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Rarest Eye Color in Humans

Updated on August 29, 2016

This is one of those questions that seems like it should have an easy answer when it really doesn’t. In fact, there is some debate over what the most rare eye color actually is. This is partly because "rare” itself can be a relative term, since one eye color might be very rare in a certain part of the world and extremely common in another.

Though hard scientific evidence is hard to come by, we can say with certainty what some of the less common colors are.

What Is the Rarest Eye Color?

Eye colors from most rare to most common:
• Green
• Violet/Red
• Amber
• Black (no eyes are true black, just very dark brown)
• Blue
• Gray
• Hazel
• Brown
Green eyes are uncommon in most parts of the world
Green eyes are uncommon in most parts of the world

Green Eyes

Though the scientific research is lacking, it is very likely that green is one of the most rare eye colors worldwide. It's commonly quoted that only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes, though it’s difficult to determine where that number came from.

Even if the number is accurate, 2% of the world's 7.3 billion people is 146 million. This is roughly the population of Russia. That's not to say that green eyes aren't special, because they are! It just depends on where you happen to be. In most parts of the world, almost everyone has brown hair and eyes, with green being very rare or absent altogether.

Green eyes are sometimes confused with hazel eyes, which have both brown and green in them. To tell the difference, go into natural lighting (outside during the day), and look at your eyes compared with someone you know to have green, hazel, or brown eyes. The difference should be clear between them.

Where Do Green Eyes Originate From?

Green eyes are most common in Northern and Central Europe though they can also be found in Southern Europe as well as Western Asia. As was mentioned earlier, brown hair and eyes are dominant in most regions, though there are several countries where it is actually more common to have green or blue eyes than brown eyes.

For example, in Ireland and Scotland, 86% of the population has either blue or green eyes, and in Iceland, 89% of women and 87% of men have blue or green eyes. Among European Americans, green eyes are most common in people of recent Celtic or Germanic ancestry. Green eyes also tend to be more common in women.

Even though they're most common in Northern and Central Europe, people of any race can have green eyes.

Celebrities with Green Eyes

  • Adele
  • Emma Stone
  • Amanda Seyfried
  • Clive Owen
  • Jon Hamm
  • Eddie Redmayne
  • Kate Middleton
  • Gael Garcia Bernal

Some very blue eyes can appear to be violet.
Some very blue eyes can appear to be violet.

Violet and Red Eyes

This might be disappointing for some, but true violet or red-colored eyes do not occur naturally in humans. Some eyes, however, can appear to be violet under certain lighting or makeup conditions.

Elizabeth Taylor is famous for her violet eyes, though in reality she just has very blue eyes that can look violet depending on the lighting. She does, however, have a row of double eyelashes, a rare genetic mutation.

People with albinism, a condition that causes a complete lack of or very low levels of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes, sometimes appear to have violet or red eyes. This phenomenon is explained below.

Amber eyes are more common in animals than in humans.
Amber eyes are more common in animals than in humans. | Source

Also Very Rare: Amber Eyes

True amber eyes are extremely rare—they are at least as rare as green eyes or perhaps even rarer. Most people have only seen a couple of amber-eyed people in their entire life.

Amber eyes are completely solid and have a strong yellowish, golden, or russet and coppery tint. They can also contain a small amount of gold-ish gray. Some sources say that this could be due to the increased presence of a pigment called lipochrome (also known as pheomelanin).

Amber eyes are often referred to as wolf eyes because of the strong golden and yellowish color with a copper tint similar to that seen in the eyes of wolves. Besides wolves, amber eye color can also be found in other animals, like dogs, domestic cats, owls, eagles, pigeons and fish.

The Difference Between Amber and Other Eye Colors

Amber eyes are different from hazel eyes because they do not contain hints of brown, green, or orange. While hazel eyes might change color or contain flecks of red or gold, amber eyes are always a solid gold hue.

In poor lighting, it's easy to mistake someone with amber eyes for someone with hazel eyes. In natural lighting, however, you’ll see that hazel eyes tend to have two very distinct colors within the iris. They are often brown and green, and contain speckles and mixed hues.

Celebrities with Amber Eyes Include:

  • Nicole Richie
  • Nikki Reid
  • Evangeline Lilly
  • Darren Criss
  • Rochelle Aytes
  • Joey Kern

Black Eyes

Contrary to popular belief, true black eyes do not exist. Some people with a lot of melanin in their eyes might appear to have black eyes depending on the lighting conditions. This is not truly black, however, but simply a very dark brown.

