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My Neighbor Is Spying on Me: What Can I Do?

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A long time ago, I had a stalker. He still pops up now and then. I like to think I can help others in the same situation.

What can you do when your neighbor is spying on you?

What can you do when your neighbor is spying on you?

Are You Being Watched?

Is your neighbor spying on you, watching your every move? Do strangers seem to know details about your life that you haven’t shared with them?

Feeling that you are being watched—and in your own home, especially—can profoundly affect every aspect of your life.

In the US, 6.6 million people are stalked every year. Are you one of them? It’s time to take control and fight back. Find out what to do when neighbors overstep their boundaries and get too close for comfort.

Signs Your Neighbors Are Spying on You

  • They tell you stuff about yourself they shouldn’t know.
  • You find hints that they are listening or watching via some sort of device.
  • Your mail is being interfered with.
  • You see signs that someone has entered your home while you were out.
  • You often "catch" them watching you.
  • They stalk you on social media.
  • They seem to know your schedule.

Signs You Might Be Mistaken About Your Nosy Neighbor

  • You have no proof whatsoever that they are spying
  • It’s an unsubstantiated feeling
  • Other neighbors seem to get along with them well
  • You’ve had similar experiences in other places you’ve lived
  • You think the whole street is spying on you.

How to Confirm You Are Being Watched

You have to establish if your suspicions are true. There’s no point being constantly worried that you are being spied on if it isn’t actually happening.

  • Test for eavesdropping. If they are the sort of people who seem to delight in letting you know that they are aware of what’s going on in your life, then test them. Have telephone conversations inside your home and car mentioning some untrue event (for example, you’ve booked a cruise ship vacation, you are thinking of buying a parrot, or you have invited a relative to move in with you; something preposterous). Then, see if your neighbor repeats this information back to you. If it is, then you have proof that they are listening to everything you say. Note: Don’t let them know that you are aware of their spying. Also, be careful not to say anything that could damage your own reputation if it got spread around.
  • Test for mail tampering. Send yourself some interesting-looking but bogus mail. Check to see if the envelope has been opened or torn ‘accidentally’. Keep the evidence.
  • Use anti-spyware. Use a simple, inexpensive, bug-sweeping device to discover any hidden listening devices or cameras on your property or vehicles. Repeat your bug sweep every couple of weeks or so.
  • Keep a log. Keep a log of dates and incidents. This is really important. If you ever have to give evidence against them, the fact you kept a detailed log will go in your favor.
  • Maintain records and collect proof. Take photos of anything suspicious and keep them in cloud storage, such as Google Drive or DropBox. Don’t let the folder where you keep your evidence sync to your computer (in case they have access to it remotely). Print out the photos and add them to your log, which you will keep safely hidden under lock and key.

How to Deal With Spying Neighbors

  • Don’t act like it bothers you. Don’t change your daily routines or look for reasons not to go outside.
  • Having said that, take extra precautions where your children are concerned. Ensure they can play safely and in privacy. Don’t let them play on the street. If your children or pets cause your neighbor’s anger, then do your best to understand how irritating it is for some people to have to put up with constantly screaming kids and barking dogs. Restrict outdoor play to reasonable hours and/or shut your dogs indoors. You have to be prepared to compromise for the sake of peace.
  • Install spy cameras in your home to find out if your neighbors are habitually entering while you are at work. Make copies of videos of any suspicious activity and make sure they are kept somewhere safe. Cameras that stream to your smartphone are recommended.
  • Do regular bug sweeps of your property.
  • Install outdoor security lights and cameras in full view, but also have one or two hidden cameras. Basic spy cameras are reasonably priced. We've installed two of them as a quick and easy precautionary measure at the back of our house. The fact we didn't have to wire them was a bonus.
  • Invest in a full-on home security system with monitoring and a panic button.
  • Keep gates, doors, and windows locked at all times.
  • Hire a private investigator, but be prepared to have your life examined in detail if they are to do their job properly. They will need to find out why your neighbors are showing such a keen interest in you.
  • Refuse to engage with them in any way whatsoever. If you use the "gray rock" method (in which you become as emotionally non-responsive as a rock), they might just lose interest.
  • Tell other neighbors what’s happening. You must have irrefutable proof, though. If you spread unfounded rumors, you could find yourself in trouble.
  • Don’t interact on social media. Additionally, make sure that they are not friends of friends who can see your posts. This may be the one source of the problem. Never announce where and when you are going out. Never post where you are. Change all your settings to the highest security level.
  • Involve the law. If you have collected proof, then report them to the police and any other local authorities. If they are renters, then make a formal complaint via a lawyer to the rental agency or homeowner. You may also file a restraining order.
  • As a last resort, move. This may seem drastic, but what price won't you pay for peace of mind?

How to Deal With Nosy Neighbors: Options

Nosy neighbors might not be as dangerous or scary, but they can be a nuisance. It’s irritating to have people noticing and commenting on your every move. However, you can reduce the effect they have on you.

  • Put up physical barriers. A decent, solid fence or some judicious conifer plantings will prevent them from seeing into your property. Screen your windows with mesh or stick-ons—we’ve just discovered how good (and pretty) this RabbitGoo decorative window privacy film is. Our windows are right on the street, and this film prevents anyone, neighbors or otherwise, from getting a look inside.
  • Avoid them whenever possible. If you are walking down the street and see your nosy neighbor approaching, get out your phone and pretend to be talking to someone. If your neighbor tries to stop you, put your hand over the phone and tell him you are talking to your investment manager. Always be rushing off somewhere so that you look too busy to stop and chat.
  • Try coming to a mutual understanding, if not friendship. If they are physically limited to their home, their unusual obsession with the neighborhood might be understandable. Instead of railing against their behavior, make use of it. By establishing a friendly rapport, you’ll at least have someone who can keep an eye on your property and take in packages when you aren’t home.

In the US, 6.6 million people are stalked every year.

In the US, 6.6 million people are stalked every year.

Why Your Neighbor Could Be Watching You

  • Your neighbor might be housebound and simply focussed on what is going on nearby. You, being close, probably pique her interest. After all, other than the TV, she doesn’t have much else to fill her life.
  • Your neighbors might be over-friendly. They don’t realize that they are being irritating. They could have grown up in a different environment where neighbors always looked out for each other.
  • They are obsessed with local crime rates and make it their business to monitor the street.
  • There could be some nefarious reason why your neighbor is watching you. It might be connected to property: perhaps they feel they have a claim on the house you live in? Could there be a boundary dispute?
  • Are they attempting to get you to move out? Why might that be? Are you a nuisance neighbor yourself? Do you have barking dogs, noisy children, or loud parties?
  • Some rental companies offer reduced rents to people who can drive their house-owning neighbors out of the street, so the company can buy up the house to build up their portfolio. It’s convenient for them to have their rental properties near each other.
  • They really are spying on you, but you have no idea why. Check out the possible reasons in my article I'm Being Watched. Additionally, if you think they might be listening to your private conversations, you might want to find out if they are bugging your home or car.
  • Maybe they aren’t spying on you, but you feel so insecure and lacking in confidence that you think everyone is watching you. In this case, you must seek professional guidance. It is not good to live in this way as it hampers your activities and ruins your chances of having a good life. Get help and get it sorted.

