Some Interesting Facts about the Luna Moth in the U.S.

Updated on June 8, 2016

Luna Moth - Actias luna

I think these are beautiful and so interesting!
I think these are beautiful and so interesting! | Source

Luna Moths, Actias Luna

I recall the first time I saw a Luna Moth, and I was so amazed. It was such an interesting color, and had such unique markings, and the size alone was eyecatching. I was able to capture it in a picture, and I was so glad. It got me curious to learn more about the Luna moth, which is also known as the American Moon Moth.

This beautiful and exotic moth is large. It ranges from 3 to 4.5 inches and the name is technically Actias Luna (Linnaeus). Its wings are a pale green, and has delicate tail streamers. The wings are broad, and have a reddish rust color along the edges of both the fore wings and hind wings. Depending on the region, the colors can vary from more bluish green to a yellow in the background coloring. Along the fore wings in the very front you will see a darker purplish gray color. From a distance however, it is primarily a beautiful lime green, and the very distinctive "eye spots" are just fascinating to observe. This surely helps to protect from would be predators, that would rather move on than mess around with something that has eyes that appear to be that big!

In the United States, these moths are actually fairly common in the Eastern United States, and some states, like Missouri, Arkansas and others. You can sometimes see them in Southern Canada. Luna moths are large enough, that you would see the shadow of them flying by, or could darken a room if they landed on a light bulb!

The Beautiful, Green, Luna Moth

The beautiful Luna Moth.  Not something you see everyday!
The beautiful Luna Moth. Not something you see everyday! | Source

Luna Moth Larva and Life Cycle

The larva of the Luna moth are bright green (see video below) and have narrow yellow lines on them. There is a band of yellowish spiracles, and some reddish colored tubercles on each side. some have observed raised pink spots, and this can vary from region to region. The head of the caterpillar is a brownish color. When the time comes for it to spin its cocoon it will do so in areas where there is a lot of leaves on the ground, among the leaves. Its cocoon is thin and silken.

The habitat you will most often find the Luna moth is deciduous woodland in North America, although there are fewer in Canada. The foliage of trees like birch, willow and alder, walnut (or juglans nigra), persimmon (or diospyros virginiana), and sweet gum (liquidambar stryaciflua) are the food the larva feed off of. Luna Moths like broad leaved forests, including ones with hickory trees. So if you hope to attract these beauties to your area, those would be good choices to plant. The adults will be attracted to areas with these trees, so their young have the right food to eat when they "hatch" from their eggs.

The adults will emerge from their cocoons in April, usually. Their cocoon is often found in leaf litter. The eggs will be laid on hickory, walnut, and possibly a few other trees, as was covered before. When the caterpillar is ready to make its cocoon, it uses silk and leaves to do so. It emerges as a second generation adult in late July, and may even have a third generation.

As far as the second or third generation possibility, this is the case for the United States, more than it is true for the more Northern areas like in Canada. In those areas, it is usually just one generation. The more southern the area, you can move up to a third generation. Maybe that is why I got lucky and saw one in Arkansas. It was the first time I saw one in person.

Basically, for the multiple generations, they are spaced every eight to ten weeks apart, and often start in March.

The female lays 4-600 eggs on the underside of leaves. These incubate for 8-13 days.

Front View of the Luna Moth

A different angle
A different angle | Source

I just love the distinctive color of the luna moth, along with its long tails. It definitely stand out among other moths, especially for North American Moths. In the Midwest states, the luna moth flies from early April, to the end of August.

Both of the sexes of the Lunar moth look very similar, though the males antennae are more "feathered" looking. 

They have their "calling time" around the midnight hour. The calling time for the luna moth (and for many moths) is when pheromones are released. The time frame for luna moths is two to three hours long. This is the time that most males are active. In the Saturniidae family, you will see the pheromone activity the most active compared to the other "families" of butterflies and moths. Once in a mating position, they can stay there for up to 20 hours. 

The life span is fairly short for these moths, about two weeks or less. They overwinter in the pupal stage.

I wish you could see the one picture more close up, as it shows the luna moths feathery antennae. These moths are just amazing creatures to behold, and I felt very lucky that day in Arkansas when I saw the moth. It was just resting among the rocks as you can see in my picture.