Hazel eyes vary between brown and green, depending on surrounding conditions like lighting.
Hazel eyes vary between brown and green, depending on surrounding conditions like lighting.

The Science Behind Eye Color

Eye color is more complicated than it might seem, as it's determined by a wide range of factors and can depend to some extent on circumstance, especially lighting.

Eye color is determined by:

  • Amount and type of melanin in the colored part of your eye called the iris
  • The density and composition of the stroma, a thin tissue in your iris
  • Lighting conditions (especially for people with light-colored eyes)

Eye Color and Genetics

Genetics determines how much pigment is present in the iris of your eye. Up to 16 different genes play a role in determining eye color though there are two main genes that have the most influence.

How Melanin Affects Eye Color

Melanin is the most common pigment, and it is found in the eyes, hair, and skin. There are several types of melanin, including pheomelanin (which looks more red and yellow) and eumelanin (which tends to look brown and black).

You might have noticed that there is no blue or green pigment mentioned, which means there is no green or blue pigment ever present in the eye. There is only one kind of pigment, melanin, and its derivatives. So how can a pigment that only produces shades of brown create eyes that look green or blue?

While the first half of eye color has to do with what's already in your eye, the other half has to do with what goes into it: Light!

How Light Affects Eye Color

Your iris has two layers, a front and a back one, and in between those is a thin layer of tissue called the stroma, which has proteins in it (namely collagen). This will become important later.

Everyone has some kind of pigment in their iris, which usually includes a layer of melanin on the back of the iris. The only exception to this is for some people with albinism, who completely lack pigment in their iris.

So, technically speaking, everyone (cases of albinism excepted) has the same eye color. The difference comes with how it's perceived, which is due to the amount and type of melanin in the front layer of the iris and how light interacts with it.

Melanin Content and Eye Color

Eye color
Melanin Presence on Front Layer of Iris
Melanin Presence on Back Layer of Iris
Dominant Pigment Type
Even less than blue
More than blue eyes, less than brown
More than green, less than brown
Pheomelanin and Eumelanin
Red or Violet
None or extremely little
None or extremely little

Biology Behind the Color: Eye by Eye

Blue Eyes

Blue-eyed people have no or little melanin on the front layer of the eye, so as light goes through the eye, it hits the back of the iris and then reflects out. As it goes through the stroma, the presence of proteins causes blue light to scatter, which makes the eye look blue.

This phenomenon (the scattering of light by particles much smaller than the wavelength of radiation) is called Rayleigh scattering, and it's the same reason the sky appears to be blue.

Gray Eyes

Unfortunately, we don’t really know why people have gray eyes. There are, however, some theories on where gray eyes come from:

  • Gray-eyed people could have an even smaller amount of melanin in their eyes than blue-eyed people.
  • They could have a different composition of the stroma that causes the light to scatter differently.

Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed people have melanin in both parts of their irises, so the effect of the light-scattering cannot be seen. The eyes appear darker because more light is absorbed, and variations in color and shade of brown come from the amount of melanin present.

Green Eyes

The front iris layer of green-eyed individuals has only a small amounts of melanin which tends to be the red or yellowish pheomelanin. Since the melanin concentration is very low, the light scattering effect gives off a blue color, which mixes with the yellowish color of the pheomelanin, making the eye look green.

Amber Eyes

Amber eyes get their color from the increased presence of lipochrome (pheomelanin) in the iris.

Red or Violet Eyes

People with albinism are often considered to have violet or red eyes. However, the truth is a little more complicated. Albinism is a condition that causes people to have a lack of pigment in their hair, skin, and eyes. Since people with albinism lack pigment in their iris, light can bounce off the back of the eye and exit the eye.

The light usually reflects back red because of the blood vessels at the back of the retina. Eyes can look violet when this red color combines with the bluish color of the iris that results from a lack of melanin, and the aforementioned light-scattering effects.

In fact, the reason the eyes look red is the same reason you might have red-eye in a photograph, which results from light reflecting off the back of the eye and passing back out through the iris. In normal eyes and lighting conditions, light cannot exit the eye like this.

Why is the Sky Blue (Same Reason Eyes Are Blue)

Why Eye Color Appears to Change

Many people with blue, green, or hazel eyes commonly notice that their eyes change color depending on:

  • Lighting
  • What they’re wearing
  • Makeup
  • Mood

This is because blue and green eyes get their color from the quality and quantity of light, not from pigment.

