What is Your Personality Type? Type A, B, C or D?

Updated on June 13, 2016
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What Does your Personality Say About You?

When it comes to human beings and their personalities there are a lot of key factors that come into play. A major factor in getting to know one's self is to know his or her distinct, unique personality type.

A little history

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The theory of personality types A and B can be dated back to the 1950s when researchers believed that people with certain traits were at higher risk of developing certain sicknesses, illness, and or diseases. The theory has since been disproven however some truth may remain in the original theory of personality as the traits exhibited by certain personality types are in fact often stress related. As we all know stress is a large factor in one's health.

That said now-a-days the theory of personality is used more widely by psychologists, college professors, career centers and as employee screenings. It is no longer used as a diagnostic tool, the personality tests are now used as a tool of understanding. Let's get down to it....shall we?

A low score indicates a type B personality and a high score indicates a type A. Scoring values are 35 - 380 for reference purposes.

Type A - "I'm late, I'm late....."

Type A Charateristics

Your catch phrase could be "I'm late, I'm late......"

Type A individuals are multitasking, ambitious, proactive, organized and status conscious individuals, they set strict deadlines and achieve those deadlines because of their inner driving force. However they also take on more than they can handle and spend hours upon hours "working" to compensate for the added work load (IE. "workaholics"). Time is of the utmost important to a type An individual (remember our rabbit) , they hate delays of any kind.

They are sympathetic, sensitive, truthful and always eager to help others. Type A people are friendly and care, however, they cannot sit for long periods of time and chit-chat about "nothing". Lazy days are not a favorite of the type A personality, they are very goal driven and highly motivated individuals.

Did You Know?

In the 1950s many doctors believed that people with type A personalities were more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. This thoery was based on the idea that people with type A personalities tend to exhibit many risk factors involving stress (remember our bunny - he was stressed, no?). Although this theory was later disproven, people with type A personalities tend to have traits (anxiety, stress, aggression etc.) that are in themselves risk factors for many illnesses.

The Good News.....

If you do happen to be a type A personality learn to relax, slow down and introduce stress releaving techniques to your days, not only will you learn to "smell the roses" along the way you will be doing your health a huge favor. Keep in mind not everyone or everything has to be just so........

Type B - "I don't care......."

Type B Characteristics

People with type B traits are laid back individuals. They have the ability to relax, enjoy small accomplishments and "stop to smell the roses" along the way. They are rarely stressed and hardly ever become aggressive or frustrated with people or projects.

They tend to be calm, patient individuals and are generally uncompetitive as they often take the "win some, lose some" approach. Although type B personalities are still planners by nature they rarely complain or stress about the outcome of those plans should they not fall just so.

Type B personalities are also tolerant and flexible when it comes to work and life situations. They easily adapt to change and consequently can kick bad habits sooner than their counterparts type A. Change is no big deal to a type B personality it is 'just part of life and they move with the punches so to speak.

People with type B personalities are social by nature and enjoy being in large groups. They are often fun individuals and people generally love being in the type B's company because of this. They have the ability to express their feelings and are not outwardly judgmental when listening or speaking with someone with opposing viewpoints.

However, people with type B personalities are often procrastinators as they enjoy life rather than constantly focusing on a goal or project(s). Often time's type B personalities are the last ones to complete their work or studies because of this faulty trait.

They are often considered too relaxed and are sometimes criticized by family, friends, co-workers etc. for their laid back approach to life.

So Tell Me....

Are You A Type A or a Type B Personality?

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Type C personality?

Otherwise known as "emotionally repressed"

Modern day psychologists found the grouping of individuals to be a good indicator of one's complete personality. Therefore they have recently added a type C personality (and D - see below) to the ever popular type A and type B personality sub types.

To be brief people with type C personalities are perfectionists, consistent and will never break the rules. Unlike their "sister” type A; type C personalities tend to take their time with the details and often check and recheck their work for accuracy. Time management is not nearly as important to the type C personality as it is to the type A personality however accuracy of the details is just as important if not more than that of the type A personality.

They tend to be deep thinkers and like to know every detail in regards to their work and life. They like to get to the bottom of things and are often asking "why" or "how" something works.

Type C people are considered emotionally repressed because they have a hard time sharing their emotions, feelings and/or needs with others. For this reason they often come across as uncaring, or have a similar attitude of "I don't care" as their sister; type B personality.

The type C personality is also very ho-hum and shows no assertiveness at all when it comes to standing up for what they believe in. For this reason they often falter back and forth when making decisions (whether big or small). Natural people pleasers they like to avoid conflict and will often "give in" to avoid it regardless their stance on any given issue.

Wait.Hold on! I think I may be type C

After taking the quiz on type A and type B personality sub types and then reading a little information about the "new" type C personality do you still believe you are a type a or b personality? Tell me.....