Actias luna, Pancake Bay.
Actias luna, Pancake Bay. | Source

Seeing Less and Less of the Luna Moths

In some areas where there has been a lot of spraying with pesticides, it could be very rare you see one of these beautiful Luna Moths. They are simply becoming harder and harder to find. Evidently, even in the best of conditions, the number of Luna Moths are rather small. A single planeload of pesticides can supposedly wipe out the species for decades! When I heard this, I was so sad. I understand the need for pesticides, but if this species was totally wiped out, I think I may have rather gone with the lack of pesticides. I suppose it depends on the survival of humanity, but we are not at a point where this seems to be a critical concern. So it is something worth thinking about, or possibly limiting.

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      • profile image

        Tina L 13 hours ago

        We have a beautiful one at our front door today!

        Athens, Georgia

      • profile image

        T. Moore 44 hours ago

        Greensboro , North Carolina near Lake Townsend- had a Luna Moth this morning on my house under patio light.

      • profile image

        Barb 4 days ago

        We had two flying around outside are patio door. It was around 10:30 pm and we took picture of it. My cat was after them and knock one down,but both of them were gone in morning.We live near Morgantown,Pa.

      • profile image

        Jamie 5 days ago

        On 8/31/17 my daughter found a Luna Moth worm. So we took it home and put it in a big open glass bowl. I have documented it with photos. What an amazing sight so far. Found out with the help of google, that it didn’t like apple trees but loves diamond willow. We placed the willow branches in the bowl and it immediately started its cocoon. On 9/1/17 at 6:00am it started its silk and finished on 9/2/17 at 3:30pm. Been waiting all winter for it to hatch. I thought maybe it had died but now know it can take until July for it to become a Moth. Wish I could share the photos! I will update when it turns to a beautiful Luna Moth :) Hope you all are enjoying nature’s beauty!

      • profile image

        Chris 5 days ago

        I just saw a Luna moth in Columbus Ohio sitting next to my front door at 12 am. He had to be every bit of 5 inches. I didn't know what it was and it kind of freaked me out.

      • profile image

        Karen Piczkur 8 days ago

        I saw a Luna Moth for the first time ever on 05/14/18. It was sitting in the grass outside Magna Seating South Carolina in Moore, SC. It appeared to be a leaf.

      • profile image

        Charles Meriweath 8 days ago

        I had a Luna moth land on my back at work last night. I was able to get a picture of it greenwood, sc

      • profile image

        James 10 days ago

        Just saw my first Luna moth next to my sweetgum tree here in Tampa. Beautiful.

      • profile image

        Diane 10 days ago

        A beautiful Luna Moth is clinging to door jamb outside on my deck this morning, May 12 in Suwanee, GA. I've never seen one before. We have a sweet gum tree that overhangs the deck, and while sweeping those annoying spiky balls off the deck every day is a pain, (I was even thinking of cutting the tree down...oh no!!) now I know that the tree attracts this gorgeous critter!!

      • profile image

        Kay 11 days ago

        Spotted one for the first time this morning clinging to the patio door screen. It startled me for a moment as it was so huge!

      • profile image

        Alice 2 weeks ago

        My husband spotted the beautiful Luna moth early this morning, May 8, 2018 above the garage door. It is very near to the sweetgum tree in the yard. Eastern Indiana

      • profile image

        D Demarest 2 weeks ago

        Beautiful Luna Moth was on the siding of my house yesterday afternoon, May 6, 2018. My husband noticed around 10:30 PM it had obviously been active and was now clinging to the sunroom window screen. Trussville, Alabama.

      • profile image

        Susan 2 weeks ago

        We have two luna moths on our downspout today in the north Georgia mountains.Sosad that they live such short lives.

      • profile image

        Lauren 5 weeks ago

        Was on the side of my house in cape cod ma

      • profile image

        Evelyn Todd 5 weeks ago

        Lovely Luna on back screen porch this morning. North Texas

      • profile image

        Sis 6 weeks ago

        Have a Luna Moth on my Sweet gum tree every year (today) TX. Beautiful!!