Thus, different lighting conditions will change the quality of the eye. Mood can change the size of the pupil, which might make the iris appear to be a different color. The quantity of melanin is not changing, but simply the way that the light is reflecting and scattering through the iris.

Can You Change Your Eye Color Naturally?

A baby's eye color can change in the first couple of years. After that, the eye color will remain the same and the only way to change the appearance of your eye color is through makeup, clothing, lighting, and color contacts.

Putting honey in your eyes will not change your eye color permanently, though it could cause you to go blind. The reason some people see their eye color change from honey is due to the inflammation of the cornea as it tries to remove it from the eye.

Can I Find Out What My Child's Eye Color Will Be?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to predict with certainty what a child's eye color will be. In fact, scientists still don't have a way to accurately guess eye color since there are up to sixteen different genes that could be responsible for helping to determine eye color.

Though scientists used to believe that it was a relatively simple case of blue eyes being a recessive gene, and brown eyes being a dominant gene, it's now been found that eye color is determined by as many as 16 different genes. In fact, almost any combinations of parent-child eye color can occur. In general, darker colors tend to dominate lighter colors.

That said, we do know that the main genes found to determine eye color are OCA2 and HERC2. There is a fun tool that you can use to try to guess your future baby's eye color based on your eyes, your siblings' eyes, and your parents eyes.

Here's the eye-color calculator if you want to give it a try!

This is a good example of heterochromia.
This is a good example of heterochromia.

Other Color Variations

There are other variations that can occur in eye color aside from basic color. As you've learned, the iris is a complicated place! Its color comes from the combined effect of texture, pigmentation, fibrous tissue and blood vessels within the iris and stroma. Here are some other eye variations that can occur.


This is where one eye is differently colored from another one, or one iris has different colors in it. Kate Bosworth is a good example of this. This results from uneven melanin content.

If you look closely, you'll see that many eyes have a limbal ring around the iris.
If you look closely, you'll see that many eyes have a limbal ring around the iris.

Limbal Ring

A limbal ring is a dark ring around the iris of an eye. Since they fade with age, they usually signify youth and are considered attractive.

Eye Color Is Not Black and White

If you look at your friends’ eyes, you might find it hard to figure out exactly what color they are. Many eyes look like they have different colors toward the middle versus towards the edge, or have small variations around the iris.

This is especially true for people with lighter colored eyes. You might also notice flecks of color in them. Each of this is part of what makes each eye extremely unique. Irises (like fingerprints) are highly unique. Even genetically identical people, like twins, have different iris textures.

The more you look at eyes, the more you'll notice how unique each and every one is. So just remember that your eyes are special, no matter what color they are!

So, what is the rarest eye color in humans?

Unfortunately, there is no eye color that has been fully agreed upon as the rarest, though green-eyed and amber-eyed people are both extremely rare. In fact, the rarest eye color is different in different geographical locations. In some parts of the world, green eyes are rarer than amber eyes or vice versa.

Most people consider green to be the rarest eye color in the world, though many others consider amber to be even more unusual. Therefore, it’s safe to say that either green or amber is the rarest color in the world.

However, If you look at the eye as a whole and not only the color given off by the iris, then violet eye color with little dispute is probably even rarer than green or amber eye colors.

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    • G Turner 3 years ago

      Just interested because my eyes are green but change colors sometimes depending on what I am wearing.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      G Turner, thanks for stopping by.

      Eye color can be influenced by the way light reflects off surrounding objects.

      It is usually people with light-colored iris who report that their eye color temporally changes with the color of their clothing. You may also see this when you get a new hair color.

    • Maggie Bennett profile image

      Maggie Bennett 3 years ago from New York

      I think it is interesting that 71% of respondents so far have the rarest eye color. Makes me wonder if green eyes has to do with a higher verbal ability?

    • Stove And Home profile image

      Stove And Home 3 years ago

      I think people with green eyes must be doing some kind of search that lands on your page.

      Love the article and the survey. Pink eyes would have to be the rarest I think, right?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Maggie, thanks for your thoughtful comment. You might be right. However, maybe be green eye has the highest frequency here because these are the most curious about their rare eye color.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Hi Stove And Home, I agree with you. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you found this page enjoyable.

    • Lexi 3 years ago

      I think a lot of people who have hazel green eyes say they have green. I understand wanting to say you have a rare eye color, having green eyes myself I know I get a bit of a confidence boost from it. Though when there are so many people who say they do I feel like green eyes are seen as... Ordinary.

      But maybe that's just me.

