Is Our Universe Alone?

Updated on June 27, 2018
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Devin has a passion for math and science. He commonly writes about theoretical concepts that have to do with the workings of the universe.


Do We Exist Alone?

The multiverse principle is one that attempts to explain the nature of several different properties in the subatomic realm. It covers a wide variety of phenomena, from quantum theory to special and general relativity. Its fundamental idea is as follows:

Let us say that, in one universe, you flip a coin and it lands on heads. The multiverse principle dictates that there has to be another, identical universe in which the coin landed on tails. This idea has sparked controversy in the field in quantum physics, because there is no hard evidence backing up the idea that particular particles exist elsewhere. Some say that the idea of multiple words fits in with quantum theory, but is this explanation really plausible?

The multiverse principle has already been accepted by many, so it should come as no surprise that it has been talked about in popular culture and the media. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, and even Bill Nye are popular media figures have publicized the multiverse theory. As a result, it has been incorporated into many shows and movies. For example, the Marvel franchise has been creating superheroes from other universes for decades.

On another thread, many have cited the multiverse theory as an explanation for the anthropic principle, which implies that the universe must contain intelligent life. Still, we are left to wonder: While the multiverse theory serves as an explanation to other theories, what evidence is there to support the multiverse theory itself?

"A universe splits similarly to a never-ending river current."

— Michio Kaku

What Should You Believe?

So, what should you believe? Is the multiverse principle fact or fiction?

I would like to argue against the existence of a multiverse. First, the multiverse theory doesn't take into account instances where there cannot be more than one possible outcome. Think back to the coin flipping example. Suppose you have a variable for each force that interacts with the coin. The multiverse principle implies that there is a difference in the values of each variable at that specific moment. However, that cannot be the case, since the multiverse principle states that all the given variables in each universe assume the same values. So, it would be virtually impossible to come out with two different results, because each variable acting upon the coin is the same.

Also, the universe adheres to laws bound by the fourth and fifth dimensions. One of these laws implies that there is a 100 percent chance of something happening if it has already happened. It also implies that the infinite structure of time already has a pre-destined pathway that affects the matter of our universe. If these laws apply, how could there by any potential for a difference in any particular time in any particular universe?

In conclusion, the multiverse theory has many unconsidered implications when applied to quantum physics generally. The theory itself is faulty, and is in desperate need of innovation, as the variables that apply to matter in our physical realm often apply on a subatomic realm. It is my hope that the world of physics will take these ideas into consideration when deciding whether or not the multiverse theory should be considered an objective truth, and I hope that the public will take these ideas into consideration when making a decision regarding the plausibility of the multiverse theory.

We can only hope that the frontier of quantum physics will offer some insight as to whether or not the multiverse actually exists in the near future.

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