      • profile image

        Rosie 7 weeks ago

        Luna Moth was on wall in TX - also a full moon too

      • profile image

        happy 2 months ago

        This helped me identify a Luna Month on my window! Spotted in Texas.

      • profile image

        Willieb 5 months ago

        Thus was very helpful for school 0_0 thanks C:

      • profile image

        jacob 6 months ago

        cool coler right

      • profile image

        Debbie 6 months ago

        I'm in Smithfield VA and each year we see at least one Luna Moth on our Moon Flower vine. We plant Moon Flower every year just to see these moths although the flowers are beautiful and smell so sweet!

      • profile image

        Rosemary 7 months ago

        We saw a Luna Moth flying around on our back deck around 8:00 pm. St Louis, MO!

      • profile image

        kris 7 months ago

        My daughter had this beautiful catapillar on her shoe.we researched and found out it was the Luna moth.that same night I made a home for it in An old fish tank with birch leaves.the very next day it was completely cocooned up.very sad I missed the process.however she (Luna) is being well watched until she turns into her beautiful new self.i live in Eastern ny so this is the last cycle.very sad really.we plan on letting her out at night n having a nice fire.its only been 2 weeks so a few more to go..

      • profile image

        Donna 7 months ago

        We saw a Luna this morning in our garage. We live in Texas. 9/28/2017

      • profile image

        holly 8 months ago

        One was on my little sisters head when she was a baby!!

      • profile image

        Mary 8 months ago

        9/10/2017. Sunday

        We hang up our shoes the our garage on an old shoe hanger that goes on your door. Anyway, he got his flip flops down and put them on and saw a big green caterpillar had started a cocoon on the side of one!!

        He told me about it and I find the poor little guy. We put him in a large clean jar. I found a hickory tree and grabbed some nice leaves and a couple of sticks. Then placed him in there.

        About an hour later it started to remake it's cocoon on one of the leaves! SO COOL!!!! Such a busy little thing!

        I just hope that it really will winter inside it's safe haven until the spring!!!

        My hubby named him Henry! LOL

      • profile image

        Darleen 8 months ago

        I have one on my door & Iam so fascinated

      • profile image

        Johnny Riggs 8 months ago

        I've seen a few of them in the last decade, mostly in West Virginia, though I did see one in Maryland as well. They are one of the most spectacular creatures you'll see in the United States. We don't have a lot of giant flying things here, and rarely anything this beautiful, so seeing one always feels like a treat.

        The last one I saw was injured and flapping around with a wounded wing on the ground at a gas station. I tried to help it, but realized it was fairly useless to try.

        It kept knocking its wounded wing against the box I placed it in. After a couple of minutes I realized it was Morse Code!

        It tapped out S-O-S a couple of times, and then wrote a short note to its wife and daughter. I think the names were Melanie and Krista. I couldn't find them, so if anyone out there knows them, tell them that Ogbert has passed on.

      • profile image

        bev 8 months ago

        have had one on porch for 3 days. I'm in southern Texas

      • profile image

        Ann 8 months ago

        A male found me two days ago. It had a old injury, a roughed up right wing. I took pictures of it. Then, I invited it to come for a ride on my iPhone and it did. I got to look it in the eye and look all around it. When I let it back down, it did a "trauma shake." I apologized for scaring it. Then, I realized it had pooped on my phone, so we were even.

      • profile image

        Eleanor Sprague 8 months ago

        I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. On July 27/17 I noticed a large lime green caterpillar moving back and forth making silk to climb up to the corner of my window. It took a couple of hours to reach the top, and then it cocooned at the top of the window.My husband saw the caterpillar and knew it was a Lunar Moth. It is now August 26 and we are waiting to see the moth emerge. I am so hoping I am not away and miss this.

      • profile image

        Laura 8 months ago

        I woke up this morning to find a Luna moth just testing on the bricks! I'm in Charleston s.c. my 5 and 6 year I'll came out and we were looking at the amazing creature that came to visit!

      • profile image

        BJ 9 months ago

        I have a luna moth, a walking stick and a St Andrews spider all taking up residency on my back deck. They must know it's a safe place to hang out!

