Ensign Wasps Don't Sting People but Will Kill Cockroaches

Ensign Wasps Are Harmless

The Ensign Wasp (Evonia appendigaster) looks a bit like a black spider with wings. Many people, upon seeing one, might assume that it will sting, but in fact it is totally harmless.

The Ensign Wasp is actually a beneficial insect because it is a parasite of cockroaches and hunts for their egg-cases, which are known as oothecae. The female wasps lay their eggs in them and the wasp larvae eat the cockroach eggs.

An Ensign Wasp.
An Ensign Wasp.

The Evaniidae Family

Ensign Wasps are in the family Evaniidae and get their name because they move their abdomens up and down as if they are signalling with a flag. They are also known as Hatchet Wasps.

Adults are about 1/4 to 3/4 inch long and can be found feeding on the nectar of flowers and on honeydew that aphids have deposited on leaves, as well as hunting for cockroach egg-cases.

Besides living in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, they are also found in the U.S., Canada, and many other parts of the world. They have followed where cockroaches have gone.

The larva of an Ensign Wasp eats all the eggs it finds in an ootheca and then pupates inside the egg-case.

Adult female Ensign Wasps often come into houses searching for oothecae. Unfortunately, many people kill them, thinking they are harmful pests when the truth is just the opposite. So if you see one, don't destroy it. Either leave it alone or put it outside. It may not look like it, but it is an insect that can be helpful!

Avispa bandera. Ensign wasps (Evania appendigaster)

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Tenerife Islander profile image

Tenerife Islander 8 months ago from Tenerife Author

I think it is some other insect.

patty 13 months ago

Im from miami at the hospital now been bit by one it flew up my dress stung me it felt like a lil fire flew on me from a ciggerate i had i grabed my dress. With this same bag kelt it n bought it in with no im on meds thigh swole so yes they do sting and down here they are hard to kill u really dont see thrm often and when u do u only see 1

Austin Davis 15 months ago

I saw one of these in my room and i decided not to screw with it, it flew into my light multiple times but got out multiple times, window shut door open, go to sleep and i wake up with a sting on my knee.

ArinHouston 15 months ago

I usually just kill the ones I see because of the annoying way they fidget and fly around. But after reading that they eat roach larvae I was happy and decided I'd let them stay around in my house unless they bother me and get in my personal space. I've never been stung by one, even when I approached it and tried to smack it around a bit. They don't chase me but they may fly towards and past me in an attempt to get away. They're so delicate though! One smack kills them so fast! So I don't really think of them as threats. More like annoying helpers. Like mosquito hawks. I live in Houston TX and while we do have plenty of roaches here, coastal cities like Corpus don't have these things around as much- they could sure use them! Roaches EVERYWHERE.

Daphne 21 months ago

These things are gross and I killed about 3 of them inside my room in just one week!! I just found out what they are and I probably should of moved them to the outside but I am terrified of these. They just relax on my walls instead of hiding. I use to call them hulk mosquitoes because they look like a mosquito on steroids. My mother said that these left a red mark on her arm when she was sleeping in my room this week like a sting, even though they say these wasps don't bite..... but who knows.

Sara 22 months ago

Love these guys, and even more so now that I know what they eat. I used to call them "cricket-mosquitoes" before I found out what they were called, because they looked like the lovechild of a mosquito and some sort of grasshopper.

I'm in Texas, and I've never been stung by one, even when I actively pester them into crawling on my hands. (They usually just get fed up and fly away.)

Kayla 2 years ago

Here in Texas I believe we may have a adapted species, I was stung by one last week. But the sting wasn't too terribly bad. It is definitely the same type of bug. I watched it sting me, not knowing what it was, or what it was doing.

Chelsey 2 years ago

The ones in Houston, Tx sting.

Rick 2 years ago

I have these wasps all around my yard and house and not a single one has stung me even when provoked.

Tenerife Islander profile image

Tenerife Islander 4 years ago from Tenerife Author

Why do they not sting other people? How did they come to sting you? Even ordinary wasps and bees need to be provoked.

Megan 4 years ago

I've been stung twice by these inside my house, just FYI. It is undoubtably the same insect, because I caught both of them after stinging me and have also seen others around the house.

Tenerife Islander profile image

Tenerife Islander 4 years ago from Tenerife Author

This site also states that they do not sting so maybe it was some other insect?

susan 4 years ago

well my son wasn't asleep and the one he encountered did sting him

Tenerife Islander profile image

Tenerife Islander 5 years ago from Tenerife Author

Not according to books it can't! If you were asleep how do you know what it was?

Dan 5 years ago

Ensign wasps CAN stung me over my eyelid while I was asleep; similar to a fire ant sting.

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