Is My Neighbor Breaking the Law by Spying on Me?

This is a difficult one. All I can say is that it entirely depends on your local laws and regulations. It's safe to say that they are breaking the law if they are on your property without permission or entering your home. However, if they are watching you from across the street or from their own property, you will probably have no grounds for calling the police. If unsure, call your nearest police department and ask where you stand as regards spying neighbors.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: How can the person who lives in the apartment above me follow me all around my apartment when I'm walking around?

Answer: I've heard this before from commenters on other articles I've written. Make sure there are no spy-holes in the ceiling. Give them a coat of thick textured paint, or something similar to block them. If you own the apartment, install sound proofing panels.

Question: How can I catch my neighbor who is spying on me? Since they evidently know every move I make, this seems impossible.

Answer: There's nothing preventing you installing security cameras and microphones around your property. They are quite affordable these days. Let them see you do it, perhaps it'll stop their obnoxious behavior.

Question: We have had a neighbor & for 6 mos. he stayed in his home the majority of the time unless he was detailing vehicles a few times a week. Now for the past 3 weeks, he's in his car backed in his driveway towards our house across the street. Somehow he's listening to conversations in our home. We positively know this is happening. What can I do to block whatever he's using to hear us with? Help this is a major invasion of privacy.

Answer: You may be able to use a blocking device. However, if you know for sure, then you can also get proof that he's doing this so you can report him. Presumably, the only way you can know is if he is repeating things that you are saying. Get recordings.

Please read through all the Q&A on the page for more information.

Question: We believe our neighbor can somehow hear our conversations; they always seem to do things we are planning to do before us. We have had no interaction with for a good twenty years. We have always said they have our property bugged but how when they haven't been in our property for twenty years? Could the have a listening device in the property which could penetrate the walls?

Answer: It doesn't sound likely, but it depends how close your properties are and what your walls are made of. It is possible to buy amplified microphones that can pick up conversations, but would they have any reason for that?

My best guess is that you lead similar lives and are perhaps in the same age group. Then it is inevitable they are interested in the same things and places that you are.

Could I suggest you put your feelings aside and see if you can begin making conversation, even if it's just in passing?

Question: My neighbor next door seems to know a lot about people in the area, and I don't know how she gets her information. They aren't her friends, and I can't see any signs that they even know her. She also repeats things back to me that I have said inside my house to a visitor. Is there any way I can tell if she has a listening device that she can hear from a distance?

Answer: It would have to be inside your home. Or very, very close to it. It sounds to me as if she is an inveterate gossip. Test her by saying something made up, like you're going to get a dog or move house or something. In your house as if you are on the phone with someone. Only you will know what you said.

Question: How do I get a bug sweeping device?

Answer: You purchase one from a store or online store, such as Amazon.

Question: The people I live next door to share the same bathroom vent. When I shower they shower, when I use the toilet they are in there too. Why is this happening?

Answer: Are you certain that this is the case? There could be some kind of sound feedback which makes you think they are in their bathroom. If they are next door (as opposed to being above or below) they cannot possibly know when you are going into the bathroom.

Question: Our neighbor has floodlights and video cameras pointed at our yard and pool, not his own yard. Every single time we go outside he walks to his trash cans and stares at us. To the point that we are afraid to go outside by ourselves. What do we do about our creepy neighbor?

Answer: Have you tried talking to your neighbor? This is always the first course of action to resolve problems such as this. Your second course of action is to install privacy screens of some kind. The third course is to install your own cameras and floodlights pointing at his property. If you are renting, contact the agent and explain the situation. Also, consider moving away.

Question: Our neighbor watches our every move. He was convicted of assaulting me and lives right next door in a split level home that has a deck that overlooks our backyard, back door, and garage. I want to block his view. We put up a six ft. Solid fence but that is not tall enough to block his view from the deck. Growing bushes that tall is not an option. Our property lines and homes are less than 10 ft. apart. What are our options?

Answer: I can't really advise you about alterations to your home. You need to see if anyone in the neighborhood has solved the problem, or even look on Pinterest for 'garden privacy' or 'privacy fence'.

Question: The neighbors living above my flat are listening and watching me. My TV and other devices are being interfered with. Is there a spy deflector which would jam the frequency to prevent the above from happening?

Answer: Note: the original question has been edited for brevity. The questioner reported that her neighbors seem to be mocking her.

Remember that men living in apartments do tend to laugh a lot and raucously. And they can only interfere with your TV if it is Bluetooth or wifi enabled. Check your connections and make sure your devices are only connected to your own router.

My advice is to determine if this is happening, and if so, collect proof. Get yourself a cheap bug detector and look for hidden cameras. If you find anything, go to the police. If you are living in rented accommodation, report your findings to the landlord as well. Also, think about moving. This is not good for your wellbeing at all.

Question: What do I do when your neighbors are constantly watching you because they're suspicious about drugs being sold?

Answer: There's not much you can do. Something must have aroused their suspicion. See if you can remember what it was and then go and talk to them.

Question: My neighbors have both audio and visual surveillance on me, through walls, it is very intrusive and is causing mental stress. What are my neighbors using to surveil me and how can I stop this?

Answer: Your neighbors can't have visual surveillance of you unless they have installed cameras in your home. It's not possible to see through walls. You need to collect proof, by finding the devices, photographing them in situ, and recording any conversations you have with your neighbors. Then you can alert the authorities/police.

More information here:

Question: I live in Germany and I have a neighbor upstairs. Wherever I walk she follows me. When I am in the bathroom, she is in hers. When I am sitting she is sitting exactly where I sit. She is sitting before I go bed but she's not going to sleep. I don't know how she hears us. She knows what we talk about. I think she might have a listening device. How can I stop her?

Answer: I am wondering how you know these things. It must be difficult to tell if she is sleeping or not. There is a lot of advice given in the article above, and some people have asked similar questions.

This article may also help you:

Question: I have a neighbor who I do not know--he’s a complete stranger to me. Every single time I go outside he’s there, watching me. When he sees me looking at him, he goes back around the corner and hides... then keeps poking his head out to see if I’m still there. He does this constantly, mostly at night. Why is he doing this? I don’t have a clue who this person is.

Answer: It sounds as though he has mental health issues. If you are concerned for your safety, go to the local police and report him. It's possible that if someone in authority has a quiet word with him, this behavior will cease.

Question: My neighbor knows my every move. I told my cousin that I was craving scones and clotted cream, and no more than 40 minutes later, my neighbor was at my door with scones and clotted cream. I took a trip to Stonehenge, and who do I see looking through the rocks across from me? My neighbor. What should I do?