      • profile image

        Maryann Farrell 9 months ago

        Hi, I stumbled upon this amazing caterpillar trying to take a photo of another caterpillar, but since I am so light footed, observant and careful I didn't. I thought at first it was some kind of weird seed pod until I saw it eating. The caterpillar I spotted looks very close to yours, but my caterpillars seem a little larger. I hope I'm accurate on the Luna moth if not it's something almost identical.

        (- I'd like to submit a photo, but don't see a place-)

        I'm in the suburbs and let a part of my yard 100% natural. I never spray pesticides ever!!! I have so many amazing moths, butterflies and insects in my yard. So please everyone don't spray pesticide. Enjoy the wildlife and see the beauty in nature. It's much more fascinating for kids as well as adults to experience these rare kind of sightings as the Luna moth. I stopped my young kid neighbor passing by and within in an hour he had all his friends looking at the caterpillar and they were amazed and fascinated. Letting your yard grow natural while keeping some tidy flower gardens on the outskirts looks beautiful and helps our wildlife. Thank you for the great post!

      • Micky Milian profile image

        Micky Milian 9 months ago

        For those that have adult females with them right now, are any of them laying? Would it be possible to send me some of the ova? I am located in Eastern NC.

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 9 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        Hi Carrol, it is a very special thing to see a Luna Moth like that in your backyard! Thank you for sharing. I hope you get to see more.

      • profile image

        Carrol Pugh 9 months ago

        I have one in my back yard now, that I found this morning. Lovely.

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 9 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        Thank you for sharing.

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 9 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        So glad you got to enjoy that one, and I agree, they are beautiful!

      • profile image

        Brad Crowsey 9 months ago

        Have seen one. North central Texas. 5 mins from the red river. 2 miles east of I-35.

      • profile image

        Tammy 9 months ago

        I have had one on my front porch all day. Very beautiful. Sad to find out that they have such a short life span.

      • profile image

        anna le blanc 9 months ago

        saw one 2 days ago in a cart at Walmart in Sydney, ns, canada, was so beautiful and took a few pictures

      • profile image

        Lagean Ellis 9 months ago

        Just found one on the deck today... in North Central Arkansas. We live between Hardy and Mammoth Spring on Spring River.

      • profile image

        Stuart Merrell 9 months ago

        I have seen one at Great Falls Park.

        Mainly occupied by Tulip poplar, Pau Pau and Birch.

        I have also seen one in Falls Church, VA with lots of Sweet Gum

        and Tulip poplar.

      • profile image

        Cathy 9 months ago

        Hello I we have a Luna Moth right now just outside the door of our camper he has been there since last night and has not moved he is so pretty

      • profile image

        CSB 9 months ago

        I live in Northern part of Charlotte, NC in Huntersville. I live on 6 acres of woods...Today I was mowing and I seen this Beautiful large all White Butterfly, it was absolutely Beautiful... So I had to see if I could find it on the internet... and to my surprise, it was a Albino Luna Moth.... First one I have ever seen so big... I just stood there watching it in Awe... I am 68 years old and it was my first time to see one of God's creations so Beautiful... I wish I would have gotten the camera and taken a picture of it... All I can say is Wow...

      • profile image

        Barb 9 months ago

        I have a Luna Moth at this moment on the stone siding of my home. I saw it there last evening and it is still there today. This is the second year I have seen one it is in the same spot.


      • profile image

        John 9 months ago

        I've had one sitting on a post where I work for 3 days straight now... hasn't moved.

      • profile image

        Michelle from Chicago 10 months ago

        Wonderful info, pictures and videos, thanks for all! Hope I get to see one, some evening too.

      • profile image

        michele ,,, Cape Breton , Nova Scotia ,, Canada 10 months ago

        I have seen two so far one on my door and one on my neighbours door in early am. In the past several years.

      • profile image

        Sy 10 months ago

        This is my first time seeing a Luna Moth, and oh what a sight she is! She's been been right outside my door since last night. I'm here in Nashville, TN.

        Mother Nature's creations are exquisite!

      • profile image

        Sol 10 months ago

        I live in Southern Minnesota, and just took a picture of one of these. Had never seen one before.

