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David Hudson, Ormus Alchemy, M-State Elements, and Monoatomic Gold

Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.

Ormus scientific research

Ormus scientific research

Table of Contents

1. Alchemy

2. David Hudson's Discovery

3. Known Ormus (m-state) Elements

4. Ormus, ORMEs, and M-State

5. Ormus in the Bible and Ancient Egypt

6. Effects of Ormus

7. How to Make Concentrated Ormus

8. Further Research and Sources for Purchase

1. Alchemy

Alchemy during the 16th through 18th centuries was essentially a mix of early chemistry and occultism, crossing empirical research with mystical philosophy. Alchemists slaved over real (and sometimes explosive) chemical experiments, but they did so without the regulation of our modern scientific methods. Instead, seeking guidance in magical texts and secret codes, they sought to transform base metals into gold and even achieve immortality via an elixir of life known as the Philosopher's Stone.

Much of what we know about alchemy can be traced back to Hellenistic Egypt, specifically Alexandria, and derives from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus (sometimes referred to as Hermes the Thrice-Great, Thoth, or Enoch). Alchemists seek the 'una res,' "the one thing" by which "the world was created" and with which one could "perform miracles."

2. David Hudson's Discovery

"Rediscovered" in the 1970s by a wealthy Arizona dirt and cotton farmer, David Radius Hudson, Ormus is a somewhat baffling (and highly disputed) substance for today's scientists, one that does not occur on the Periodic Table of Elements. Hudson stumbled upon the carbon-based material when using old mining techniques to extract gold and silver from the salt-crusted bedrock of the Arizona desert.

Using a heat leach cyanide method, Hudson separated the earth into its respective base metals such as iron, silicon, aluminum, gold, and silver. This was not an uncommon practice during his day, and Hudson claimed he did this for fun rather than a means of income (the alchemical process is actually quite costly).

As Hudson continued his hobby, he began realizing that an unidentifiable substance was coming off of the minerals he was excavating, similar to gold or silver, but something else entirely. Intrigued, Hudson sought out a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Cornell University to undergo an atomic emission spectroscopy analysis (AES) of the material. In his analysis, he found that the minerals were being identified as aluminum silicate, which was odd because they had nothing to do with silica or aluminum.

Until that point, Hudson had only been burning (boiling) the sample in the AES for a period of 15 seconds (as is common) but decided to prolong the exposure for up to 300 seconds. The beginning of his experiment went as expected. Readouts identified the sample as having trace elements of iron, silicon, aluminum, and calcium. After about 15 seconds, the test results became silent. Then, after a prolonged exposure of 90 seconds, the machine began producing unexpected results. At around 90 seconds, Hudson's sample was identified as palladium (Pd). At 110 seconds, it read as platinum (Pt); 130 seconds read ruthenium (Ru); around 140-150 seconds read rhodium (Rh); 190 seconds read iridium (Ir); and then osmium (Os) at 220 seconds. Had Hudson just discovered the material long sought after by alchemists and mystics throughout the ages? Most scientists say no, that this is a natural sequence of the progressive boiling temperatures for these substances, but Hudson was not satisfied with that answer.

In the process of recovering gold and silver, I began to recover something else, which was causing losses of the gold and silver....I am not a physicist or a chemist and had no idea what the stuff was. It would recover and had a specific gravity; it would recover in the molten lead like it was gold and silver; it would flow out of the lead; but when I held the lead down, I had nothing. The mining community refers to this as “ghost gold”, a non-assayable, non-identifiable form of gold.

— David Hudson

What Does ORME Stand For?

Hudson spent the next three years trying to eliminate the Fe, Si, and Al from his sample and was eventually successful. Alas, he found that 98% of the substance still remained as a material he (and the Ph.D.) couldn't quite identify. The Cornell professor deemed the substance "pure nothing," but Hudson was only just getting started. He believed that he had stumbled onto something that would revolutionize the way humans see and interact with the universe forever.

Did David Hudson discover a new element? The Ormus or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. Many people in the precious metals community deemed this new substance "ghost gold," suggesting that the Periodic Table of Elements is incomplete. He named these new and unknown minerals ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements). ORMEs, Hudson suggested, could be thought of as the female elements of the Periodic Table due to their "illusive and hard to identify nature." Sexism aside, he argued that unlike other elements, these could "flip" their molecular structure and actually become precious metals. He likened this process to a popcorn kernel bursting open to reveal a deeper truth within.

