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4 Ways to Save Humanity and the Planet: The Radical Ideas of James Lovelock

Humanity's treatment of our planet has placed our survival in jeopardy. James Lovelock has four potential remedies for our predicament.

Humanity's treatment of our planet has placed our survival in jeopardy. James Lovelock has four potential remedies for our predicament.

The Future of Humanity

The survival of humankind is under threat. Our lives depend on the planet's complex and subtle environmental balance being maintained in order for our species to continue. Instead, chaos is being brought to the Earth's climate and ecosystem through man-made issues such as global warming.

While the turbulence created by industrialization, overpopulation, and the excessive use of natural resources would eventually subside as the planet restores its own equilibrium, humankind would likely be long gone by then.

It seems that our continuation as a species depends upon a helping hand from science as well as radically altering the way that we live.

The environmental scientist James Lovelock has come up with four proposals for how we might stop or even reverse the destruction and build a sustainable future for ourselves.

Who Is James Lovelock?

James Lovelock is a greatly respected scientist and inventor. One of his achievements was to come up with a device that could measure the amount of CFC gases in the atmosphere. This made the detection of holes in the ozone layer possible and led to the problem being fixed.

However, he is perhaps most famous for coming up with a revolutionary idea for how the Earth works, which interprets the planet as if were behaving like a living organism, a unitary, complex, and self-regulating system. He named this synergistic system Gaia after the Greek goddess of Earth and mother of all life.

Lovelock's ideas have transformed how environmentalists and scientists understand the planet. The Gaia system is understood as the system which helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions suitable for life on the planet through living organisms interacting with their inorganic surroundings.

4 Ways to Stop Humankind From Destroying Itself Through Environmental Damage

Here are four of James Lovelock's ideas for preventing the destruction of human life on our planet:

  1. Create a Shield From the Sun
  2. Withdraw to Megacities
  3. Switch to Nuclear Power
  4. Allow AI to Take Control

I explore each of these four solutions in more detail below.

1. Create a Shield From the Sun

Global warming is the biggest threat to human survival and James Lovelock, like many scientists, believes that current attempts to reduce carbon emissions are too little too late. Instead, Lovelock believes that we should look at using geo-engineering to control the planet's climate.

The inspiration for this idea came from an idea proposed by the scientist Edward Teller. Teller is most famous for inventing the Hydrogen Bomb, but it is his idea for the creation of a giant "sun shade" that grabbed Lovelock's attention. Teller's idea involved the creation of a mesh screen that would orbit the Sun and shields the Earth from some of the Sun's rays.

Another idea is to build a "shield" inside the Earth's atmosphere. A naturally occurring way that this happens is with volcanic eruptions, which can create vast gas clouds capable of reaching the stratosphere and reducing the Earth's temperature. This happened in 1991 when a volcano in the Philippines reduced the Earth's temperature by 0.5 degrees for four years.

Lovelock believes that there may well be a way of mimicking the behavior of a volcanic eruption to control the Earth's temperature by forming a Sulphur haze in the Earth's atmosphere.

2. Withdraw to Megacities

The effects of climate change are already being felt. Areas of the planet will increasingly become uninhabitable and force mass migrations of human populations. Lovelock argues that rather than fight this phenomenon, we should work with it.

It actually makes more sense for humans to retreat to safe, efficient, climate-controlled megacities. The living conditions in these urban areas would be much easier to control than in open spaces.

3. Switch to Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is the only realistic green solution to our power problems and has been maligned unfairly, according to Lovelock. The associated safety issues have been grossly exaggerated and we simply don't have time to develop alternatives, the problems are too urgent. Nuclear power offers an efficient way to produce electricity that's not only safer than coal and gas, but renewals, too.

4. Allow AI to Take Control

James Lovelock's most radical idea concerns using artificial intelligence. He believes that the Earth is about to enter a new era, one where the dominant form of life is artificial. He believes that cyborgs will evolve and move beyond human control.

These cyborgs will generate new intelligences and be much better placed to tackle climate change than humans. It would benefit the cyborgs to keep the planet at a safe temperature and this would reward humans in the process.

While the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking expressed concerns about a cyborg takeover, Lovelock believes that for the human race to survive it must give up its dominance of the planet and hand over power to more intelligent forms of artificial life.

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