her get better but i don't know what should i do !

Can you please help meee

Tiffany on September 27, 2017:

Excellent article. Thank you Janis for the insight!

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 26, 2017:

Sounds like you could benefit from a thorough evaluation by a medical doctor or neural psychologist to see what recommends for treatment they can offer. I wish you well.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on September 10, 2017:

Clement, have you talked to a therapist or seen a psychologist for an evaluation? It may be helpful to start with your doctor for a recommendation on whether counseling for anxiety and depression or a neurological evaluation could rule out any problems. Thank you for reading, I wish you the best.

Clement babantah on September 10, 2017:

12years ago I was admitted to study Electrical Electronic Engineering in higher institution,within a week I began to experience hotness and serious movement in my brain which lead to discontinuation of the programme and uptil now I have not achieve anything in life,i have being moving from one point to other looking for solution to my problem.pls what would I do

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on August 22, 2017:

Sounds like you could definitely benefit from addressing your anxiety and practicing relaxation techniques. A good therapist can help. I wish you the best.

Claraf on August 21, 2017:

I used to have a brilliant memory but now I don't remember what I said or what others told me. Also, my mind goes blank most of the time when I'm under pressure or talking with colleagues in a meeting. I can't focus when I read or listen to someone when they are talking. I'm always anxious and my heartbeat accelerates. I feel really frustrated.

Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on July 14, 2017:

Cameron, I've never heard of this but I'm glad it appears to be under control. Maybe a thorough neurological assessment by a doctor would be in order. I would also explore what stressful events were/are going on at the time an episodes hits. My first guess is that it's anxiety related. I wish you the best.

Cameron on July 13, 2017:

Not sure how to word this. Every once in a while I will be doing something and my mind goes blank, and all I see is black (if this makes sense.)

This happened during my sophomore year. I would be walking through the halls after Geometry class and my my mind went blank nearly everyday, i saw all black, and when I was able to see things again I began to wonder simple things such as: my name, the time, date, where I work, income, etc.

Though this was very frequent 4 years ago, this only happens once every few months now if even. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this that knows their trigger. Also wondering how normal this is.


Janis Leslie Evans (author) from Washington, DC on June 28, 2017:

Thank you, Adam, for your inquiry. I'm glad the article resonated with you. I suggest you get referrals from your doctors and follow through with any suggestions they may offer for more testing, perhaps a neurological exam and/or counseling. I wish you well, Adam.