So most of these publications occurred between 1988 on, but my patents were filed first. What they have found is that the nucleus of these elements were deformed, went to a high spin state — what’s called high spin nuclei — and theoretically, these high spin nuclei should be superconductors because high spin nuclei pass energy from one atom to the next with no loss of energy.

— David Hudson

In the mid-1980s, scientists discovered that several elements in the middle of the Periodic Table do go through this transmutation process, and have been mapping the strange properties of these elements ever since. Hudson suggests that this is true alchemy (sometimes referred to as "sacred science") and that, contrary to what general education suggests, alchemy is actually an advanced form of chemistry modern scientists have yet to fully understand. When these elements become isolated, they take on strange properties. Sometimes they rapidly gained or lost weight. If they were heated up, they would change mass. The Russians called this process fractal vaporization, but Hudson believes these are the m-state elements he'd been looking for. You can read more about the theory of m-state elements online.

3. Known Ormus (m-state) Elements

ElementAtomic Number

Cobalt (Co)


Nickel (Ni)


Copper (Cu)


Ruthenium (Ru)


Rhodium (Rh)


Palladium (Pd)


Silver (Ag)


Osmium (Os)


Iridium (Ir)


Platinum (Pt)


Gold (Au)


Mercury (Hg)


David Hudson went public with his findings in the early 1990s. He spent millions of dollars and dedicated the next decade of his life to figuring out how to obtain concentrated Ormus and work with his new discovery. Throughout his research, Hudson toured around the United States to give lectures on what he considered a new state of matter. In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them. You can read his patents here, or read transcripts of his lectures here. Since his tours across the U.S., though, Hudson has been eerily silent on the matter (no pun intended). However, those close to him state that he is still working with the material and is working on a method for extracting m-state white gold powder in its purest form.


4. Ormus, ORMEs, and M-State

Generally speaking, the labels Ormus, ORMEs, and m-state are interchangeable terms referring to Hudson's "new state of matter." Many claim that the ancient Egyptians, Essenes, and alchemists knew about this almost ethereal element and used it in transcendental practices to purify the body and spirit, unlock superhuman powers of the mind, and even commune with the spirit world. Fascination of this essentially magical substance has spread throughout time and across the globe. Because of this widespread interest, readers may also come across synonymous terms such as the Egyptian MFKTZ, food of the gods, AuM, monoatomic gold, white powder gold, microclusters, shemanna, manna, the food of life, shewbread, Orgone energy, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Philosopher's Stone; all referring to the same substance.

While Hudson refers to the substance as "monoatomic elements in a high-spin state," there is no conclusive evidence suggesting whether the elements are monoatomic or diatomic. Due to the obscurity of Ormus, it's clear that scientists should continue to research Hudson's findings and properly identify the material. In fact, independent researchers have continued Hudson's work, noting that m-state elements have been observed to exhibit the quantum physical behaviors of superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling, and magnetic levitation. Pioneers such as Barry Carter believe that the m-state elements were not previously isolated and identified because "they exist as Cooper-paired Bosons without available valence electrons and which, therefore, are not susceptible to spectroscopic identification" (Carter). While it is important to note that many of the so-called facts about Ormus are based on only a few controlled laboratory studies, those continuing Hudson's research is promised instant fame if they discover concrete information about this element; as little is known, and there is still much to be discovered.

There is evidence that the m-state elements are associated with the “dark matter” that astronomers look for in space, the Earth’s magnetic field, healthy soil, weather phenomena like lightning and that they are essential minerals for all life on Earth. Certain properties of the m-state materials seem to be related to consciousness itself.

— Barry Carter

Science and Spirit

Hard science aside, Ormus is often considered to be a new state of matter, one that is present in some of the most life-supporting environments on our planet. In spiritual terms, Ormus is believed to be the underlying lifeblood of consciousness; abounding in seawater, fresh water, air, rock, and trace amounts of raw-organic foods. However, the amounts of Ormus found in these substances are next to nothing compared to the concentrated Ormus that Hudson sought after. According to David Hudson's research, these elements in their m-state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts.

