Inside Modern Day Archetypes: Dissecting the Fashionista

Updated on June 7, 2018
Are you a fashionista?
Are you a fashionista?

Who Is the Fashionista?

The fashionista archetype applies to those who believe that clothes make a person and that the first impression is the only one that counts. They love fashion without being a slave to it, take pride in their unique style and utilize fashion to develop their sense of self. The fashionista even enjoys helping non-fashionista types find their own style.

The archetype of the fashionista ranges from the hardcore to the simplistic - and most differ on their views of the relationship between fashion and power. Fashionistas not only know what looks good on them, but also what looks good on others. As a fashionista, you know how to make yourself look terrific, no matter the occasion or the pieces you are putting together. You understand style beyond value and price tags.

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Characteristics of the Fashionista Archetype and Harnessing the Fashionista's Power

If you are unsure whether or not this archetype fits you or not, here are some behavior patterns and characteristics associated with the fashionista archetype:

  • You have a knack for looking fabulous, no matter what you put on
  • You wear your clothing, not the other way around
  • You view fashion as a way to develop your sense of self
  • You see the beauty in people who don't see the beauty in themselves
  • You take pride in your physical fitness
  • People admire your sense of style
  • You view fashion as art
  • You don't follow trends or fads, you develop your own unique style

How to Tap into the Hidden Power of the Fashionista Archetype

  • Clean out your closet - there really is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and this applies to your wardrobe; cleaning out your closet can be a great way for fashionistas to build upon the strengths that come with this archetype
  • Be ruthless - Don't keep clothes in your closet that don't fit you; if you have a goal size, buy it when you get there instead of hanging on to "goal clothing"
  • Call in the experts - the fashionista's downfall is the inability to ask for advice when it comes to style; if you want to harness the benefits of the fashionista archetype, you need to rid yourself of the idea that asking for help is not okay

Ways the Fashionista Can Gain Power

  • Creating your own personal fashion statement
  • Giving yourself free rein to try out different styles
  • Highlighting your assets
  • Staying physically fit
  • Living in the present

Ways in Which the Fashionista Gives Up Power

  • Counting on shopping to fill emotional holes in your life
  • Listening to your inner critic
  • Seeking the approval of others
  • Comparing yourself to others

The best advice a fashionista can follow is to be themselves, embrace who they are and enjoy their life, one day at a time.

Inner Shadow of the Fashionista Archetype

The vulnerable zone for the fashionista archetype is competing with some artificial standard of beauty. Runway models aren't thin, they are unhealthily underweight. People on television don't look flawless, they look edited. It is easy for the fashionista to become obsessed with unattainable concepts of beauty. The shadow of the fashionista is the critic - the voice inside her that picks out minor flaws and taunts her for them. This voice can make the fashionista feel powerless. Eating disorders and body dysmorphia can come with this archetype if the person struggles to find her own identity.

To break free from the shadows that haunt the fashionista lies in discovering her true self, which lies far beyond the clothing.

The Universal Lesson for the Fashionista

The greatest lesson the fashionista will ever learn is how hurtful it feels to be judged on her own appearance by others, rather than by who she is as a human being. No one likes the feeling of being judged, especially for what they are wearing. Unfortunately that happens to be something the fashionista excels at - scrutinizing how other people dress. Judging how others look is an inner shadow for the fashionista, and can bring out the worst in her.

Fashionistas love being looked at just as much as they fear being judged for how they look. No amount of shopping can stop the flow of negative emotions associated with having your feelings hurt. All the clothes in the world can't substitute for self-esteem.

A List of Modern Archetypes

The Universal Challenges That Face the Fashionista

Like all the other archetypes, the fashionista faces certain challenges because of her personality. The unique challenge that faces the modern day fashionista is the creation of her own self-image, her self-esteem and her self-worth. The power of the fashionista comes from the attention of others, but this power is useless if the fashionista doesn't acknowledge the beauty she possesses.

It can be difficult for the fashionista to find her own sense of individuality, but that is crucial for this archetype, as individuality is the core of the fashionista's identity. The best advice a fashionista can follow is to stop allowing other people to dictate how they dress and how they look. This allows the fashionista to become her true self.

The fashionista sees beauty in everyone.
The fashionista sees beauty in everyone.

The Life Journey of the Fashionista

The fashionista archetype is a hybrid from the original archetypes. Descriptions of the fashionista as a clothes addict is merely the cover of the book that is the modern day fashionista. Modern day fashionistas were formed out of two opposing forces - the feminist movement of the 60s and the rise of modeling in present day.

The fashionista is a living contradiction - part feminist, part beauty queen. The feminist encourages the fashionista to discover her inner power, while the beauty queen encourages her to run to the mall when emotions arise. This is why developing a strong sense of self is essential for the fashionista archetype.

It is crucial for the fashionista to remember that fashion is not just about knowing what is in style each season or which designer has just captured the spotlight - it is about knowing who she is on the inside that matters the most.

© 2014 Kathleen Odenthal


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    • Kathleen Odenthal profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathleen Odenthal 

      6 years ago from Bridgewater

      Yes, you are right on, the gentleman is the male counterpart for this archetype, but the male and female of this archetype are more different than any other of the modern day archetypes, so it wouldn't have all fit in one hub. Thanks for the comment!

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 

      6 years ago from The Netherlands

      This list of archetypes is new to me. Is the gentlemen the male equivalent of the fashionista? Interesting read. Voted up.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      This dissection of the fashionista is interesting and revealing. The last sentence is very powerful for her and for everyone else. Thank you for promoting beauty outside as well as inside.


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