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      I recently went to the eye dr and they said my eyes were black are black eyes really real or fake?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Many will agree and many will disagree on the existence of true black eye color.

      So, this is a good topic for discussion.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      I've always had green eyes and seem to surround myself with people who have green eyes somehow ? Going back 4 generations on my mothers side all the women have had green eyes . I Hope that if i and my green eyed fiancé Would produce green eyed children. I wonder the results of green + green eyes results in ? Bit of a ramble Sorry

    • Sue Bailey profile image

      Susan Bailey 3 years ago from South Yorkshire, UK

      I have eyes that sometimes look blue, sometimes grey. If asked what colour I have I usually say blue. I have two brown eyed children. One of my children married a blue eyed man and has a child with blue eyes and one with brown eyes. I always thought brown was the dominant gene so was surprised to meet my blue eyed granddaughter. Voted up and interesting

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Even two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child if both parents each inherited blue-eye-genes from their parent.

      Note that eye color can also depend on other genetic factors such as mutation.

      Sue, thanks for stopping by.

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 3 years ago from Brazil

      Sometimes my eyes seem blue and other times green. My father had very light blue eyes and my mother hazel. It is a fascinating subject. I knew a man with amber eyes. He is the only person I have seen with that color. Voted interesting and sharing.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Blond Logic, thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

    • rumanasaiyed profile image

      Rumana 3 years ago from Sharjah, UAE

      I personally like green color eyes.

      Interesting topic!

    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 3 years ago from United States

      I've seen pink eyes, and yes they're from the albinos. I haven't seen a person with pitch-dark eyes though, it would be as fascinating as the green eyes. Green eyes are my most favorite - there are even people with teal-colored eyes. Interesting hub! :)

    • Jmillis2006 profile image

      Jmillis2006 3 years ago from North Carolina

      This was interesting , I have plain brown eyes , but I think green eyes are beautiful.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Vibesites, I am glad for found this hub interesting. Thanks!

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Jmillis2006, I also think green eyes are beautiful. Thanks for your comment.

    • wilcoxway 3 years ago

      when asked, I typically say that I have blue eyes. But honestly, my eyes are a very strange, dark blue, green, greyish color and I have no idea what the color actually is. Other people can't seem to tell me either.

    • BJ1 3 years ago

      My eyes tend to change from grey-green, grey-blue, grey-yellowish brown and it kills me when people, who see me everyday ask "what color are your eyes like really?" It makes me feel like some case study. Btw,i'm African-American. Why me?

    • Kiernan 3 years ago

      I am pretty untested i think I'm the only person with violet eyes, i love my eyes though :D

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Hi Kiernan, You are therefore one of the rare people with violet eyes -- Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes which were her trademark. Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it.

    • lucymj 3 years ago

      well i'm an indian n i have black looks a bit brown when sunlight falls on it but otherwise its pit black

    • Victor 3 years ago

      I have this really really dark blue color, I've heard it's really rare. Have you even seen anyone with this color? When im in a dark room people often mistake my eyes for being black or dark brown.

    • peggy 3 years ago

      My eyes are really weird, they're like, really, really dark brown, they look black, but then right around the edges, they go a dark blue-ush colour if you look closely, but my eyes are actually brown, though often mistaken for black.

    • ilohia808 3 years ago

      I had no idea that my amber eye color was rare. I've been told on occasion how beautiful they are but I've only saw beauty in others.

      Now I have a new appreciation for what I've been blessed with and am thrilled that I found your site.

      I have however only seen a pair of amber eyes that awoman at the bank I do business with has. I commented to her on how beautiful they were. She responded by saying "I always thought we had the same eye color".

      So thank you.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 3 years ago

      Hi Ilohia808, I am glad you stopped by. Thanks!

      Lucymj, Victor, and Peddy, thanks for your comment!

    • Пламен 3 years ago

      I've seen a man with amber (yellow) eyes only once, but never with violet so I voted for it.

    • john 3 years ago

      My eyes are red. I don't know about everyone else but I think its the rarest eye color

    • Bushido Brown 3 years ago

      Nice eye colour John. I have back eyes.

    • Victoria 3 years ago

      I've got hazel, but on Sims 2 I always go with green because it's closest to my eye color (golden brown around the pupils, then dark green, then blue with grey rims; I really like my eyes). My uncle has one blue eye and one green eye while Dad has blue-grey.

    • Caroline 3 years ago

      I have green eyes, have mix of , Portuguese, Irish, and Spanish decent from both sides!