      • profile image

        Kentuckycutie 10 months ago

        Luna moth time in Kentucky! They are beautiful!

      • profile image

        Susan. Hart 10 months ago

        I found a Luna moth on sidewalk in front of Kroger. I think she is barely hanging on. Should ii put her in a tree? She is gorgeous.

      • profile image

        judy Kerr 10 months ago

        I just saw a luna moth in Kirkland Lake,Ontario Canada. What a beautiful site.

      • profile image

        Tex Mantell 11 months ago

        My first time seeing this moth. Fantastic. June 20 in the Lake Demon area of New York. I got some great pictures if anyone wants them.

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 11 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        Oh wow! What did you do with it after catching it, Matthew? Thanks for your comment.

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 11 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        Thank you for sharing, Jane. I think they are more active at night. I hope the luna moth was ok after being harassed by the little one.

      • profile image

        Jane 11 months ago

        A luna moth was on the door of a nail salon in Dartmouth, MA the 2nd week of June 2017. It stayed attached to the outside of door for several hours and did not seem to be disturbed by the motion of the door and a child who was harassing it.

      • profile image

        Barbara 11 months ago

        I live in Alabama and see at least one a year.

      • profile image

        Ant 11 months ago

        Two on our window right now. I took several pictures. Two shades of green. So beautiful. First of my life. We have all the trees these moths love. Great fathers day gift. First I have ever seen.

      • profile image

        Yes 11 months ago

        And have had the pleasure of having as many as 5 at one time on my porch. They are attracted by UV light. The long extended wing that looks like a tail is a defensive device that when "wiggled" throws off a bat's sonar to make it miss the main body and at most nip off a bit of wing (which I have seen and photographed in that condition). That info came, as I recall, for Wiki.

      • profile image

        Matthew Spicer 11 months ago

        I actually caught one in northern saskatchewan

      • profile image

        john dolph 11 months ago

        have 2 on my kitchen screen right now

      • profile image

        John singel 11 months ago

        I'm looking at one rn it's so beautiful

      • profile image

        OnlyHis 11 months ago

        Im from California but have lived in South East Texas for over 30 yrs and Ive have been very lucky in my 50 yrs of life to see 2 luna moths one was right outside my front door an the other one I just happen to have seen it when I went into a store to pay for gas and i noticed it was gently grasped on the side of the brick wall next to the entrance

      • profile image

        Judy 12 months ago

        I was fortunate enough for the first time today to see my first Luna Moth. He/she was on my mailbox on the brick part. A few hours later it was on the curb just below my mailbox. I'm in Texas, just East of Houston. What a beautiful moth. I took pictures of it too.

      • profile image

        Keith Reynolds 12 months ago

        Seen in central Texas.

      • profile image

        Paula 12 months ago

        There is one outside my back door. It is spectacular to look at. It has been there all day even though there has been much activity at that door. Lived here for 37 years and have never seen one before.

        We have what we called "inch worms" all the time but it appears that it has been Luna Moth larva.

      • profile image

        Carl 12 months ago

        There is one right now on the glass on the front door of our house in Sandy Springs, GA. It was there last night, this morning, and this evening. That is why I looked to this website. Gorgeous!

      • profile image

        Memaw7 12 months ago

        My mother found one on her garage in Greenwich Ohio. She sent me a picture of it and wanted to know if it was dangerous. This is a very beautiful Moth. Thank you for the information.

      • profile image

        MJ Blanchard 12 months ago

        I saw my first Luna a couple days ago, so beautiful!

      • profile image

        Tom 12 months ago

        A male Luna moth has been on my window screen for 3 days. Central North Carolina.

      • profile image

        Charmaine King 13 months ago

        I just had a Luna Moth hanging out on the edge of my outdoor umbrella. It was beautiful and about 5 inches wide and long. What a blessing.

      • profile image

        Anne Marie Haritos - - Eastern Shore Lower Outer Banks, NC 13 months ago

        I was walking around the yard yesterday afternoon, and bent down to pick up a dead branch and saw this strange looking leaf. I touched it and it moved. What a rush. I ended up taking a picture plus dragging my husband outside to see our new resident. Just beautiful. It's very protected, but I will keep guard.

