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Interesting Facts About Chinese Dragons

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I've been writing about history online for more than eight years.

Read on to learn all about Chinese dragons!

Read on to learn all about Chinese dragons!

History, Physical Attributes, and Mystical Powers

As far back as 3000 BC, Chinese dragons have symbolized fertility, happiness, procreation, immorality, and activity. These mythological creatures were believed to have the amazing ability to ward off all evil spirits, and in ancient days, they were even considered sacred animals.

The Chinese tradition includes four divine creatures: the dragon, unicorn, tortoise, and phoenix. Unlike Western dragons, which often represent evil, Chinese dragons are very gracious creatures. They are thought of as the ruler of the seas, lakes, and rivers—and they offer the rain to the earth and allow the crops to grow.

Chinese Dragon in Longtan Park

Chinese Dragon in Longtan Park

Chinese dragons originated on totems from various tribes and grew into mythical animals. Long dragons are believed to have nine anatomical resemblances: the horns of a stag, head of a camel, eyes of a demon, neck of a snake, belly of a clam, scales of a carp, claws of an eagle, soles of a tiger, ears of a cow, and a lump on top of the head called a Chimu, without which it cannot fly.

The dragons are believed to have precisely 117 scales. Of these scales, 81 are positive, or yang, and 36 are negative, or yin.

The Buddhists introduced the idea of a malevolent influence that was present in some dragons. They believed that disasters such as tidal waves, floods, and harsh storms directly resulted from people upsetting the dragons.

A traditional Chinese artisan rendering of a dragon, lit up with lights.

A traditional Chinese artisan rendering of a dragon, lit up with lights.

Chinese dragons are often characterized by having bat-like wings that grow from the front limbs but other than that, the majority do not have any other wings. Their ability to fly is entirely mystical and not due to any physical attributes they possess. Beneath the chin of many dragons is a flaming pearl associated with good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

These dragons have acquired a vast array of supernatural powers over the years. They are believed to be able to disguise themselves as something as small as a silkworm or as large as the entire universe. They can hide in water, fly in the clouds, turn into fire or water, and sometimes be completely invisible or even glow in the dark.

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

Types of Chinese Dragons

There are various types of Chinese dragons:

  • Winged dragon
  • Horned dragon
  • Celestial dragon – Protects and supports the gods' mansions.
  • Hidden Treasures dragon – Guards over all wealth.
  • Yellow dragon – Emerged from the water and gave Emperor Fu Shi elements of writing.
  • Coiling dragon – Resides solely in the water.
  • Dragon King – Technically made up of four separate dragons that rule over individual seas of the North, East, South, and West.
  • Wood dragon – imaginative, inquisitive, and creative. He is a doer and a thinker—and he creates brilliant concepts. His moves are guided by pure logic, and he houses enough drive to make his dreams a reality. The Wood dragon is more than willing to hide his domination and is careful not to offend others. He is much less self-centered than many dragons, but he can be very fearless and outspoken if he feels challenged.
  • Earth dragon – A reflective, quieter dragon who appreciates the opinions of others even if they conflict with his own. He is very reasonable and never a dictator but does demand respect. He is a bit more diplomatic than some dragons and understands communication's importance. He is ambitious, yet his moves are always well thought out.
  • Fire dragon – More competitive and extroverted than the others. He is pushy, critical, and expects a lot from everyone. He tends to be intolerant and short-tempered due to his intense ambition. The Fire dragon is an empire builder but desperately needs to improve his communication skills.
  • Water dragon – Less opinionated and selfish than the others, and he can graciously accept defeat. He knows where and when to apply pressure, resulting in the ability to be a superb negotiator. He is a bit over-optimistic at times and needs to find the ability to relinquish infeasible things and allow himself to concentrate more on achievable endeavors.
  • Metal dragon – Has an unyielding will. He is combative, inflexible, unbending, and does not care about the feelings of others. He is ruthless and authoritative and will destroy important relationships to get what he wants, and he will not let anyone or anything stand in his way. He will go at things alone if others won't support him, and he won't stand for failure, resulting in great success.
Chinese Dragon brush sketch

Chinese Dragon brush sketch

Representions in Chinese Culture

Chinese people often refer to themselves as being descendants of dragons. The dragons' benevolence represents goodness, greatness, blessings, power, excellence, heroism, boldness, nobility, divinity, and perseverance. Chinese dragons overcome obstacles making them energetic, optimistic, intelligent, decisive, and ambitious.

In ancient China, people offered respect for dragons depicted in carvings, paintings, and writings resulting in the dragons becoming the very symbol of their nation. They can ward off evil spirits and protect the innocent.

Chinese dragons are divine, mythical animals that are the ultimate symbol representing good fortune and long life.

Chinese Dragon Art

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