    • kayshaa 3 years ago

      i have amber eyes, i never knew they were rare until now, i didn't even know they had a name my uncle used to call me wolf, lol i guess i know where the name comes from tho

    • and 3 years ago

      I agree that a lot of people say they have green eyes when they are in fact more hazel colored. I have black hair and very light green eyes. I have seen green eyes in many shades...but have never seen amber.

    • Sam 3 years ago

      I have amber eyes, always thought it was normal or my eyes were just plain old brown. Interesting yet, when I was little my eyes were pitch black, they've only really looked amber within the last few years.

    • Nova 3 years ago

      I'm pretty sure my eyes are hazle but I could be wrong. I know I know,.. hazle eyes may seem pretty boring but hey, i'm down with them :)

    • senri 3 years ago

      To me, violet is the rarest eye color in the world.

    • trixlabzu 3 years ago

      well, my eyes are black. ^_^

    • BrownOak 3 years ago

      My eyes are brown; although, my optometrist said that they appear blue when he looks at them through the microscope. Every once in a while, I will get a surprised comment like, 'Oh! Your eyes are brown!' They do appear lighter when I wear dark clothing. Sometimes, I will see a few forest-green specks in them when I'm wearing dark clothing in certain lighting. There is some pale gray-blue on the outer part of both irises but, overall, my eyes are a lovely shade of brown. :)

    • James 3 years ago

      Well unless I'm blind, green appears to be the most common.

    • anon2.0 3 years ago

      I'd say violet is the rarest since red /pink are caused by blood leakage and not eye pigments directly. also amber needs to be split into 2 colours because copper amber is common but yellow amber is rare. mainly because copper is relying on brown as a base while yellowish eyes come from a blue base. the lipochromes that make up amber are a bi-product of the eye absorbing carotin. which means you not only need the right genes for amber eyes but the right diet as well. but I wouldn't try forcing it as much like calcium and other nutrients carotin never goes where you want it too. so you're more likely to get orange skin then amber eyes if you eat to much. lol

    • toastiesss 3 years ago

      Apparently I have 'golden syrup' eyes, since they look orange/golden in sunlight and darker indoors... But I think I can classify them as amber :)

    • Ange 3 years ago

      My son has eyes that are black black.. the only way you can see any brown in the eyes is if you shine a light directly into his eyes. The fact that I didn't even know that his eyes were really brown until he was 3 months old when I took him to a doctor for a check up. They are black. I've actually had people tell me that if he wasn't such an amazing kid those eyes would make them uneasy. I was born with blue eyes, they turned green in high school and now at 31 they are hazel but will change between the 3 colors whenever they feel like it.

    • owl 3 years ago

      thank you so much for posting this its helped a lot because a lot of people I know always say green are the rarest eye color and we have had many debates about this being I am the only one with green eyes in the grope but my eyes are a mix of colors (close to the pulpe its amber ang then it turns green then there grey then blue, and the rim is a mix of green and grey

    • Spectre 3 years ago

      I always wondered about my eye color, being as they glow sometimes in the sunlight (spooks people) I've been told, though i don't see a listing on variations of the types, i seem to have red amber eyes, is that even heard of? My Dad said that might account for my good night vision.

      Also the color red has a strong 3-D effect on my vision, though i seem to see 2-D as 3-D in most cases.

    • Spectre 3 years ago

      Forgot to mention my Mom has Green eyes and my Brother has Blue, weird or

    • Kavz17 3 years ago

      I have hazel green eyes but when I was younger they were violet. Nobody in my mother and father's family have coloured eyes so does it count as a mutation? When I wake up it's a variety of green. I guess it depends on my mood or the weather because it goes to a brown or green during the day. Your website is helpful so thank you and go hazels!

    • Casey White profile image

      Dorothy A Casey McKenney 3 years ago from United States

      My eyes are soooooooo...nothingness. Hazel eyes, IMHO, are just plain annoying, and I can't wait to get green contacts! Great article.

    • jessieo 3 years ago

      Interesting article. I have had trouble describing my eye colour for years, but have had people say they 'look like amber', it's only recently I found out that amber was even an eye colour!

    • Blue-eyed girl 3 years ago

      I think amber's certainly rarer where I am coz I only just learnt it existed and met a fair few green-eyed people. A lot of people have grey-green (like my mum) or blue-green eyes tho, as opposed to entirely green, and I guess some of those will say they have green eyes. A lot of eyes don't fall neatly into one colour category and people's perceptions can differ so I don't think a survey could ever accurately determine the distribution in the population. I suppose there'd have to be a way of measuring the amounts of pigments in the eye (I know they can do this with melonin in skin), with colour categories determined by set ranges of those pigments or something. Yet to meet 'black'/amber/violet/red/pink-eyed people but look forward to doing so.

