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Are Plants Alive?

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Are plants alive? Do they communicate?

Are plants alive? Do they communicate?

The ancient philosophers believed that all plants are alive, but exist at different levels of consciousness. The lowest level are minerals, the next is plants, and the highest are animals. All living creatures on Earth are capable of thinking and feeling.

Modern scientists are not skeptical anymore and confirm this idea. They perform experiments that are not complicated technically and can be reproducible in the laboratory context. Everybody comes to the same idea—plants do have consciousness.

They are capable of seeing, tasting, smelling, perceiving and hearing. Moreover, plants can communicate, feel a pain, memorize and analyse things.

Where Is the Proof?

In 1966, Cleve Backster, an American researcher, decided to hook a houseplant, a Dracaena plant his secretary bought for the office, up to his polygraph mashine. Lie-detection machines usually measure galvanic skin response and the plant showed the same readings as a human can show.

Backster decided to set one of its leaves on fire, but before he could even get a match, the lie detector registered a stress response to his thoughts of harming it. His conclusions were unbelievable! The plant had demonstrated not only anxiety, but it had also read his mind.

Encouraged by surprising results, Cleve Backster continued to conduct another experiment, in which he got a plant's reaction to the death of a brine shrimp in another room. His results made him admit that plants showed telepatic awareness.

Cleve Backster performing one of his experiments.

Cleve Backster performing one of his experiments.

Plants Can See

Scientists from the Berkeley University in California claim that plants have special receptors that enable them to identify hours of daylight. Depending on that they set the optimal time of their flowering. They react to excess of the sun in time. Plants are smart, ultraviolet radiation make them produce special sunscreen substances for the protection.

Plants Are Sympathetic

There are many experiments confirming this kind of abilities. For example, one of the participants passing in turn through the room full of flowers got a task to harm a flower. When participants were passing through the room with plants-witnesses again, the reading of a recorder accurately indicated the murder, registering an emotional change in the data.

Plants Can Remember

Some experiments testing the ability of plants to remember suggest that plants can identify people. The plants can recognize their owner from a distance. The distance between a plant and his owner doesn't affect their relationship and the feedback remains strong.

In some laboratory analyzing the properties of plants worked a beautiful lab assistant who was caring for a ficus. Every time she walked into a room the plant experienced a surge of emotions. This looked like a dynamic sine wave in bright red colour on the screen.

Kirlian photography

Kirlian photography

Plant Auras

Do plants have auras? While there are plenty of scientific skeptics, I believe all living creatures, even the most tiny, have these colourful fields that surround them. Fortunately, nowadays there are technologies allowing to fix the aura of an object. The most popular is Kirlian technology, a visible electro-photonic glow of an object in response to pulsed electrical field excitation.

Kirlian effect was discovered and developed in 1939, by a Russian physiotherapist and researcher Semyon Kirlian and his wife. They were taking photos in the dark and in the red light using high-voltage devices, placing an object on a photographic plate and passing high-frequency electrical current through it. Then the images were produced on the photographic plate with visible glowing of the chosen object.

Semyon Kirlian spent a lot of time studying the difference in glowing between healthy and diseased plant. As a physiotherapist, he tried to find a correlation between person's health state and the nature of glowing around his fingertips. The thing is, the colour glow around living beings may vary and look different every time.

In the future, Kirlian aura will serve as a powerful medical diagnostic tool, allowing to show disorders in the body before any physical symptoms become evident. Such a diagnostic test will certainly help to prevent the onset of the disease to a bad state.

Are plants alive? The answer is obvious. The facts speak for themselves. Many of you probably remember how can curly the bean plants and the ivy shoots. They are clinging to a scaffold for a support. A simple experiment does allow you to confirm that plants are able to comprehend and see in their own way. As soon as you state a scaffold near the shoots of a climbing plant you will see how they trying to reach the desired scaffold. All life on Earth has consciousness.


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