      • profile image

        Lauren 13 months ago

        I've had one perched on my front door all day! Front Morning till 7:30pm in North Texas, Garland specifically .


      • profile image

        Jacqueline  14 months ago

        I have one in my yard and it doesn't leAve

      • profile image

        autumn mclelland 14 months ago

        i have one on my front porch right now its been there since last night its beautiful ive also seen oleander hawk moths here to

      • profile image

        lexibug 14 months ago

        I am actualy doing a project about the Luna Moth, I hope it is okay if I use this sight.

      • profile image

        Susie-B 15 months ago

        I liked your post. I wanted to say something about the pesticides though. It is not necessary to human existence to use them. We not only can survive without them and grow enough food for all of us, but we will all be healthier without them and so will the soil and the earth. There are several myths put out by chemical companies that are debunked in "The Myths of Safe Pesticides" by Andre Leu. Check it out and never kill anymore precious species by using them again! I love nature too and wish Corporations could at least be honest about their products so people could choose not to destroy it.

      • profile image

        Darlene 18 months ago

        I have a Luna moth that cocooned on my porch between the house and rail. I took pictures of the stages and fell in love. I'm worried because it's been dipping below freezing. I've put some leaves over top of her but I want her to make it through winter. What should I do? Where should she be put when it's close to her coming out? We have oak, Holly and cedar trees mostly! It's sad they only live such a short time but I really want her to have the chance! PLEASE let me know what I should do!

      • profile image

        Trish 18 months ago

        I appear to have a breeding ground for Luna moths in my NC garage, I had seen one a year for several years in my garage on a window screen, this years I have seen 4. Just beautiful! I have to add that I have a sweet gum tree outside the door, so Im sure that is the more likely breeding place.

      • profile image 19 months ago

        I have found a caterpillar on a sidewalk and put it in a brown paper bag with some oak leaves and it made its cocoon. I want to put it somewhere safe for the winter and am not sure whats the best place to put it .

      • profile image

        mothluver 19 months ago

        I like them. they are pretty

      • profile image

        Tanner 19 months ago

        I found one the other day when i was working on my school bug project but i didnt want to kill it so i left it.

      • profile image

        hugh rennie 19 months ago

        the one flew up to my porch in central fl almost let me touch it i was that close didn't touch only took photo did not want to harm it wing was damaged but it was still able to fly

      • profile image

        Lisa james 20 months ago

        I woke this morning and found a luna moth on my back patio. What an amazing insect.

      • profile image

        Jared Eggo 20 months ago

        Great article! I was very fortunate to find three lunas in one hike in the Missouri Ozarks. Here is one photo if you want to check it out And I actually did get some macro photos of their antennae that I have not yet posted.

      • profile image

        Ken 20 months ago

        Hi all. I saw one in the mid eighties at St. Juliens Creek Annex by the Norfolk Naval shipyard. I was working 3rd shift and it was about 2am. The annex has a lot of trees (kind of like a small forest) and it was on the side of our building above one of the doors. I had to get some of my coworkers so they could see it too. All were impressed and the fact that I knew what it was. I am in my 50s and it is the only one I have ever seen. Very cool moth.

      • profile image

        Victoria 20 months ago

        I saw one on my back patio at the end of June this year. I had never seen one so I took a picture. Today as I was taking a picture of a rare frog, I happened to see the moth's picture once again and decided to research what kind it was. It is a very beautiful and distinct moth!

      • profile image

        Shirley 21 months ago

        I saw a huge whitish green moth land in my garage last night. I was awed by the size of this moth. It had to be at least five inches across. I wanted to try to get it to leave the garage safely. When I went to find something it was gone, so I continued reading. When I looked down at where it landed before it was there. I went to get my husband so he could see this moth as he would not believed me. He was going to harm it and I told him absolutely NO. He went to get a broom and our big dustpan to see if he could sweep it onto it, but it stated flying all around the garage and finally landed on the broom. My husband then walked it out and let it fly off into the night. We shut the garage so he couldn't come back. What an experience! Such a beautiful creature. I wonder what else flies in the night.

      • profile image

        Tom Star 21 months ago

        Louisville, KY

        Saw 1 for the first time on my deck railing. Took 2 pictures,

        but don't know how to share them.