Are ORMEs the bridge between science and spirit? Some believe that Ormus is quite similar to the yogic belief of prana or Chinese beliefs in chi (qi). They make the analogy that Ormus is like a telephone line that connects humans to higher realms and states of consciousness. One Ormus advocate said, "As a natural process, the human body might be considered to be on a 56k (dial-up) connection to the internet. However, when taking Ormus, this connection is more like a high-speed internet. Improve the wire connecting you, you improve your connection." This, however, does not change what you will do on the "internet." You can still post good and bad material. It's just that, when taking Ormus, like high-speed internet, your information will get out quicker and the response will be quicker (much like instant manifestation).

Similarly, others liken Ormus to a lightbulb, where the lightbulb is the spirit body and the electricity running through it is God (Source, etc.). The Ormus clears this connection, makes transactions more immediate, and helps users see the apparent connections between their thoughts and reality.

These m-state elements are also present in many biological systems. We believe that they may enhance energy flow along the acupuncture meridians and in the microtubules inside every living cell.

— Barry Carter

5. Ormus in the Bible and Ancient Egypt

Throughout my research, I found that many people believe Ormus to be an ancient alchemical substance subtly referred to in the Old Testament of the Bible and the Egyptian "Book of the Dead." Ormus enthusiasts point out that the Essene or Hebrew word "orme" actually means "The Tree of Life," which, surprisingly enough, was not originally know by Hudson when he applied for a patent for the product he called Ormus. However, it is likely that Hudson was giving credit to the Essenes when he coined the term Ormus.

In the Old Testament, Moses speaks about a God-given substance he calls manna. When the Israelites were wandering through the desert, they were provided with manna and strict instructions on how to eat and preserve the substance. The Bible describes Israelites grinding manna into a fine powder and then baking it into cakes or wafers. God commanded the Israelites to only eat manna during their journey to the "Promised Land." Later, Moses melts a golden calf, an idolatrous statue, and commands his people to drink the melted brew. Ormus enthusiasts argue that these stories reveal the use of m-elements and white powder gold for consumption and spiritual enlightenment in these texts.

It came about, as soon as Moses came near the camp, that he saw the calf and the dancing; and Moses' anger burned, and he threw the tablets from his hands and shattered them at the foot of the mountain. He took the calf which they had made and burned it with fire, and ground it to powder, and scattered it over the surface of the water and made the sons of Israel drink it.

— Exodus 32:19-20

Other references to eating gold in the Bible might be found in association with the Pharisees and high priests of Melchizedek who ventured beyond the veil of the "Holy of Holies," where they partook of the "bread" in the presence of God. Once they ate this bread, they could interact with the Ark of the Covenant, a magical golden box concealing remnants of the manna described earlier in Moses' story. It's also interesting to note that these priests emerged from the Holy of Holies glowing like gold, a side effect many claim drinking pure m-state monoatomic gold has on the body.

Ormus enthusiasts suggest that the references to the melted gold and the ambiguous powder expressed in the biblical book of "Exodus" reveals the use of ancient alchemical processes and tonics to reconnect the people of Israel with Spirit or God. Yet, how did the Israelites know how to make this substance? Did God endow Moses with the knowledge of alchemy while on Mount Sinai, or was this a practice handed down from ancient traditions? Was his concoction an example of Ormus, or did Moses force the Israelites to drink liquid gold for no reason at all?

Before Moses led the Israelites across the desert, Hebrews worked in Egypt for many generations as artisans and metallurgists, so it's not too far-fetched to assume they had a basic understanding of alchemy as was taught by the ancient Egyptians. Many suggest that Moses worked with a goldsmith named Baalzelael to prepare "the bread of the presence of God" for himself and the high priest Melchizedek. In partaking of this food, he called it "manna" which literally translates into the Egyptian phrase "What is it?"