    • Amanda 3 years ago

      My eyes are green but turn blue and grey depending on my mood and clothes. My mom has hazel/dark green eyes and my dad dark brown. My fiancé has brown eyes with specs of gold around the pupil and I wonder if our kids will have light eyes.

    • Caitlin 3 years ago

      I have true amber eyes and love them. My oldest son has a mutation where he has brown eyes with huge spots of blue and my daughter has gorgeous blue eyes, their dad has normal brown eyes. My youngest is developing more of a greenish hazel even though his father has very blue eyes, seems like I carry a lot of the recessive genes. I love studying genetics. Thanks for the info on this page.

    • Avery Luna 3 years ago

      So I have deep green eyes with a touch of blue, is that rare?

    • MaraAlhelaly profile image

      MaraAlhelaly 3 years ago

      I have black eyes ,and in sunlight they are very very dark brown ,,, but the weird thing is that they have an amber rim , is this rare ??

    • Michelle 3 years ago

      I have Hazel/red eyes. my parents and brothers have brown eyes im the only one in my family with hazel/red eyes, when i was little they used to be olive. I say are hazel red cuz sometimes are normal hazel but at times is more red and in every single picture with flash they look soo red even standing next to someone with green ayes, my eyes looks red and hers light green. My mom say that im really a cat lol. Is there someone else with a combination of red ayes?

    • Libi 3 years ago

      Well my eyes arent rare but... That's Ok with me! Like Last year my eyes were brown and now they are kinda looking like Amber. Very Weird but maybe its the light on my eyes that make it amber.

    • Gabriel (Swede with green eyes) 3 years ago

      You hear about blue eyes and brown eyes and brown being the more common of the two because of dominance, but they do not often mention green in relation to these two. That is why I think that green is the most voted eye color in your poll.

    • IDW 3 years ago

      There are healthy violet eyes that don't have any blood vessels showing through them; and even though they are violet they may have deposits of lipochrome or even melanin. Violet eyes are a shade of dark grey/blue and can even be a little teal.

      But blood vessels don't show through the iris in healthy blue/grey eyes that are so dark as to seem purplish/or violet (the type of dark blue violet eye pictured, in fact). That would cause the person to look away from the light source due to the pain and glare. The description comes from eyes that are so dark blue that they look like the flower: "violets are blue."

    • Dustin 3 years ago

      I have green eyes(I think), it's possible they're just very greenish hazel eyes. They are dark bluish green on the outside rim, kind of dark forest green in the middle, with a light ring of gold/amber around the pupil.

      My right eye has one tiny speck of pure bright blue at the bottom.

      My brother has Amber eyes, as far as I can tell. In sunlight they look just like the picture in the article, just a bit more yellowish/orange. Indoors though, they are medium brown, like some light chocolate color.

      My mom has dark brown eyes, and my dad has bright blue eyes.

      I guess my brother and I hit the genetic jackpot when it comes to eye color/appearance. We're always getting complimented on our looks... just no one wants to date us.

      Guess I'm too boring, and he's too anti-social. lol

    • allen 3 years ago

      i've got amber eyes

    • Allie 3 years ago

      I have violet eyes. I'm happy but I like any color :D

    • rachel 3 years ago

      My mother had blue eyes up until maybe the 1st or 2nd grade...then they changed to a greenish-yellow color. They're very beautiful!

    • Renee 3 years ago

      2% of the worlds population have green eyes. So around 8 million+ people have green eyes. Rarest eyes colours are red and violet caused by Albinos. No one has eyes that change colour it's not true they are speaking BS - the only change would be the lighting of your house determining the shade of your eyes. Everyone wants to be different but that doesn't mean you should lie saying some crap about your eyes changing into more than three different colours. No one will believe you

    • Thalia 3 years ago

      i noticed a lot of people talking about there eyes sometimes apearing green blue or grey.

      if you fit that discription then you most likely have grey eyes with a yellow ring like me.

      these eyes have in the center of there eyes strings of bright blue and green pigment covered by a yellow ring.

      because of this the eyes often apear blue green or grey depending on light and what you wear a blue shirt will bring out blue green green etc.

      you can find a picture of grey eyes with a yellow ring on the english eye color wikipedia page.

