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Indigo Children, ADHD and Autism: A World in Crisis

Proper education can help us understand the bigger picture so that we can change our attitudes and behavior.

Do "indigo children" represent the coming of a new age of humanity?

Do "indigo children" represent the coming of a new age of humanity?

A New World Is Emerging

It is the Age of Aquarius, the appearance of the force of feminine energy, arriving to balance with the masculine energy of the preceding and now waning age of Pisces. This age is bringing disorder and confusion, brotherly love and a steady illumination that throws light on all our problems. We are waking up to the things that separate us—xenophobia, oppression, fear-mongering—and are clamoring for a world that works for everyone. We long for cooperation and collaboration. We are awakening to the healing power of love.

Now, during the early years of a new century and a new millennium we find ourselves in crisis. The word “crisis” has a negative connotation of hardship and a breaking, but there is another way to think about it. The word in Hebrew means also the seat of a woman to give birth, a place where new life is created. In ancient Greek it means a decision or turning point, meaning rebirth. And in Chinese crisis means danger accompanied by opportunity. The Aquarian Age is a turning point, bringing in opportunity and rebirth into a brand new paradigm.

Today’s crisis is in all of the institutions that provide the structure of our lives—science, politics, education, finance, health care—and individual and community life are fraught with troubles. We are experiencing the labor pains of the birth of an entirely new paradigm of human interactions with each other, of a brand new world of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.

Every day we observe the signs of this grand and paradigm-shifting transition from one age to another. The status of women is being challenged as the white male majority sees their dominance slipping away. An unprecedented environment of meanness surrounds us. But at the same time, we see the feminine energy beginning to reveal itself and the people of the world are waking up to the fact that we must learn to collaborate and cooperate in order to save ourselves from extinction. The new world is emerging in interesting ways.

The Age of Diagnosing and Medicating Our Children

In 1902, British pediatrician Sir George Still noticed what he called “an abnormal defect of moral control in children.” He explained that affected children could not control their behavior the way a typical child would. So, these children were not “typical,” thus morally deficient.

In 1936 the FDA approved a stimulant drug called benzedrine that, surprisingly, had the opposite effect. It calmed these children into “normalcy.” Thus began the history of what is now called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. The incidence of this condition, called a neurodevelopment disorder, has increased dramatically, perhaps due to more reporting, changes in the educational environment, and over-worked teachers demanding an easy fix for troublesome kids.

But here’s what’s interesting.


Think about it. We are seeing the inability of first-graders to fit themselves into a broken education system as having a mental disorder. The site from which this infographic comes defines “possible” co-existing conditions: learning disabilities, conduct disorders and difficulties, including antisocial behavior, fighting, and oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, substance abuse, bed-wetting problems, sleep disorders. It seems that once “diagnosed,” we have to look for other mental disorders in these children. The pharmaceutical industry is making billions.

A similar phenomenon is the significant rise in the incidence of autism. In the 1970s and 1980s, the prevalence of autism was 1 in 2,000. Today it is said to afflict 1 in 59 children. One factor that is cited here is that it wasn’t until 2013 that the term autism spectrum disorder was added to the DSM, so more diagnoses have fallen into that general category.

Children diagnosed as autistic are described as distant and disconnected, lacking empathy, unresponsive to human interaction, having uncontrolled emotion, preferring non-verbal communication, living in an imaginary world. Individuals diagnosed with Asberger’s syndrome (found on the autism spectrum) have trouble making friends, are not empathic, avoid eye contact, are socially awkward, have narrow interests, require strict routine, interpret things literally. The cause of autism is not clear, but theories are genetics, environmental factors, vaccines, at risk pregnancies.

Is there some significance that the increased number of children with these issues—ADHD and autism—is related to our transition into the Aquarian age? Let’s look at another group of children who have been identified as special.

Indigo Children

We who are members of the elderly population joke among ourselves that we have to consult our grandchildren when we need help with new technologies. We see a generation that seems to come into the world with some sort of intuitive understanding of how to navigate devices and enter the vast world of virtual learning and communication.

In the 1970s and 1980s there was much ado about "indigo children," described as empathetic, curious and strong-willed, having a strong sense of themselves in their very early years of life, highly intelligent and strongly intuitive. They are called rebellious because of their stubbornness and resistance to control-based authority. But, when they come upon something that truly delights them and has the promise of creating something worthwhile, they can focus on it for hours. They are often regarded as strange or weird and many are medicated for treatment of various so-called mental disorders.