The Egyptians derived their alchemical knowledge from a character (and arguably demigod) named Hermes Trismegistus, referred to as Enoch in the Bible and called Thoth by the Greeks. In the old Testament, Enoch, a direct ancestor of Noah, was one of the two men who were deemed worthy to directly ascend into Heaven without dying. Many accredit this perfection of self to Ormus, believing that Enoch/Thoth/Hermes had held ancient knowledge of alchemy and used this knowledge to cleanse his body and spirit and transcend into heavenly realms. In the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" and the "Papyrus of Ani," some of the oldest Egyptian books dating back to around 3500 B.C.E., it says, “I am purified of all imperfections. What is it [manna]? I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus. What is it? I pass by the immortals without dying. What is it? I come before my father in Heaven. What is it?” The text continues in a similar fashion, asking this question, “What is it?”

Finally, near the end of the Bible, God offers up a promise. In Revelations 2:7, an angel decrees, "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches...I will give the right to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the Paradis of God." And in verse 17, the angel says, "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches...I will give some of the hidden manna..." Many believe that the hidden manna is steadily being revealed to humanity and that Ormus will one day renew our connection with the divine.


6. Effects of Ormus

By now, it should be clear that Ormus is spiritual as well as physical. While this may not make sense to some readers, there are noted and recurring effects of ingesting Ormus on both a spiritual and physical level that I'd like to discuss. Remember, you don't have to believe this information, and you don't have to take Ormus supplements. This infortaion is for those who want to learn more.

Spiritual Effects

On a spiritual level, Ormus raises the user's vibration, oftentimes activating the kundalini. The monoatomic structure works its way into every cell of the human body, raising it to a higher frequency. Some describe this process as raising the tensile strength of the cellular body. Due to this higher frequency, users often report experiences of unintentional telepathy, seeing auras and energy fields, lucid dreaming, and instant manifestation.

Taking Ormus will deepen your understanding of how thoughts manipulate reality. Barry Carter describes this as shouting out, "I love you!" into the Grand Canyon. Because of the canyon's massive size, it will take a few moments before you hear the echo reverberating back, "I love you." Carter explains, "To those who weren't paying attention, they may conclude that there is a person out there that loves them. The same goes for the statement 'I hate you!' The person might think there is another being out there who hates them. However, when a person takes Ormus, this transaction occurs much more quickly. It would be like a person hearing the echo immediately. In that case, the person is much less likely to think it was another person stating such phrases, and much more likely to understand that it was them who made the statement all along." You create what happens to you, and Ormus helps users realize this mirror in reality.

Ormus is also known as an emotional enhancer. However the user is feeling prior to taking the substance, they will experience a magnified version of the feeling after drinking the tonic. For this reason, users should be cautious when drinking Ormus, as this could potentially create a negative experience. Manufacturers of Ormus highly recommend detoxifying the body, as well as the mind and spirit, before beginning a regiment of ingesting Ormus.

However, Ormus is known to be, in itself, a detoxifying agent. If your body has toxic elements within it, the Ormus will work to purge the toxins. While this occurs, many people report having a Herxheimer Effect or a "healing crisis effect." To those who experience this disequilibrium, don't fret, and recognize that this is just your body coming into balance with itself; the left and right hemispheres of your brain are synchronizing. This may create a sort of "wobbly" feeling as the two hemispheres of the brain begin to harmonize. Eventually, you will feel better.

Physical Effects

On a physical level, Ormus is said to enhance the immune system and repair any DNA damage a person may have accumulated throughout their life. It increases the rate of healing in the body and boosts physical strength. Users have reported that chipped teeth or cavities have repaired themselves after taking Ormus. Others claim that ingesting Ormus rapidly healed their wounds or broken bones.

Since Ormus is a vital component to life within the body, another side effect of drinking Ormus is a youth (sometimes called "uthing") or anti-aging effect on the skin, hair, and nails. Some users take the tonic and use it topically, finding that age spots, wrinkles, and other poor-skin conditions fade away over time. Because of this, Ormus is sometimes referred to as the Elixir of Life, reversing the aging process or, at the very least, slowing it down.

Finally, Ormus is said to bring on a state of serenity and clarity. It brings users into the theta wave states of the brain, thus enhancing intuition. This brain state is oftentimes the end product of a deep meditation, and many people report being able to enter this state (during meditation) almost immediately after ingesting Ormus. Such brain states are associated with increased intelligence and memory. Essentially, Ormus superconducts human thought. Because of this, users may experience the deep, proverbial hum of consciousness, which ranges in pitch from a subtle buzz in the forehead to intense insectoid sounds one might experience deep in the forest (or during hallucinogenic/entheogenic experiences).