      very dark blue eyes often apear violet but from what i found on the net so far true violet eyes only occur due to albinism

      im also curious if there are people here with complete or sectoral heterochromia (two different eye colours) a secoral form would be in which you would for example having blue eyes with a part of brown in it

      i hope this ends the search for people having there eye colour change al the time.

      eye colour can change through the years but that most of the time it means lighter or a darker color.

      the only time you truly change colour is when you are a baby

      trauma and hormones can also influence your eye colour and even change

    • mar 2 years ago

      I know some one who has light blue eyes but in one eye there is a triangle of brown

    • genNic 2 years ago

      I'm a geneticist, and my specialty is eye color. That said, there are studies showing these 3 colors to be the rarest: Yellow (very light brown/amber in color), True Hazel (commonly involving a combination of grey, or green with a yellow, amber, or brown center around the pupil), Grey (being steel or smoke colored in appearance usually marked by a dark blue or black radii of the iris itself). I have studied this intensely for the last ten years, and my findings of the rarest color is True Hazel with grey being the main color variation. I have also found that subjects presenting a red tone in the iris mostly have a significant genetic predisposition to severe macular degeneration, i.e. vision reduction, little to no ability to see well at night, ocular light sensitivity, cannot easily wear contact lenses, consistently changing vision quality or prescription meaning that it will change more than once in a 1.5 year span. Those with blue eye color, that is actually a dominant color, as is brown and green. The three aforementioned colors are solid, with no trace of additional colors. Basically, if you have blue eyes and your wife/husband has hazel eyes, the resulting offspring will most likely have blue eyes (hazel is a recessive trait.) Brown eyes and husband/wife has grey, the resulting offspring will have brown eyes, as is the case in both of my children (my eyes are hazel grey with a yellow center.) Brown is dominant over blue, period. Blue is dominant over green. Green and grey are dominant over hazel, and amber. Amber is a mutation of the brown eye color gene which has been loosely (I say that because I have yet to see provable evidence) linked to thyroid issues, weight issues, and alledgedly severe macular degeneration (I'm not buying it.)

    • natural holistic profile image

      D. Lemaire 2 years ago from Arizona

      Interesting. I have the eye color the person above said was in the top 3 rare colors "green with a yellow, amber, or brown center around the pupil". I was born in Belgium, quite a few people there have green eyes, but since moving to the USA I have seen a lot of people with either brown or blue/grey eyes.

    • sierra 2 years ago

      I have one eye that appears to be black and one eye that sometimes appears to be a darkish blue or a very light green with little dots of brown in it. I guess it's referred to as heterochromia

    • luke 2 years ago

      I hate my eyes people call me a freak because they are neon tourquise I wish they were normal.

    • Angelina 2 years ago

      I generally thought my eyes were pretty normal. They're a fairly dark shade of brown in lowlight or inside, but in the sun, they're a sort of amber shade, starting with an orange-y shade that morphs into golds oranges and yellows. I also have a brown spot on the outer rim of my right eye. I wish I could share a picture so it made more sense!

    • Fantasia 2 years ago

      I have green eyes and my father has hazel and my mom has dark brown I wonder how my eyes are so green if my parents eyes are pretty dark I also have 3 kids that all have blue eyes, mine are green and my ex has dark brown eyes and both our boys have beautiful deep blue eyes and my daughter has blue eyes like my husbands so I know that's where she gets hers from I just wonder how my boys have blue eyes when my exes eyes are very dark brown it seems like my parents gave me an eye color that matches neither of there's and now my kids eyes don't match mine or my exes how does this happen I though dark eyes were dominate?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hi Fantasia, it is very possible for your kids to have blue eyes when you have green and their father brown. This has been proven lots of times. How the genes for eye color are passed on is not a simple matter. It also depends on the age of a child. A baby's eye color can change from blue to another eye color at some stage. I think this is usually during the first year.

    • genäht 2 years ago

      I have gold eyes with blue specks in it i don't think ive ever seen anyone with that but i really liked this hub

    • Mia 2 years ago

      I happened to have grey actually sometimes people mistake them for blue. I've done research on my family sooo I'm a mixture of chinese, spanish, and a bit of african.

    • Isabell Allie 2 years ago

      My eyes have a light-brownish-amber at the pupil, then a really light green, then a dark green rim, which runs into the light green. On my left eye I have a small brown spot, near the middle on the outer edge of the amber.

      I wouldn't ever say that I have green eyes, more of a green-hazel. More hazel then anything, I've always said that I have hazel eyes, but until recently researching about eye colors, they seem to have a very light green effect.