The very idea of a group of children who are considered to be "indigo" (based on the color of their auras) is highly criticized as a way for parents to justify the behaviors of children who do not fulfill the norms set by society. And this may be so on one level. But let’s take a closer look.

Two Characteristics of Indigo Children

There are two characteristics that are especially remarkable that these children demonstrate: an expanded awareness of the universe that reveals to them what mankind must to do in order to end our suffering; a strong intuitive and telepathic ability.

The internet yields thousands of articles and numerous videos describing indigo children. There are stories of pre-school aged children who talk about historical figures as if knowing them, or who are so intuitive with their mothers that it seems as if they are mind-reading. There are examples of expressions of wisdom that is more highly developed than most adults through art, music and poetry. These children speak of the need to work together and be in the flow of nature. Many, as small children, draw images of networks and interconnected entities.

Try to get inside the head of a six-year-old child who enters today’s educational system. It is a world of restraining rules, rote memorization, testing of knowledge that has little meaning in the real world. Spontaneity is curbed, curiosity is not rewarded, interaction with others in the classroom is tightly controlled. She must feel as Alice did when she went down the rabbit hole. So her behaviors begin to reflect her dismay and her realization that her need to be a full participant in a rich and fascinating universe that is moving swiftly forward will be thwarted for years to come. Imagine the resistance and the restlessness and the indignation that is so-called education.

We know now that the brain is an ever-changing and a constantly developing organ. Environmental input literally alters neural pathways throughout one’s lifetime, but especially during the first years of life. So over time, as this child reacts to and tries to adapt to a system that is an assault on her sense of self, she is developing the characteristics of what those who define what should be normal a “neurological and developmental disorder.” So she needs to be medicated into conformity.

Consider this film from minutes 33:00 to 37:24.

A mother of an autistic child talks about him and her strategies for drawing him out of the inner world in which he lives so he can communicate with her. If you compare the symptoms of autism (above) with those of kids diagnosed with ADHD, they are almost identical, except that for the boy described in the film it is all internal. It’s almost as if there is an introvert, as well as an extrovert, expression of the same phenomenon, an inability to tolerate a world that is totally opposite to what it should be, or is becoming.

The beginning of the Age of Aquarius is said by some to have been about 2011, but the transition from one age to the other has been progressing for at least fifty years and it isn’t over yet. Although the phenomena of ADHD and autism have been known for decades, the dramatic increases in both begin at about the time said to be the beginning of the transition into the Age of Aquarius.

My musings have taken me to some interesting places. There actually is no scientific evidence to suggest that there are a group of children called "Indigos" (or Crystal or Rainbow or Star Children, all of which have been described) but it is clear that these children who are designated as such are truly special. I may be adding two and two and getting thirty-seven. But there is a bigger picture into which all of this exists.

Nature Is an Interconnected System

We observe, feel and live within the cyclic and predictable system of nature. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, crocuses come up in the spring, an orange seed produces oranges, not apples or bananas. All of nature, including mankind, is born, lives, dies and is reborn.


The universe is essentially a mathematical creation and a phenomenon called the Fibonacci Sequence demonstrates this. The numerical sequence begins this way: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181… and continues ad infinitum. The next number in the sequence is found by adding together the two numbers before it. For example, 377 + 610 = 987.

What is magnificent about the understanding of this formula is that it ties together the elements of nature. It is a code replicated throughout the universe in inanimate objects, plants and other living things. It can be used to model or describe an amazing variety of phenomena, in mathematics and science, art and nature. It can create beautiful music.

Do you see it? The beauty and charm in it? The attraction to it? Look around you as you move through your days and keep an eye out for it. You will be amazed at its ubiquitous presence all around you. It is the disclosure of a magnificent and connected system of nature. And contemplate on this: All of this is inside each of us.

Quantum physics is beginning to learn the deepest secrets of the universe, that we might, for example, live in a holographic universe. This image of an atom and of the solar system dramatically depicts this.


“What is becoming clear is what we experience as separate things is actually an illusion. Since there is only a fundamental unity then the idea that you are somehow separate from the outside environment begins to fade. The earth in which you live, is you, you are the earth and everything within it. You are the universe, everything it takes to make a universe is contained within all of us. Remember, consciousness has no boundaries, the only limits to your consciousness, is your imagination.” (See 1st ref. below)

This reality of oneness and unity has been inside us all along, but the arrival of a new age is revealing to us the sensation of it and the hungering for it. Epic change doesn’t generally happen on a certain day, but phases into existence. Some get there before others. Among us are visionaries, seers, scientists who are able to fathom what is coming. And entering those ranks are children with autism, ADHA, indigo characteristics, and what’s more we are inextricably connected with all of them.