However, when all is said and done, it is important to remain critical in your thought process when ingesting Ormus. While there are many advocates for the substance, there are also many to the contrary. One critic noted that "Sir Lawrence Gardner was a proponent of Ormus, and it didn't prevent him from dying of cancer." So, a healthy balance and understanding of both sides of the argument are clearly very important.

Ormus and Gardening

On a final note, I think it is interesting to describe what Ormus does to plant growth when used as a fertilizer. People who water their plants with Ormus report substantially larger yields than ever before. Plant, fruit, and seeds are nearly triple the size of typical products. Plants last longer, grow faster and seem healthier than their counterparts. Furthermore, yields are said to be more abundant, flavorful, and nutritious. While Ormus does enhance plant growth, farmers should not overburden the plants with this mixture. Rather, it's suggested that a good ratio is somewhere around 3 gallons per acre, once a season. You can find a picture gallery of this (and aforementioned) effect(s) here.


7. How to Make Concentrated Ormus


I'd like to start this section off with a word of warning. Be careful what you put into your body, and do your research! Some websites suggest creating a Copper Ormus tincture, even though Copper is poisonous to the human body. This information could result in permanent physical damage or even fatality. A rational chemist/scientist might argue that the chemicals used to extract Ormus are corrosive (such as lye), and the fumes released during repeated boiling are toxic. Note that the alkaline solution of lye is corrosive to the skin. Getting this substance on your skin, in your eyes, or in your mouth before neutralizing the pH will give you a chemical burn. Finally, many critics of Ormus argue that a material with superconductive properties occurring abundantly in nature should be very easy to detect, yet no actual scientific (and repeatable) discovery has suggested such evidence.

If you are in the business of trying to extract concentrated Ormus, you need to be vary careful of the pH balance of the tonic you are mixing. You are trying to get the seawater to be as "base" as possible, and if you drink something that is too acidic you will burn your esophagus and possibly die. Those who make Ormus have done tons of research on their own (outside of this article) to find the perfect recipe for their brew. They usually have a past with magick and alchemy, and have a high respect for the chemicals and compounds they are working with.

Methods for Extracting Ormus

With that being said, according to Barry Carter, acquiring Ormus concentrate is actually quite easy, and there are several ways to do it. The easiest (but least effective) way to extract concentrated Ormus is to take a tin can and put a magnet underneath the can, on the outside of the bottom. Fill the tin can with non-processed water and then stir the water. Let the water sit still for a few hours, and then use an eye dropper to take several squirts of water from the center at the top of the can. The Ormus will try to get away from the magnet, because it levitates on magnetic fields (like most other superconductors). For more about this theory, please see the article "Patterns in Motion." Repeat this process until you have a substantial amount of the Ormus infused water. For this method, you do not need to check the pH balance, and can drink your brew right away.

However, the aforementioned method of extracting Ormus is not the most commonly used. Rather, alchemists tend to take the process much more seriously. Even though Ormus can be collected at any point throughout the year, many alchemists believe that the best time to collect Ormus is during the three day period leading up to a full moon. Conditions and energies at this time seem to be best suited in producing the most optimal and highly-charged Ormus. While the following information is a recipe to create monoatomic powder, the m-state Ormus, there are many recipes on the internet and it is definitely worth reading through them to find similarities, techniques, do's/don'ts, and other information that might be valuable to you in your quest to extract Ormus.

Before you even begin to create your Ormus brew, you need to prepare the surrounding environment. Cleansing the environment with Orgone wands or crystals is a great way to rid the surrounding area of toxic electromagnetic radiations. Alchemists suggest turning off any wifi signals or technology that may be present in the immediate area (Ormus elements are turned into their metallic form when surrounded by cell phones and wireless technologies). Many people also use sacred geometry, such as the flower of life pattern, to raise the vibration of the alchemical process and brew itself. If this sounds too "out there" for your critical mind to handle, then at least recognize that what these people are doing is creating an intentionality. They are focusing their energy and the energy of the room to create a certain product. Intentionality is key, and an essential ingredient to a high vibrational Ormus product.