Answer: Scan your home for listening devices and cameras. Try your best to get proof. For instance, record some specific chat between you and someone else, and then when your neighbor comes to call, make sure you record the conversation with him. If he repeats what you said privately, or reacts to it as in the example you gave, then go to the police and emphasize how scared you are.

This article may be helpful:

Question: My neighbour across the street mimics what I do. I wash my car, he washes his car at the same time. I plant my flowers, he does too. I paint my shutters blue, he paints his the same colour. He invited me over for tea and the inside of his home is exactly like mine. Same couches. Same spoons. Same clocks. Why would this be? How do I know if he is spying?

Answer: That's an odd thing. However, you'd have to be able to prove he'd been on your property (which he must have). Perhaps think about installing a mini CCTV camera (or two). Otherwise, you'll just have to accept that he's rather eccentric and fond of your style.

Question: What are my rights if I believe that I am being watched? I live alone, and have heard a man. I have recorded his voice. And believe he is using a voice distortion app. I'm too scared to go to the police because he sounds threatening. I'm really scared.

Answer: Have you seen this man? Can you get a photo? Are you sure you are actually being watched or is it a feeling? In most cases that feeling is false.

You have to take the evidence and go to the police. That's your only choice. You can either carry on being scared out of your wits, or you can take positive action.

Question: I live with my grandfather in a mobile home community, he owns his home. I'm not on the lease so I'm not supposed to be living here. The neighbors across the street are reporting to the community when my car is here and how much I visit etc. What can I do about this?

Answer: This is something you and your grandfather will have to deal with. It's not about being spied upon without your knowledge. If you are breaking the community rules, you will have to find a solution.

Question: My neighbor behind my home is very strange. He wants to take my dog into his house, and every time my grandmother and I take a walk, he looks like he is following us. Every time we turn the curb, he peeps through the bushes. Why is that?

Answer: You could ask him outright if he is watching you, and also ask him why he is so interested in your dog. Personally, I would tell him to back off or I'll report him to the police.

Question: My neighbor has a camera and has it pointed towards us most of the time. I see her watching us through the window. I don't know if there's anything I can do about it. She's always threatening to call the cops for no reason just because I'm outside on MY property. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: Filling from her own property is not usually against the law, so there's not much you can do about that. Try filming her in full view from your own property. If she threatens to call the police then tell her to do so. If nothing changes, ignore her. Don't let her invade your thoughts.

Question: My landlord has told me and sent me text messages of the times I come in and out of my apartment. She has also gone through my trash and questions who I bring over. She has video and pictures of me walking in and out. What can I do about this issue? Is it considered spying?

Answer: You have to make a choice: collect evidence of her spying on you or move out.

Question: Three nights I averted near break-ins via my balcony. They watch me in the shower, on the toilet, while sleeping, and follow me around my apartment with phone apps. They've have read every e-mail, text, note, etc. while I'm typing them. They have been relentless. I've gotten management involved, which has to go through a chain of command before they can litigate. My attorney and I are ready to take legal action, but waiting. What can I do in the meantime to thwart their harassing?

Answer: Your attorney should be able to advise you regarding measures you can take. There may be some extra information here:

Question: I see my neighbours with torches pointing directly to my windows. I tell my mum to close the curtains but she says no, and when she turns on the light my neighbours turn off their torches. They start laughing or talking in their different languages. Sometimes when I am watching TV one of the neighbours calls all their family members to see what I am doing. Sometimes they come to my house and tell me things they shouldn't know about. What should I do?

Answer: You have to ask your mother for a serious chat. You have to tell her that these things are bothering you and ask her to help you. If she refuses to listen, then you have to speak to another adult you can trust. If it means you have to break down and cry, then do so. You have to get people to take notice. Meanwhile, can't you close the curtains yourself?

Question: My neighbor's bathroom light goes on and off at the same time as mine at night, no matter what time it is. What could this mean?

Answer: There could be an electrical problem and your homes are running off the same circuit. Get someone in to check and mention it to your neighbor.

Question: I live in a trailer community and the young man across the street knows everyone's business and tells everyone's business to others. We tell him to go home but he is always watching us..(my house and my two neighbors) when we come home he is running into our driveways to tell us about something he heard on the news..this is getting annoying what do we do?

Answer: Be nice to him. He sounds as though he's on the autistic spectrum and he's trying to be friendly. You don't have to share any personal information with him.

Question: I recently inherited a duplex after my mother passed. Its a family home and my aunt and her oldest son still live next door. Lately they have taken to listening through our connecting walls and then going and tell other neighbors and friends what they hear or think they hear us talking about. Is this harassment and if so what do I do to protect my family?

Answer: Firstly, approach your aunt, explain to her that you are aware of her activities and ask her to stop. Tell her you don't want to cause bad feeling, but you cannot have her and her son invading your privacy in this way. Be reasonable but firm. Secondly, consider lining the adjoining walls with soundproofing, or bookcases, or whatever, in order to prevent them hearing you.

Question: My neighbors have a listening device so they can hear me in my home, what can I do?

Answer: Firstly you need to prove that this is the case. Make up some stuff and have a fake telephone conversation about something you intend to do. Make it up. If that is repeated back to you, you know they are genuinely listening to you. I go into more detail about this method in the article.

Speak to them and ask why they think it's okay to do this. Use some counteractive measures - soundproof your home, if you can. Play loud music. Be as boring as possible so they lose interest in your activities. Follow the advice given in the article regarding how to deal with them.

Question: A neighbor of mine, who lives alone, hangs out in his car by himself for hours at a time at night. Right now, 11:30 at night, he has his seat all the way back and he is reclined there. His window is open and there is no radio playing. He is not on the phone. He does this all the time. He's a big man. I’m a woman living alone. Should I be worried?

Answer: If he's not bothering you, then it's fine. He may be wearing Bluetooth earbuds. Maybe reclining in his car seat is the most comfortable place for him. My own mother jokes about reading in her car on her drive in winter as it gets nice and warm when the sun is out. People do all kinds of things that may seem unconventional to others. It doesn't mean they are a threat. You could try greeting him and just mentioning you noticed him in the car late at night. I bet he gives you a perfectly rational explanation.

Question: Shielding our property from neighbors is tricky because they have two story windows 20-feet from the fence What can I do besides planting bushes or trees that take quite a long time to grow? I am very upset that my privacy is being violated with cameras and dealing with someone who doesn't like their view!

Answer: Nice tall privacy screens would fix that:

And there are tons of ideas on Pinterest:

Question: I'm a young female. My neighbor is about 33, and I'm pretty sure he does not want to ensure my safety. What might be the reason/s behind my neighbor's unusual behavior?

Answer: It's not possible to state the reasons for your neighbor's behavior. What you need to do is tell your parents what he's doing. As I don't know what form this behavior is taking, you should know he is not responsible for your safety. He is, however, responsible for his own actions and if you find them uncomfortable or disturbing, give him a wide berth and stay right away from him.