      • profile image

        Kathleen Gillespie 21 months ago


        Yes, it was a Luna Moth (Actias Luna) that I saw last night. Breathtaking to see ! I witnessed this beautiful bright yellow-green, virtually translucent moth flying at 10:00pmCT at 80'F temp on Aug 3, 2016, in our woodland here in northwestern Indiana, a few miles south of Lake Michigan's shoreline. Illuminated by my car headlights as I returned home, this creature flew in a narrow area along our woods and above our gravel driveway at high speed, up and down and side to side,.. since the moth's only mission is to find a mate, this was it's mission that night. I took many photos of the Luna Moth with my mobile phone, strobe flashing, and then suddenly the moth lay motionless on our gravel driveway,..... had I done something harmful to this incredible moth? Had the the light from my picture-taking startled it, or worse, killed it?

        I was heartbroken that I might have done something to hurt or destroy this beautiful creature.

        I placed a few twigs next to the moth to mark the spot where it was laying, placed a large rock next to the moth to protect it & deter anyone driving up our gravel driveway from crushing it,....and went into our home for the night, hoping I hadn't done something that permanently harmed the Luna Moth.

        This morning (8.04.16), I went to the spot on the gravel driveway where this creature had lain, and discovered that the beautiful Luna Moth happily was gone!

      • profile image

        Judy Holmes 22 months ago

        hello- I saw my first green luna moth last week. We had stop in Allegan, Mic. at a McDonalds. My husband saw it on the ground in the parking lot. This was 2:30 in the afternoon. he picked it up & put it on the side of the building. When I came out it was still there. i was concern it might die from being picked up. I got 2 large maple leaves & was going to move it to a wooded area. once on the leaf it flew away. i relieved it wasn't dead. Most beautiful moth I've ever seen. The pure white body looked soft & fluffy. The top was a very bright light green. Amazing

      • profile image

        Lynn Cottreau 22 months ago

        Found one of these beauties on my patio tonight ,, took some pictures ,, I have always heard of them ,,but I'm so happy to have seen one ,, not sure if they are popular in Yarmouth Nova Scotia ,, I do know that they have a short life ,,, so I'm keeping a eye on her ,,

      • profile image

        Liz 23 months ago

        My daughter (7yrs old) found one of these beauties the other night while helping my husband out in the kennel with his dogs, she stopped what she was doing and ran to the house and had me get pictures! It's very beautiful and I didn't know what type of moth it was until I found the link to you. Glad to have found your page so her and I could understand what a gem we found a bit more. Haven't seen one in a long time but living in Ohio I find a lot of beautiful and strange creatures :-)

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 23 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        Hello Diane, it sounds like you live in a very interesting area, and I am so glad you to see a Luna Moth on your property. They are very beautiful creatures, and it warms my heart that there are others out there that love these as much as I do. Thank you for your comment.

      • oceansnsunsets profile image

        Paula 23 months ago from The Midwest, USA

        Hello Jody, thanks for sharing your experiences with these beautiful moths in your area. I love that you are so observant and care about them so much. Thanks so much for your comment.

      • profile image

        Diane 23 months ago

        I was sitting in my home office today and glanced out the front screen door and saw this beautiful, green moth on the screen! I took pictures from inside and from outside and then googled to see what it is! I have never seen a Luna Moth and feel honored that I have had the opportunity to stare and be in awe over this stunning moth! We live an hour north of Philadelphia. Bucks County. So much wildlife & beauty here! Now I have something else to add to the list of what I've seen on our property. Blessed.

      • profile image

        Jody 23 months ago

        We had 2 last year and they were such a beautiful sight, they lived on our property, unfortunately I found one dead in the yard about 3 weeks after it arrived here, and we never saw the mate again. We are lucky again this year, I call them a married couple, the 2 of them showed up tonight and they are hanging out in the same area on our deck where we first saw last years couple. The female came right in the house, my husband carefully caught her and put her back out and before he could get in she was back in. Our 6 year old is just loving watching them fly around together. We are hoping they mate, last year we never got a 2nd generation. We are in Clinton Ct.


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