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Names of Groups of Insects and Animals

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The collective nouns for a group of insects, mammals, and other animals may surprise and delight you.

The collective nouns for a group of insects, mammals, and other animals may surprise and delight you.

Group Names for Animals and Insects

Nothing is more fascinating than discovering the unique name for a group of animals, amphibians, or insects. These unique words that are used to describe a group of animals are called "collective nouns," and they date back to Medieval times. Discover interesting terms for words like a pandemonium of parrots or a charm of magpies. The variations to these collective nouns will entertain you!

You really never know when this knowledge may come in handy—think trivia night and beyond. Or, you may simple want to wow your biology class or use one of these terms for a description in your latest novel. Happy learning!

Albatross: a rookery

Badgers: a cete, a set, a company

Bloodhounds: a sute

Alligators: a congregation

Bats: a camp, a colony, a cloud

Buffalo: a gang, a troop, or an obstinacy

Apes: a shrewdness or a troop

Bears: a sleuth, a sloth

Butterflies: a flight, a flutter

Ants: a colony, a swarm, a nest

Bear cubs: a litter

Buzzards: a wake

Baboons: a troop, a flange

Bees: a swarm, a hive, a grist

Camels: a caravan, a train

Bacteria: a colony

Birds: a flock (ground), a wreck (sea)

Caterpillars: an army

A cloud of bats.

A cloud of bats.

Cats: a clowder, a glaring, a nuisance, a clutter

Cormorants: a gulp

Dolphins: a pod

Kittens: a litter or a kindle

Crocodiles: a bask

Donkeys: a drove

Wildcats: a destruction

Coyotes: a band

Doves: a dole, a paddling

Chickens: a brood or a peep

Crows: a murder, a hoard, a parcel

Eagles: a convocation, an aerie

Chinchillas: a colony

Deer (buck): a brace, a clash

Eels: a swarm, a fry

Clams: a bed

Dogs: a kennel

Elephants: a parade, a memory

Cobras: a quiver

Puppies: a litter

Elk: a gang or a herd

Cockroaches: an intrusion

Dogs: a pack, a cry (hounds), a mute (hounds)


A parade of elephants.

A parade of elephants.

Falcons: a cast

Frogs: an army, a colony

Gorillas: a band, a troop

Ferrets: a business, a cast

Fox: a charm, a leash, a troop

Grasshoppers: a cloud

Fish: a school, a shoal

Geese: a gaggle, a flock

Greyhounds: a leash

Flamingoes: a stand, a flamboyance

Giraffes: a tower

Guinea fowl: a confusion

Flies: a business, a swarm, a cloud

Gnats: a swarm, a cloud

Hawks: a kettle (flight), a boil (spiraling)

Hippopotamuses: a bloat

Hornets: a nest, a bike


Animal Group Names

A tower of giraffes.

A tower of giraffes.

Horses: a team, a stable, a rag (colts), a string (ponies), a herd

Jellyfish: a smack, a brood

Locusts: a plague

Hummingbirds: a charm

Kangaroos: a troop or a mob

Magpies: a tiding, a charm, a murder

Hyenas: a cackle

Lemurs: a conspiracy

Mice: a mischief

Insects: a nest, a swarm, a plague

Leopards: a leap

Moles: a labor, a movement

Jaguars: a shadow

Lions: a pride, a troop

Monkeys: a barrel or a troop

A smack of jellyfish.

A smack of jellyfish.

Moose: a herd

Peacocks: a pride, a muster

Raccoons: a gaze, a plague

Mosquitoes: a scourge

Pelicans: a pod

Rats: a colony, a pack, a swarm

Mules: a pack, a rake, a span

Pigeons: a flight, a flock

Rattlesnakes: a rhumba

Otters: a bevy, a raft, a family, a barren

Pigs: a drift or a drove or a sounder (boars)

Ravens: an unkindness, a storytelling

Oxen: a team or a yoke

Porcupines: a prickle

Reindeer: a herd

Owls: a parliament, a stare

Porpoises: a herd, a pod, a shoal

Rhinoceroses: a crash

Oysters: a bed

Quail: a bevy


Parrots: a pendemonium

Rabbits: a colony, a warren, a herd (domestic), a litter (young)


A bevy of otters.

A bevy of otters.

Salamanders: a congress

Squirrels: a dray, a scurry

Turtles: a bale or a nest

Salmon: a run

Stingrays: a fever

Vultures: a venue, a kettle (circling)

Scorpions: a bed, a nest

Swans: a bevy, a gam, a wedge

Weasels: a colony or a gang, or a pack

Sharks: a shiver, a school

Tigers: an ambush or a streak

Whales: a pod a school or a gam

Sheep: a pack, a flock, a trip

Toads: a knot

Wolves: a pack, a route (in movement)

Snails: a escargatoire, a walk

Trout: a hover

Worms: a bed, a bunch

Skunk: a stench

Turkeys: a gang or a rafter

Zebras: a zeal, a crossing, a dazzle, a herd

Spiders: a cluster



A gang of turkeys.

A gang of turkeys.

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