Question: My neighbor has bugged my house or is listening to me somehow, as they have given me a consistent indication, how can I protect my privacy?

Answer: There may be a solution for you on this page:

You can determine for sure if they are listening to you by having some 'test' conversations. For example, speak about getting a dog, or going somewhere on vacation, or that you are considering getting a room-mate. Make sure it is completely untrue but very specific. If that information is repeated back to you, then you know they can hear you. You can repeat this technique a few times. If nothing is said, then you know they aren't listening.

Question: Can my neighbor hear what I'm saying by somehow connecting to my phone?

Answer: It's possible, but it's more likely he has a mid range listening device. Have a look at this article; there are many suggestions there to help you:

Question: I used to live in an apartment building. I recently moved to a cabin outside. If neighbors have lights on at night (living room and or bedroom), does it mean they're spying? I am very sensitive regarding my privacy. This renders me unable to do certain things when feeling watched.

Answer: No, if their lights are in they cannot see outside. Try it yourself. You can only get a decent view from your home when your own lights are off. It's very normal for people to have their lights on at night. You don't need to worry.

Question: My neighbor knows my schedule somehow. I go to my room, someone drives by - caught on my cameras (always same cars). Later they show up in front of harassing neighbor's house. I work from home, change my schedule a lot and they still know when I go outside and everything going on in my life. They know when I have an appointment etc. I need help. What can I do to find out how they know my schedule? I work from home and go out at different times daily.

Answer: You don't say what it is that is causing the problem. Cars drive by, cars park. If your neighbor is causing problems for you like coming onto your property, abusing you, tormenting you, causing damage, etcetera, then you have recourse to report them to the police. Collect evidence by photographing or filming the behavior. Otherwise what you describe doesn't sounds like harassment.

Question: My neighbour has put her outside dining table as close to my back door and garden path as it is feasible for her to do. There is a large hedge in between us but she sits there constantly complaining about my every move and if I step into the garden she complains I am not giving her any privacy. I can't water my flowers, do gardening or even just sit out without hearing a running commentary about my movements. Any advice please?

Answer: I could give you plenty of advice of what to say to your neighbor but I don't think it would be allowed. If it's possible, erect a fence on your side of the hedge. If not, then I would simply go about your business and ignore her, taking great satisfaction in doing so. I would also be playing music from just inside my back door - not all the time, but for at least an hour a day. If she complains about it, tell her you need to drown out her endless chuntering.

Question: The neighbor has been caught on my security camera handling and taking pictures of packages addressed to me about three times. Who can I report this to? I assume this is a crime.

Answer: If your neighbor is on your property then it certainly is a crime. Report it to the police - make sure you have the video evidence to show them. Without it, they can't do anything.

Question: I live in an apartment building on a quiet street. My neighbor across the hall, always comes by to bring me my mail and borscht if he makes it. I haven't eaten the soup because I think it contains spy serum. There is just something up with this man. I throw out the soup outside of the apartment because I don't know if there are bugging devices in the soup. What do I do? I am scared.

Answer: Have a word with your neighbor and explain that you have developed an allergy to beetroot. Tell him that you have, in fact, developed some food allergies and have to oversee your food intake.

Please know that there is no spy serum or bugging devices in the soup. He's trying to be kind.

Question: How does my neighbor know my schedule which I have changed several times in three months when I work from home?

Answer: Perhaps they see you coming home or leaving your property. It's difficult because you don't say what your neighbor is doing that bothers you. If they are simply appearing on the street, on their porch, or looking out of the window, then they are perfectly entitled to do so. You can only report them if they are harassing you verbally or physically, coming onto your property, or causing damage of some kind. Just being outside at the same time as you is not a crime.

Question: A tenant in my building sits in her car 18 hours a day watching everyone. Cars being keyed...what can we do?

Answer: If you have evidence of criminal damage, go to the police. However, there's nothing you can do about her sitting in her own car - that's not against the law.

Question: The neighbours above me keep waking me up with low frequency base noise about 15 to 20 times a night. When I wake up and roll on my back the man shouts abuse. Any idea what I can do about this?

Answer: Try some of the suggestions given in the article. If you have a mutual landlord, then report the abuse to them. Consult your local bylaws about noise nuisance and record the sounds and shouting, then report to the relevant authorities.

Question: My downstairs neighbor has been spying on me for at least 8 months. She sprays a disgusting smell into my room! I can't do anything without her hearing. They even listen to me have sex. She follows me around from room to room, holding something that vibrates under my feet. I'm trying to move. In the meantime, what can I do about my spying neighbor?

Answer: I would suggest you ignore her existence and live your life as normally as possible until you move. Do not be intimidated. Play loud music, dance, walk heavily around your apartment. Make her life as miserable as she is making yours.

Question: I know my next door neighbor is recording my music and conversations, I can hear it after I have everything shut off. The walls are not insulated. I have been verbally abused and threatened by his girlfriend. I am elderly and disabled. What are my legal rights?

Answer: I don't know where you are, so I can't tell you what your legal rights are in respect of your neighbors. My advice is to get proof somehow, you have to record the recordings. Keep a log book of every incident. Then go to the police. Also, try any local charities that offer advice to people. In the UK, we have something called the 'Citizens Advice Bureau'. There may be a similar organization where you are. You may be able to get some help with soundproofing your home.

Question: I’m getting harassed by my neighbors, what kind of device would allow somebody to talk to you and hear you at the same time?

Answer: A phone will allow someone to talk to you and listen to you. And a cell phone is easy to hack. Not sure if that's what you mean. I doubt if your neighbors are broadcasting directly into your home There would have to be a hidden speaker somewhere. If you can hear something, it should be easy to locate where it is coming from.

Question: Living in government housing... are my rights void? Can they legally spy on me? If not, what can I do?

Answer: No, they cannot legally spy on you if they are violating your privacy. Get proof, as suggested in the article, and go to the police.

Question: My neighbors always know details about me. Last summer I tasered the man while he was reaching into my window at night. They are up 24/7. I bought an IR and lens detector which confirmed at least three cameras. Every time I try to locate the signal they alter it so I cant find it. I have contacted the police. On fixed incomes. My current 4 channel system died and have 8 channel ordered. Last night they disabled my wireless.They keep moving the cameras and lights. What can I do?

Answer: First of all, you must get some kind of proof that you can take to the police. Presumably, your cameras must have captured some video of your neighbors interfering with your property. Make sure the police are shown the footage. When scanning for devices, make sure no one can see into your home. Hang blankets up at the windows, if you have to.

There are additional suggestions here:

Question: If someone has an order of protection against me, but they harass and threaten me, what can I do legally?

Answer: You have to contact a lawyer who is familiar with law in your state/country. I am in the UK, so I cannot advise you on legal matters even if I were qualified to do so.