Type A? Type B or Type C?

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Type D?

Surely you're kidding, right? There's no type D personality.

Well my friend there is in fact a type D personality except type A and B seem to get the most recognition as people are often easily categorized into these types.

Type C and type D personalities require more analysis and seem to be more emotionally driven, whereas type A and B are driven by undeniable, easily recognizable outward, and consistent characteristics. For this reason when people ask about your personality type they are generally referring to type A or type B. But let's look at the typical characteristics of a type D personality anyways......shall we?

Type D Characteristics

The distressed; yet happy personality.

The type D personality generally has a negative view of life and is always suppressing his or her emotions. Natural pessimists they are always waiting for the worst to happen. With a low self-esteem and fear of not being liked and/or rejection they tend to keep their emotions inside and are highly susceptible to depression because of this.

The type D personality is usually stressed, angry, worrisome, hostile and tense all rolled into one. Not one for change the type D personality is seen as a creature of habit and enjoys his day to day surroundings remaining the same.

In work and life the type D personality is constantly searching for security. If given job security for example the type D personality will stay with a company for years to avoid change and enjoy his or her security there.

Type D people are often people who others turn to when looking for support. Compassionate individuals by nature they tend to make some of the best friends and confidants.

If they are able to avoid the downfalls of their personality traits (IE depression, negativity) they are generally very happy individuals in their routine lives.

Now I'm Positive.....

Now that you've read all four personality types you should have a better understanding of where you lie when it comes your personality. So tell me.....what is your personality type?

I'm definitely type...

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Myer's Briggs Personality Test

Delve even deeper......

An even more in depth personality test known as the Myer's Briggs Personality Test has 16 categories. After you answer the questions on this test (usually quite a few questions) you are given a four letter result. For instance my results are ISTJ, 89 %

introversion traits, 25% Sensing, 50% Thinking and 11% Judgmental = ISTJ personality type. Make sense? It will become more clear if you take the Myer's Briggs (or Briggs Myer's the name is often interchanged) yourself.

With this quiz you can get an even better understanding of who you are and what drives you (assuming your truthful). This test is often used in school career centers, psychology courses, and is known as one of the best personality tests available. However, this test is usually not free on the internet as many other personality quizzes and/or tests are. The pricing of this test is anywhere from $20.00 - $90.00 with the latter being a more in-depth analysis of your individual results.

I have included a link to a quiz that is similar to the Myer's Briggs Personality Test. It will in fact give you your four letter personality type from there you can do more research on the Internet to read about yourself. I have also included a 'pay for site where you can take the quiz and let it find the results for you. The choice is yours......enjoy your self exploratory searching.


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    • profile image

      Ant 3 months ago

      Idk what's going on ha

    • profile image

      Joy105 3 months ago

      Got 160 on the test so I think I'm a B.

    • profile image

      Chelley 4 months ago

      I'm INTP and I scored 247. I think I'm a type C.

    • profile image

      Tracye 6 months ago

      I'm Type D

    • profile image

      Sera 11 months ago

      I got 204 (basically almost exactly in the middle), after reading type C, it sounds exactly like me.

    • profile image

      Natalie 15 months ago

      Would you happen to be able to tell me which MBTI personalities are A, B, C, and D? I am trying to figure out which belong in which categories. (As far as I've gotten is ENFP is type B).

    • profile image

      Kristin 15 months ago

      I don't really fit into any of those, even though I took the test and got type B. I thought that sounded a lot like my until you said that type B personalities are very social and like large groups of people. The type C sounds a but like me because they tend to hold back their emotions, which I tend to do. My Myers-Briggs type is INTP.

    • profile image

      charvi 20 months ago

      i like this page

    • Rfiskaali profile image

      Rebecca Fiskaali 3 years ago from Florida

      Hi Johnb112,

      I'm glad you were able to ensure the info was correct. Thanks for stopping by to visit me and sharing your time to read what I wrote.



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      Johnb112 3 years ago

      You produced some decent points there. I looked on the net to the problem and discovered many people goes together with along along with your web site. ekgeeddeafbe

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      flycatcherrr 3 years ago

      Fun! I suspect I may be somewhere between B and C, based on your descriptions of the personality types.

    • profile image

      shatabdi85 3 years ago

      I find it's a combination of all types in myself. The topic is helpful to understand ones personality.

    • Lionrhod profile image

      Lionrhod 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Fun quizz! Great job.

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      joinyobsn 4 years ago

      Really cool quiz lens :) thank you for the work put into it.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      And it appears I will have to come back to leave my squidlike, as I am at my daily limit!

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Great lens and quiz

    • MissRubyStars profile image

      MissRubyStars 4 years ago

      One the first quiz I scored a 197 and on the Myer's Briggs Personality Test my type is ENTJ.