The replication of forms and cycles in nature establishes these things as laws. The mathematical structure determines how things appear and act in the universe. In addition to harmony, balance and interconnection, nature’s laws include altruism, balance, and interdependence, all deriving from the singular law of unity. All of these laws live inside us in the form of our yearnings for kindness, peace, justice and equality.

In the midst of the disorder and angst of life in the 21st century, another phenomenon is blossoming. Those qualities of nature inside us are helping mankind to awaken to the idea that the only solution for our woes is unity and connection among us.

The indigo children seem to see all of this inside themselves. It is what they instinctively move toward and to do so they have little use for the authoritarian and separated world in which they find themselves. Those in the world still living under the forces of Pisces can’t comprehend that their behavior is anything but abnormal, diagnosable, and in need of change.

How the Wisdom of Kabbalah Explains Today’s World

Humankind is endowed with a quality found nowhere else in nature—ego. It has been the engine for the development of societies from small clans to a global community. We have assured our survival and developed a world of comfort and opportunity in which to do so. Alongside the energy of the ego has been its other, wicked side. As we expanded the size of our populations, we began to lose track of ourselves as an integral part of the system of nature.

Within the levels of nature that preceded us, you will not find any situation where one entity takes more from nature’s resources than it needs. In fact, the connection and mutual will to live of all of nature is what sustains it. Ego, on the other hand, wants everything for itself and has incited mankind to take everything it wants from the earth without regard for the common good. It has become normal to routinely harm and exploit others in order to fulfill our every desire.

It is no accident that the inflation of ego is happening now. More than two thousand years ago, Kabbalists wrote about this time in history. They said it would be a time of great suffering before the dawning of the Messianic era. They wrote that the Messiah, Mashiach in Hebrew, will be an inner state of a mankind that has advanced to a condition of connection and unity among us, a restoration of our true place in alignment with the altruistic laws of nature.

We now have a flow of children appearing among us who seem not meant for this world, but for the world to come. They recognize the falsehood of the relationships among us. They are non-conformists and are thus given names and diagnoses in order to get them back into line. Michael Laitman, PhD, my Kabbalah teacher, has written about autism in his blog.

We are now in a qualitatively new stage of human development. We see that we have lost connection with this world. We cannot be found within it. It frightens us. It is shaken up all the time, and we have lost our previously precise forms of mutual cooperation with it. I consider autistic people to have more of an inclination to perceive the next picture of the world than others.

— Michael Laitman, PhD

Amidst the deafening chatter of the brief news cycles, social media rantings, the devolving of human decency, and the raging of men of the Age of Pisces when it is demanded that they be accountable, there are many signs of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Feminine energy is reaching a higher vibration. Mankind in general is beginning to understand that ego-driven aggression and the entitlement felt by those in power to remain there has made the unthinkable thinkable. And very special children are arriving who are appearing to guide us into a world that values cooperation and collaboration.

Each of us must do our own musings about what these signs are, what they mean, and whether or not to align ourselves with the status quo or with the dawning of a world that works for everyone that is rising. We need to catch up with the Indigos and others who feel what is coming. Each of us has a place in it.

My own musings and searching took me to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is ancient, but along with other revelations of the coming new age, it is now accessible for everyone. Millions of others are discovering this path that is the method for creating unity and connection among us. I have aligned myself with Kabbalah because it satisfies the yearning inside me for peace and love.

May your musings take you to the place for which you yearn. It is waiting for you.

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Edward Ponderer on October 14, 2018:

I find this particularly meaningful as I have an adult daughter who is high-functioning autistic. She makes it along in her own way, but it is very difficult.

I've also read much of both the deeper levels in autism--one is an intellectual struggle often of an internal genius trapped by an outer mind, that can be contacted by assisted data entry. I've personally witnessed an ex-brother-in-law's nephew many years ago working with his father and reviewing earlier printouts. A child of about ten then I think, with an apparent mentality of two year old, displayed the knowledge (he read--and what he read!) and understanding of a university student.

Then there is a level where the child, children even very young, understand certain spiritual matters--remember facts from earlier lives (some of which have been verified, and are things that the child (even if they could access data, would be beyond hard pressed to have found). Some claim to bring spiritual messages for the future. In any case, it is a very fascinating area.

I find it particularly interesting that the Kabbalah does pick up on this--and heart warming that it views such children in such a positive light.