Question: Our neighbour is a tenant and relative of our landlord and is reporting our movements both outside and inside (visible through windows), visitors, and overheard conversations. It was confirmed when my landlord told someone right in front of me to at our recent tribunal dispute. I said, "Excuse me? What was that?" He put his hand up in my face said "I am not talking to you." What can I do about this situation?

Answer: I suggest that you move to another home. Unless they are gaining unlawful access or obstructing you, there's nothing you can do because it is not illegal for your neighbor to tell your landlord what s/he sees and hears in the normal course of daily life.

Question: Can I record coworkers spraying something that gives me asthma?

Answer: Of course. Although that hasn't got anything to do with the topic of neighbors spying. You could approach your employers and ask them to intervene.

Question: My neighbour and I have linked garages, there is no dividing fence. She has no car but sits outside it, and from six feet away watches my every move as I get in and out of my car. Is this too close?

Answer: No, if she's on her own property, she is entitled to look at whomever she likes. She might be a nosy neighbor with too much time on her hands, but she's not spying on you. Wave and say 'hello'. It's always good to connect with your neighbors.

Question: I have no credibility whatsoever because I have been in state hospital for bipolar depression and have attempted suicide more than once. A group of neighbors are researching illegal drug use and sexuality. They have invaded my home and spied on me. What can I do?

Answer: As I say to most people, you have to collect proof. Install a security camera or two. Take photos. Keep a detailed diary of incidents. With irrefutable proof you stand a better chance of getting help from the police.


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 16, 2020:

Exelee, this won't count as a record. Anyone can post anything on the internet. Your log of precise dates and times of the harassment is much better as proof. Also, record him shouting at you. Every time. Back up the phone recordings onto a pen drive or similar and make sure each recording correlates with an entry in your log.

Consult a lawyer, if you can. There are people who can help you. If there's nothing anyone can do, then consider moving. Meanwhile, play music loudly and let him shout all he likes.

Exelee Anderson on August 15, 2020:

I have a neighbor that is spying on me 24 hours a day 7 days a week I'm aware of it the neighbors are aware of it because of the remarks that he makes he is also followed me in a vehicle and follows me in my vehicle supposedly he has ESP that he uses negatively instead of for Positive Purpose for his own deviant purposes and constantly makes remarks about me in the bathroom screaming turn off the water when I turn on the water for my shower making remarks about me when I'm cooking in the kitchen about what I'm doing and to let him see he has extreme psychopathic characteristics he yells in the morning for me to wake up when I'm sleeping I have to sleep with earbuds in order to sleep to drown out his remarks I am harassed severely 24 hours 7 days a week and it is cause extreme mental anguish emotional distress and damage permanently I have kept detailed records of dates and times he invasion of privacy on my phone my email and personal records and HIPAA records I am documenting this so I will have another record that is going viral this is a true fact and I have 20 years experience as an officer and I would not lie this is a nightmare I'm living a nightmare I have filed police reports and they do nothing I also have a state record on file and medical professionals who also have information of said incident

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 02, 2020:

Hi Lashay, you need to collect proof by taking your own photos and keeping a detailed record of all incidents. Once you have got a fair amount, you can take it to the police.

Lashay101 on August 02, 2020:

So recently I’ve been getting stalked for about 5 years now, by multiple people I’ve been to school with and more people I don’t even know of. They record me through cameras (I’ve heard) they take pictures of me & literally show everyone

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 25, 2020:

Hi Frances,

The problem is that the police often don't have enough evidence to act. Also sometimes the harassment is so subtle it cannot be proved. Lastly, if the stalker has an otherwise clean record, they can turn the tables and make a counter-accusation.

Each case is different. My own stalker got arrested breaking into my home... unfortunately for him, I'd already moved out. He was given a five year restraining order but carried on making his silent calls for years. They aren't always compliant.

Glad you got yours sorted.

Francis on June 25, 2020:


All the steps your giving out about someone stalking you, you dont have to go through all that. When i got stalked by my exboyfriend / roommate i took 1 step CALLED THE POLICE who arrested him and he had to pay a $10,000 bond. I called and told the Police & FBI my ex and roomate has a IOU to the IRS of $10,000. They picked my ex on his job. Where he was put back in jail until court date 3 months. He jumbed bail where i never have heard from him again

I know all cases are not this easy and some states dont have stalking or hassment laws.

So when you fear for your life or your pray and put your faith in the Lord.

As he says "I am with you until the the

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 13, 2020:

Good idea, TFP. It would still be worth locating the devices if you are able to. So sorry you and others here are going through this. It's the last thing people need right now.

TFP on June 13, 2020:

Hi Bev, since the people above me are using a type of listening device i opted to play low frequency noise to disrupt the invasion of my families privacy.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 13, 2020:

Hi TFP, you need to follow the advice given in this article:

It will explain how to locate such devices and remove them. Once you have them, take them to the police as evidence.

TFP on June 12, 2020:

Hi, I just need some advice on how to handle my neighbors above me. They are listening to me and my family. i had tested this to see if it were true i had gone into my bathroom and whispered " i told the FBI of your illegal activity", the reaction was instant and sounded panicked. i then overheard my words discussed among them. How did they hear me when i whispered what i said? I am further convinced that they are using a type of listening device.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on May 30, 2020:

Hi TG, you haven't said how you are being spied on or how you were made aware of it. Is it possible to move to another area?

TG on May 30, 2020:

Counter intelligence. I have done the cameras, got IP addresses. Done bug sweeps. Background checks. Attorney consult. Got CAD # from my local police reports I have made. What else should be done. I just want my privacy back!

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on May 28, 2020:

Hi Stella, sorry I can't help you with this. You already know more than I do.

How did you come to the conclusion that they are spying/monitoring you?

Have you tried approaching the neighbors and asking them directly why they are interested in you?

Stella, The Netherlands on May 28, 2020:

Can you help me? (I haven't seen any posts about software, but I hope you might know more than I do.)

I've stopped wondering why and after phoning shops I didn't know existed about detection devices and having searched and searched the internet, I'm almost certain what software is being used by my neighbors.

I've found 2 articles by researchers of the University of Washington about CovertBand software and it seems to fit the bill. However, both articles were published in 2017 and I wonder if you know of more recent publications or perhaps you have some other suggestions.

I live in a small apartment and it all started with sleep deprivation (by the way I'm the only operson targeted). I won't go into furter details at this moment in time.

Even if I'm right, proving anything is another matter.

Most scary is that the neighbors might disconnect and restart the software at some later date and also scary is that the neighbors and/or the software are/is becoming smarter.

However, from experience I now know that CovertBand software should never ever be misused and I'll keep on trying to find answers.

I really hope you can help me.

Kind regards.

(I've shortened the text as much as possible.)

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 27, 2020:

Good advice, KHK. A little chat might be all it takes to clear up suspicion.

KHK on April 27, 2020:

First of all, I'd say there is not a need to panic right away.

It may just be harmless. Maybe the neighbor just likes you and doesn't really know how to make the first move (or might be to shy to do so) ?