The most common way to make Ormus is through a Dead Sea Salt reduction (sometimes referred to as reconstituted sea water), creating what is called a "cookie" or "doves" and oftentimes referred to as the "Wet Method Approach." The wet method is where the person takes sea water and precipitates it with lye (sodium hydroxide). Since lye is corrosive, some people opt to use baking soda, but most Ormus alchemists argue that this is not standard procedure. This will raise the pH balance to 10.78 (but should not get higher). If your pH balance does go higher than 10.78, you run the risk of creating a “Gilcrest precipitate," and toxic, heavy metals may form. You should shoot for the "sweet spot" of 10.7 (not yet OK to ingest). If your concoction goes over a pH balance of 11, then you should throw out that batch and start all over. This method will create a white precipitate (the "cookie"), which is about 70% Magnesium, Calcium, etc. and about 30% Ormus. Some alchemists have taken this sea water precipitate and converted it to metal (research information about Don Nance).

Do 5-7 rinses of the precipitate, which requires you to drain the water, usually done with a rubber hose, away from the precipitate and then "rinse" or pour in new purified water to the concoction. After these rinses you'll notice the pH go down to about 9.2-9.4. For example, if your pH goes to 9.10, that is 10x as basic as 9.0. For health reasons, you shouldn't drink anything with a pH balance of over 10. Rather, let 9.5 be the highest pH balance you drink.

Most recipes suggest mixing 1-2 teaspoons of the Ormus with purified/distilled water and then drinking that twice throughout the day. However, it is always wise to start with small doses and then work your way up to what feels right for you. Also, before you swallow the drink, swish the Ormus around in your mouth for a few minutes. This helps the remineralization of the teeth. Drink with intentionality. Ormus goes beyond the physical.

To make a topical agent, take Celtic sea salt (damp and gray) and mix it with grape seed oil (about half and half). Over a period of three days, shake the concoction and then let it settle once a day. After the product has set, you can take the oil off the top and use it topically. This will help with pain and injury, the effects happening almost immediately.

On a final note, remember that Ormus is extremely susceptible to electromagnetic fields/frequencies (EMFs). EMFs will turn m-state elements back into their original metallic state of matter. To avoid this from happening, many people wrap their brew in tinfoil. Wrapping the brew in tinfoil should be sufficient to protect the Ormus from any radiation or electronic waves in the surrounding area.

How to Make Concentrated Ormus

8. Further Research and Sources for Purchase

As stated earlier, there are may different opinions about Ormus, m-state elements, and white powder gold. It is important to read information from both sides of the argument to become a well-rounded and informed individual. Regardless of spiritual beliefs or scientific practice, one should always maintain an open-mind capable of critical thought. Therefore, I suggest you continue your research using some of the following books, articles, and websites that I've gleaned my information from.

Be careful about what you put into your body. While almost all of my research has shown that Ormus is a positive supplement for humans, this is still a relatively new topic of study and discussion, and most of the information found on the internet about Ormus is biased. While I haven't yet used Ormus myself, I have ordered a bottle and will soon update this article with my own personal experiences.

Finally, there are yogic and breathing practices to cultivate Ormus (prana, chi, etc.) naturally within the body, and this is probably the best method for obtaining a spiritual connection with the divine. There are no shortcuts to enlightenment. In every case, a healthy lifestyle and spiritual practice will be necessary. Thank you for reading this article. Please comment your thoughts below.

RationalWiki: Ormus

“Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy” by Chris Emmons

Questions & Answers

Question: Have you, the author of this article, used Ormus yet?

Answer: I have used Ormus, but didn't find anything too special about it. I did go on a strict diet while taking it, but that only lasted for a few weeks. After that, I went back to my usual diet, but continued taking the rest of my Ormus supply. At that point, it hurt my stomach a bit. Overall, it tasted a bit like chlorine and I couldn't tell if any of the side effects were placebos or not (I feel like they were, but should do more personal research with the product to be sure). An interesting side effect is that now, months later, I can taste the Ormus in normal drinking water. My wife tried some too, at the time when I was experimenting with it, and also claims that she can taste Ormus in normal water now too. Not sure what to make of it.

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Wash it until there is NO more taste of salt (about 3 weeks)

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I have never had anyone say that they could taste anything significant in ORMUS... Especially not for a month after taking it!! EEK!!!