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Names of Groups of Insects and Animals

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Animal and Insect Group Names

Animal and Insect Group Names

Group Names for Animals and Insects

Nothing is more fascinating than discovering the unique name for a group of animals, amphibians, or insects. These unique words that are used to describe a group of animals are called "collective nouns," and they date back to Medieval times. Discover interesting terms for words like a pandemonium of parrots or a charm of magpies. The variations to these collective nouns will entertain you!

You really never know when this knowledge may come in handy—think trivia night and beyond. Or, you may simple want to wow your biology class or use one of these terms for a description in your latest novel. Happy learning!

  • Albatross: a rookery
  • Alligators: a congregation
  • Apes: a shrewdness or a troop
  • Ants: a colony, a swarm, a nest
  • Baboons: a troop, a flange
  • Bacteria: a colony
  • Badgers: a cete, a set, a company
  • Bats: a camp, a colony, a cloud
  • Bears: a sleuth, a sloth
  • Bear cubs: a litter
  • Bees: a swarm, a hive, a grist
  • Birds: a flock (ground), a wreck (sea)
  • Bloodhounds: a sute
  • Buffalo: a gang, a troop, or an obstinacy
  • Butterflies: a flight, a flutter
  • Buzzards: a wake
  • Camels: a caravan, a train
  • Catterpillars: an army
A cloud of bats.

A cloud of bats.

  • Cats: a clowder, a glaring, a nuisance, a clutter
  • Kittens: a litter or a kindle
  • Wildcats: a destruction
  • Chickens: a brood or a peep
  • Chinchillas: a colony
  • Clams: a bed
  • Cobras: a quiver
  • Cockroaches: an intrusion
  • Cormorants: a gulp
  • Crocodiles: a bask
  • Coyotes: a band
  • Crows: a murder, a hoard, a parcel
  • Deer (buck): a brace, a clash
  • Dogs: a kennel
  • Puppies: a litter
  • Dogs: a pack, a cry (hounds), a mute (hounds)
  • Dolphins: a pod
  • Donkeys: a drove
  • Doves: a dole, a paddling
  • Eagles: a convocation, an aerie
  • Eels: a swarm, a fry
  • Elephants: a parade, a memory
  • Elk: a gang or a herd
A parade of elephants.

A parade of elephants.

  • Falcons: a cast
  • Ferrets: a business, a cast
  • Fish: a school, a shoal
  • Flamingoes: a stand, a flamboyance
  • Flies: a business, a swarm, a cloud
  • Frogs: an army, a colony
  • Fox: a charm, a leash, a troop
  • Geese: a gaggle, a flock
  • Giraffes: a tower
  • Gnats: a swarm, a cloud
  • Gorillas: a band, a troop
  • Grasshoppers: a cloud
  • Greyhounds: a leash
  • Guinea fowl: a confusion
  • Hawks: a kettle (flight), a boil (spiraling)
  • Hippopotamuses: a bloat
  • Hornets: a nest, a bike

Animal Group Names

A tower of giraffes.

A tower of giraffes.

  • Horses: a team, a stable, a rag (colts), a string (ponies), a herd
  • Hummingbirds: a charm
  • Hyenas: a cackle
  • Insects: a nest, a swarm, a plague
  • Jaguars: a shadow
  • Jellyfish: a smack, a brood
  • Kangaroos: a troop or a mob
  • Lemurs: a conspiracy
  • Leopards: a leap
  • Lions: a pride, a troop
  • Locusts: a plague
  • Magpies: a tiding, a charm, a murder
  • Mice: a mischief
  • Moles: a labor, a movement
  • Monkeys: a barrel or a troop
A smack of jellyfish.

A smack of jellyfish.

  • Moose: a herd
  • Mosquitoes: a scourge
  • Mules: a pack, a rake, a span
  • Otters: a bevy, a raft, a family, a barren
  • Oxen: a team or a yoke
  • Owls: a parliament, a stare
  • Oysters: a bed
  • Parrots: a pendemonium
  • Peacocks: a pride, a muster
  • Pelicans: a pod
  • Pigeons: a flight, a flock
  • Pigs: a drift or a drove or a sounder (boars)
  • Porcupines: a prickle
  • Porpoises: a herd, a pod, a shoal
  • Quail: a bevy
  • Rabbits: a colony, a warren, a herd (domestic), a litter (young)
  • Raccoons: a gaze, a plague
  • Rats: a colony, a pack, a swarm
  • Rattlesnakes: a rhumba
  • Ravens: an unkindness, a storytelling
  • Reindeer: a herd
  • Rhinoceroses: a crash

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A bevy of otters.

A bevy of otters.

  • Salamanders: a congress
  • Salmon: a run
  • Scorpions: a bed, a nest
  • Sharks: a shiver, a school
  • Sheep: a pack, a flock, a trip
  • Snails: a escargatoire, a walk
  • Skunk: a stench
  • Spiders: a cluster
  • Squirrels: a dray, a scurry
  • Stingrays: a fever
  • Swans: a bevy, a gam, a wedge
  • Tigers: an ambush or a streak
  • Tigers: a streak, an ambush
  • Toads: a knot
  • Trout: a hover
  • Turkeys: a gang or a rafter
  • Turtles: a bale or a nest
  • Vultures: a venue, a kettle (circling)
  • Weasels: a colony or a gang, or a pack
  • Whales: a pod a school or a gam
  • Wolves: a pack, a route (in movement)
  • Worms: a bed, a bunch
  • Zebras: a zeal, a crossing, a dazzle, a herd
A gang of turkeys.

A gang of turkeys.

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