A casual small talk can reveal a lot and maybe he or she ain't no bad person at all.

Of course, if you have a strong suspicion that something creepy is going on you'll have to take your precautions.

However, stay cool and don't let fear dictate your day or everyday doings.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 21, 2020:

Hi MB,

If there are electronic devices, then you should be able to track them down and use them as proof. Take photos of them in situ before removing and disabling them. More info here:

In my view, the best thing you can do is move to another home.

M.B. on April 20, 2020:

From Belgium: I live in a quite od house whoich got VERY THIN ceilings. The woman living right above me is since I moved in CONSTANTLY checking out on me what I am doing,where in the habitation I am doing it and so on. The local police is willingly ignoring that problem. I assume that the landlord,who is a total psychopathic man, an ex-military who is obsess by the will to control everything,to manipulate everybody if this person is not doing what he wants.This man has criminal energy.-I aasume that this landlord has given the dirty job of stalking on me to that woman who lives right above me. This woman is a pensionär,she stays at home all day, and her character is as a stinky garbage-ton (she is a liar,she is deceiving,she is doing everything for money and for getting advantages, she is taking black-money and so on. So:All fits together.

I am very sure that along the carpet right baove me are used illegally technical devices for eavesdropping. Together with the fact that the ceilings are very thin already,they can hear EVERYTHING!!! Only in order to use my toilet I need to let the radio in the bathroom play VERY LOUD for masking the noises. What can I do to at least protect myself against the listening-in-devices which are used against me? Because I have rented the habitation (I donnot own it), I am not allowed to do everything.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 13, 2020:

Get proof, Marie. Then you can make a formal complaint. There are many suggestions in the article, the Q&A and the comments.

marie gordon on April 13, 2020:

i am 100% sure that i am being watched by neighbors in the apt complex that i am in. They are helping people here, who they contacted the powers that be in the town. The reason being because there could be a harassment claim, so they lied to them to make me look back. I am afraid for my life. Who can help me during this pandemic .

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 11, 2020:

Sorry, Flee, your comment is too long to post.Know that I have read it and sympathize with your predicament. If you have proof that all these devices have been planted in your home, then photograph them and go to the police. You should also bring in an IT expert who can advise regarding your wifi.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on March 25, 2020:

Hi DRN, you have to get proof and then take it to the police. Install spy cameras in your home if you think they are coming onto your property.

DRN on March 25, 2020:

Our whole neighbor family is bonkers spy always doors open and sitting and watching us. We have seen them glued to walls n doors to hear our conversation. Our movements and schedules are tracked. Our kid is home confined as I .My spouse says nothing can b done about the nuisance family. Our emails and phones act crazy and it's for sure our house is bugged. There have been robberies in our house (expensive stuff,our clothes,footwear etc).The whole family has that crooked weird look always.All this when they have been ignored by us since we moved.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 02, 2020:

Hi Deborah,

You haven't said how you are being monitored, and how you know it. The police won't do anything unless you have proof to show them.

Deborah on February 02, 2020:

Before moving and I showed the property manager experience I was having at the prior Apartments she seemed very general stating that she would help me upon moving into the unit I found that I was being monitored I let it go for about a month and then I wouldn't toast nothing has been done it's been over 6 months and they still are honoring I want you to police they said there's nothing they can do tomorrow, news station what else do you suggest

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 23, 2020:

FAO Eileen, Sorry to hear your issues, Eileen. I couldn't approve your comment as this article is specifically about neighbors. However, you might find some useful information on the link I have offered to others here.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 13, 2019:

Amber, there are many tips in the comments and questions sections that can help you.

You can also visit:

Amber Centore on December 13, 2019:

I have neighbors stalking me they following me everywhere i think they hacking my phone and getting in some sort of speaker using my phone how can I prove this it has been going on for 5 months i don't know what to do

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 13, 2019:

Alana, hold a specific conversation about something that is made up. So, something like you are planning a vacation to an exotic destination, or you are thinking of breeding rabbits or anything that's a bit weird.

When that comes back to you, you will know for sure. Record yourself having the conversation as well.

Then follow the advice given in the following article to learn how to rid your home, car and phone of spy devices:

Alana on December 13, 2019:

How can i prove that my one nosy neighbor has been listening to us particularly me. She has been spreading nasty rumors around town to make me look terrible and recording my conversations and sending them to another nosy jealous cow. They seem to get pleasure from my torment i have had enough. How can i get proof.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 06, 2019:

Hi Lois,

Try Amazon :)

There are also some tips here:

Lois on December 06, 2019:

Where can I purchase a bug sweeping device? I truly believe that my neighbor is listening inside our home. This has been going on for 10 years. I am at my wits end. Please any advice will be appreciated.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on November 30, 2019:

Hi Dave, OK, well you don't actually know what they are doing because you aren't in the room with them. It's very possible that they being 'sat in silence and recording your calls' is not what is actually happening.

At the moment you have gifted your neighbors your own personal power. You are structuring your life and behavior around them. If you can prove they are recording your calls, then go to the police, otherwise live your life as if they weren't there.

Dave on November 29, 2019:

My upstairs neighbours are sat in silence, listening to my every move and are recording my telephone calls. i don't have any privacy and they have 2 friends come round every day that stay for hours and even late into ht night. As soon as i get up out of my chair all conversations upstairs stop and all ears on me. They are making me ill and they know it.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on November 03, 2019:

Yes, if they are on your property, Karen. If they aren't then make sure you install secure privacy screens, blinds or drapes.

Karen Randall on November 03, 2019:

Is it illegal for my neighbour to look through my bedroom window


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 17, 2019:

There are such devices, but the best way to find out is to test it by saying something untrue, like you've booked a cruise vacation or that a relative is coming to live with you.

If that 'information' is repeated back to you, then you know that someone is listening. Don't forget that the most common method is via a cell phone app.

Giselle Clark on October 16, 2019:

Can a listening device be used from inside a neighbor's home which is approximately 200 feet away to listen inside my home? I have concern that this action is going on. If this is possible, is there a detection device to prove this?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 11, 2019:

Dora, you need to contact the police. I'm sure they would be interested if you reported a meth lab.

Dora on September 10, 2019:

I believe that I'm being not only stalked but in every since of the way video recorded while I'm in my own home and while I'm sleeping and doing everything...I not only have moved due to these issues and they've just followed me but now I have an idea of who is doing this to me. But now It's gotten worse, my landlord sold out to a realtor and the maintenance man is very buddy buddies with the people who I think are involved in doing this. Now here's where things get more scary for myself, every since I have moved above them I have heard someone walking around in the attic and no this is not an animal I can tell when the weight is that of a person as opposed to an animal. And now I'm also smelling meth yes you heard me say it meth and one of the maintenance men also smelled it while inside my home working, I asked him if he smelled it and he said Yes. I think that the main maintenance guy is involved in all of this because he was right before all of this talking with the man who I think is involved in breaking into my house and video recording me and well God only knows what else to me. But here's the screwed up thing there are so many people involved in this I just don't know who to turn to or trust anymore about this. And It's gotten to the point where I'm in fear of my own life.

R on August 18, 2019:

I’ve had this happen to me my lovely neighbor told me that he is keeping an eye on me 4 weeks into that nightmare his friend comes along with a bright spot light pointed at my home other neighbors who are aware tried to chase him down for his license plate. I’ve been followed but I lease my cars so that has not affected me that much I’ve always been polite to others and I’ll continue to be nice I’ve worked 2 jobs now down to one,

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 28, 2019:

Brenda, you should contact a TV/satellite engineer. They are the best people to ask about these issues. They will also be able to tell you if someone is interfering with your TV service.

Brenda k on July 28, 2019:

My upstairs neighbors were caught tampering with my satellite dish to interrupt the of signal to my receives to all 3 my TV's 8mths ago now they have resorted to using a device that works Thur the floors of their apt to turn off my TV's. I never cut my tvs off for security reasons. I've cut them down so low you can barely here them. they are just fixed on being able to control my TV's for their on amusement. what can I use to stop them form cutting off my TV's

Geraldine Davenport on April 24, 2019:

I have been reading some the posts, and have noticed things that people say, would have gotten you put in a mental ward, but I have most of the problems on the posts. Maybe, somebody will start to believe us now, because we can't all have the same nightmare. People should be jailed for spying and stalking.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 07, 2019:

Anonymous, you need proof. Gather evidence. Keep records as advised in the article.

Anonymous on April 07, 2019:

Either my back neighbor or side neighbor or bottom neighbor is always harassing us or spying on us and listens to everything. When I’m in my car,device,smart tv,at girlfriends apartment, etc. I know my girlfriend knows about it or who it is but is afraid to say anything or tell me. Need some help thanks.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on March 20, 2019:

I have no idea what to advise you, Jebediah. Perhaps you should bring the matter up at a community meeting?

Also, I am surprised that you say he is a 'friend'. If so, then ask him to desist.

Jebediah on March 20, 2019:

I have a kind of strange case. I live on a commune of sorts, we are all farmers, people of the soil. Recently, I've noticed that one of my friends, a fellow farmer, watches me from behind a tree at night. Every night before I go to bed I say goodnight to the moon and the stars. While I am performing this nightly ritual, I see this person peering out from behind a tree on our property. This person's gaze is intense and terrifying and this is affecting my sleep. People say it as a joke, but I do actually have to sleep with one eye open. I'm also not sure if this is related, but some of the small crops that I grow (carrots, kale) are destroyed in the morning. It looks like human intervention as I know the signs of animal destruction. Sometimes I even smell urine and I have found traces of fecal matter. This is extremely upsetting as our community is very tight knit. I am at a loss and heartbroken.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 31, 2019:

How do you know this, Jiva? What proof do you have?

Jiva on January 31, 2019:

I live at 3rd floor in a building where the opposite building which is very 1 feet distance...we can handshake with neighbors opposite building.We live very thin wall and thin window building.

Now the opposite building same floor neighbor is spying on me.

They tracks our every sound from our flat and hears our all conversation.

When I cook food... they become pin silent.. open their windows...

They already collected information what we eat,when we sleep what is our life it is getting creeper..

They make rumors about our life with other neighbors and local people.

We can understand when we talk with other neighbors.

What do we do ?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 21, 2019:

We have that... the noises are caused by birds. Gulls and corvids mostly. There would be no point in a device on the roof, it wouldn't be an effective location for it.

JustineCarrington on January 21, 2019:

The information provided was quite helpful Bev G. I am certain that one of my neighbors has a listening device on the roof of my house. For the past 12 years I have been hearing noises on my roof. The noises are comparable to throwing a huge stone on a roof. I also have observed that the noises are heard most when i am talking. Can you advise me on how to resolve this.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 05, 2019:

If you have proof of the existence of this device, you can report him for illegal bugging of your apartment.

Cynthia Krulikowski on January 05, 2019:

I have a neighbor who has a alarm system with a device to listen to other people's conversation in there apartment. Is there a device that will interfere so he cant listen to our conversations.

Jennifer Howard on December 16, 2018:

If we go outside on the back deck you can hear the neighbor close the door. I believe he has been listening to our personal conversations no matter day or night or the weather. Feel so violated.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 07, 2018:

Thank you, Siny.

Jacob from Delhi, India on December 07, 2018:

You have provided interesting information and very helpful for fellow hubbers.


Bev on November 19, 2018:

To Freda, if you think for one second I would allow you to post reams of people's personal identifying and contact details, you are sadly mistaken.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 12, 2018:

Jennifer, I can't help you. You are at the point where you need expert legal advice. Consult your attorney.

Good luck.

JenniferDelmont on October 12, 2018:

My neighbors constantly watch my family’s every move, to the point where they give my my daughter extreme anxiety. It’s to the point where where she doesn’t even want to walk by there house. They have left notes in my mailbox telling me I need to move to the mountains and find God and they have also done that with other neighbors. The few times I have spoke with them they have asked me on several occasions who’s car was parked in front of my house on this day at this time. They know the dates that visitors have been here the color and model and make of the cars of the visitors that I have had here. They also have asked me if my husband has sexually and physically abuse my daughter, they’ve had the audacity to ask if he’s a drug addict and if he sleeping with the neighbors. They are always peeking through their blinds every time we take her trash out go outside Etc. They’ve been notorious for looking through other people’s mailboxes and checking the mail that the neighbors receive. The neighbors that live directly across from them ended up having to put cameras out because they got sick of them constantly going through their mailbox. The few times I have spoke with them all they do is badmouth everybody in the neighborhood with their accusations of people being drug addicts and just basic bad mouthing. They feed our dogs rawhide bones that results and the dogs throwing up having diarrhea uncontrollably inside and outside of our home. My husband and I have politely asked them to not feed our dogs anything and yet they continue to do it. And my daughter overheard my husband and I talking about that, and how it seems like there are poisoning our dogs; so my 10-year-old left a note on their patio asking them again please not to feed our dogs and they proceeded to call the cops on my 10-year-old for leaving a letter on their doorstep even though they have been known to leave anonymous letters to not only to my family but other neighbors in the neighborhood. Now we have to go to court because I called the cops on them for yelling at the top of their lungs in front of all the children getting off of the school bus and their parents about my husband being a pedophile and a user on top of being a drug addict. Obviously these are false accusations and slander. Now they had cameras pointed directly at our house that they turn on every single time my husband and I go check the mail take the trash out or just hang out outside to enjoy the weather. My husband is 100% disabled and one of the ladies threatened him with physical violence and continue to slander and badmouth him any chance they get. I was wondering if this is considered illegal or invasion of privacy or something along the lines of that. In two days they called the cops on us three times. The first one they tried to accuse my husband of domestic abuse against me which the cop said obviously there was no signs of domestic abuse. I did call the cops on them when they stood outside and slandered my husband not only in front of my daughter but all of our neighbors and we ended up getting a disorderly conduct ticket disorderly conduct tickets. The police officer asked if we would be willing to do a free mediation to sort this out my husband and I agreed but they did not so now we have court and I just wanna know if there is some sort of restraining order we could put against them because it’s to the point where we feel like our every move is being watched and we have no privacy. Our landlords have had the same issues when they lived here and now they want to sell the house due to the situation now we have to move. Is there anything we can do to prove that we are innocent in this or what other steps of action we can take? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. We do live in the state of Colorado so I don’t know if it varies state to state but like I said before any input on the situation would be helpful. The summons my husband received was a disorderly conduct 1A in the state of Colorado. Which I also don’t understand why he received it when I am the one who called the cops .

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 07, 2018:

You can film/record anything in a public place or on your own property. Collect evidence of the harassment and take it to the police.

Roses4ever on September 06, 2018:

My upstairs neighbor(s) follow me from room to room throughout my apartment when I'm home. When I'm sitting on the stall, someone from upstairs starts to constantly flush their toilet right above my bathroom. This also, happens when I'm showering and blow-drying my hair. They're listening to my every move. If I stay up late, they stay in the same room listening and then follow me to me bedroom as I head to my bedroom for the night. Someone stays up listening. Also, upstairs neighbor kept knocking hard on their upstairs wall that right below one of our bedrooms in an attempt to wake us. This was ongoing. Apartment are in great condition and not in need of repairs as I checked with management. Management said, the could be having sex for all we know, that I can prove nothing! Also, lots of ongoing phone calls on both cells and home phones. Also, they listen as to when I leave my apartment. As soon as I leave my apartment, clusters of cars start coming down the street the crosses my apartment parking lot and cars start to follow me where-ever I go. I suspect tenant upstairs is given someone heads up when I leave my apart. Also, I'm constantly being watched when I leave my apartment to go throw the trash out or get my mail....coincidentally, someone comes out immediately, stands in front of their bldg watching or come and throw trash our and goes to the mail room pretty much about the same time and immediately after I do. Neighbor across from me has been coming out frequently at the exact same time as myself from my unit and when I get home and I'm parking he's right out front of our apartment building just watching as I park etc. Property management has done nothing about my situation. Police have not helped either. I'm also, now being falsely accused of something I didn't do that was stated on a notice left on my doorway. I'm definitely being harassed/stalked. What can I do? I don't know, if it's legal or not to take photos as evidence or if I can use my video camera while I'm parking or leaving my parking lot? Please advise. I do have a legal background but, not sure on this topic. I'm a good law abiding citizen and try to get along with everyone but, I feel like I living around demons. I believe I'm a victim of community gang stalking. Also, my cell phone batteries get drained quickly. I've had to do a factory reset on phone. Every time I called the police for help, my stalking has intensified. I'm doing all I can to move out asap. Thanks for your help.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 22, 2018:

Get yourself a lawyer, Dre. Or at least find someone who can give you legal advice. Check up what the trespassing laws are in your county. Good luck.

Dre on June 22, 2018:

My neighbors are trying to steal land that isn't theirs.And they also blocked the main road by putting a boat and a fence and the road and they also put up a private road sign and I have 7.5 acres that I can't get too. They started out weird acting to me bringing food to my house everyday and night poping up not calling or anything if u was in the yard they was in your yard too running over. I didn't need anything but they did so why buy me food? She thought that I wasn't home one day because she didn't see a vehicle and was turning and twisting my door knob trying to get in my house so i waited to see what else she was going to do in she parked her vehicle by my bedroom window and started washing her car. And that was the finale straw I asked her what was she doing her response was i didn't know anyone was home I was in shock. So I went and purchased some private property signs. And she went crazy after that what to do.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on March 13, 2018:

Didn't read the whole article then, Michael? So it's okay for you to be up at 2am, but not for them? Maybe they were just enjoying the peace. They do have every right to sit on their own porch without fear of abuse.

Michael on March 12, 2018:

This article sounds like its blaming the neighbor who is being watched, and not the nosey turd neighbor who has ZERO life of their own and nothing else better to do.

Perhaps the neighbor that is nosey should seek mental counseling.

These neighbors are just busy bodies who need to be told directly to fck off. Thats what I did and they went out of their way to avoid me after that. My life became less stressful.

I had neighbors that would look outside every time I brought groceries in, every time I would take my dog out, anytime I would open my garage and take out my other vehicle, basically any time they saw me come out.

They had nothing better to do and were likely sociopaths. They would be up seemingly at ALL hours. I would get up to take my dog out at 2AM and they would be outside just sitting, at noon if I would come home for lunch they would be outside sitting, at 5 when I would get home...its like the losers never slept and basically didn't have a damn job but to pester people.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 21, 2017:

Hi Erick, thank you. It's all in the past now and I never let myself be a victim. I kept records, I made regular trips to the police with evidence and eventually they had enough to act. The guy was eventually arrested breaking into my apartment, which luckily I had just vacated that weekend. All is well. xx

Ivan Hernandez on October 21, 2017:

I wanted to comment on your article yesterday, but my PS3 won't let me do it.

I wanted to defend you yesterday, because you were a victim of stalking. More women are victims of stalking than men. That commenter was very rude to you. Good thing you deleted his comment.

You speak from experience and are very wise in the ways of keeping your sanity, even while you are constantly being stalked.

I read some of your article. I didn't read all of it; just enough to know that I love your article. It's pure perfection. I'm sorry you're a stalking victim. I wish I could help.

Richard Green from New Mexico on October 19, 2017:

Well, now that you mention it, we haven't rewarded our neighbors properly and my husband has been making wine. I'll get the camera set up first, though.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 19, 2017:

So funny! Of course I'll approve it - there's nothing that can't be improved with a little humour. I hope you pay something for that free entertainment - like the occasional chocolate cake or bottle of home-made wine!

Richard Green from New Mexico on October 19, 2017:

I love this article! We have these neighbors we spy on, but they are just hypnotically entertaining when they get inebriated and do yard work with power tools.

We don't hide and watch like real stalkers. We just stand on our front porch and make bets on what crazy thing they will do next. We know it is wrong to gawk at them, but we almost can't look away. Last weekend they felled a tree directly onto their fence. You can't buy that kind of entertainment, and we don't even have to leave home to see it.

I think I will take your advice and install a camera so we don't miss anything!

PS: I will understand if you don't approve this comment. I like to say hello even if I haven't anything sentient to write;). I don't mean to make light of something as creepy as stalking.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 19, 2017:

I agree, Jeanette. Unfortunately many people are either unaware, or not bothered about the idea of sharing every aspect of their lives on social media.

Jeanette Harris from 11996 Valley Falls Loop Spring Hill Florida, 34609 on October 19, 2017:

I also think people should take responsibility to protect privacy like don't post your private on facebook or any social media