      Depending on how I wear my hair, or what color clothes I'm wearing, different colors seem to stand out more, which would make sense.

      I really like my eyes, and the way the light green always has a shine in the light. But I don't know if they're more of a hazel or a green. I love the bright glow of true green eyes, and I think they're so very beautiful. I know I don't have true green eyes, because of the amber, but are there semi-green eyes? I know there are really light green eyes, but I don't know about the amber part. So I was hoping you could tell me, anatomynotes?

    • Isabell Allie 2 years ago

      luke, you shouldn't hate your eyes just because people say you're a freak. They're just being mean, and trying to get a reaction from you!! You should like the way your eyes are, that's a beautiful color! Don't listen to the negative comments people give you, you're a wonderful person and you should be happy with just the person you are. :)

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hi Isabell, I think hazel eye color is a kind of move from brown to green. It may contain gold or amber spots. It is sometimes tough to know when hazel becomes green. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • tom 2 years ago

      Is it possible to have a mixture of eye colours? Such as green in one eye and blue in the other?

      what does this mean?

      thanks ^-^

    • Maria 2 years ago

      I have amber eyes and my sister also. Not so rare i think.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      I think it is called heterochromia. It is usually due to a different degree of pigmentation in both irises. That is, one eye has more or less pigment than the other.

    • Tanner 2 years ago

      My eyes are strange they start blue fade to green just enough to be noticeable then they finish blue. I dunno I'm just very confused. Help?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hi Tanner, hazel eyes are known to contain many colors. Commonly brown and then green radiating outwards from the pupil. But there can also be some blue farther out the iris. It is difficult to say based only on the description you gave. They might be hazel.

    • Tanner 2 years ago

      But my eyes don't have brown its just green and blue. The green is close to the pupil but incased with blue. So my would be blue/green?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hi again Tanner, when you have two colors in your iris it is called central heterochromia – a different type from Tom’s above.

      I’ve seen people with blue eyes and a different color ring around the pupil. I guess for simplicity, people broadly classified them as hazel.

    • Kate 2 years ago

      Great article. My eyes are blue/green. However, in my left eye is a streak of orange brown. Any ideas? It's been there since birth. I've never seen another person with it.

    • Andrea 2 years ago

      My eyes are mostly yellow/orange-brown (it depends on the light), so do I have amber eyes?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hey Andrea, thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is hard to give an opinion just based on that. I'm guessing brown or amber.

    • ShinyM profile image

      ShinyM 2 years ago

      I had a good chuckle when your poll showed green eyes to be in the lead. This was very informative. Thank you.

    • Irene 2 years ago

      I have sectoral heterochromia with brown eyes with partial amber. :)

    • Chloe 2 years ago

      My eyes are a light green most of the time but sometimes in the sun they are blue. But they always have a dark blue haze around the iris, and a gold ring around my pupil. When i turn off the light the gold kinda glows. Any idea what this means?

    • Alice 2 years ago

      My eyes are amber and when I was a baby they were green how is that possible?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hey Chloe, thanks for stopping by. The way Eye color is seen can be influenced by the type and amount of light. About the glow, I am not sure what that means.

      Hi Alice, Thanks for your comment. Due to their low levels of melanin in the eye, most babies aren't born with their final eye color. As pigments gradually kick in, they experience a change in their eye color until they get to their genetically determined eye color.

    • Ben 2 years ago

      Hello. When I'm looking at mirror, I still don't know if I have blue eyes or grey ones. Are there some tips, how can I find out which colour I have?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      Hi Ben, wear a white t-shirt, stand in daylight and ask a friend. Use a color chart if you have one. Next time you visit your doctor, also try to ask him/her about your eye color.

    • Morgan 2 years ago

      Ok I have to say I really do have green eyes but they change color. Green hazel brown gold brownish-green ya so that my color I swear I'm not lying


    • Ann 2 years ago

      Very interesting!

      My eyes are hazel around the pupil, but green for the most part around the hazel colored part, with a dark blue ring around where the whites of my eyes meet the green (if that makes sense, although you can't see the hazel unless you're actually looking)

      Both of my parents and brothers have brown eyes, although on my dad's side, his brother has greenish grey eyes, and his mom had blue grey eyes, and on my mom's side, only her mom has green eyes, while her dad and both brothers have brown eyes.

      The funny thing is, I was born with blue-grey eyes, and had them up until I was around five or six, and then they changed to green. (I was also born blonde, but now I'm brunette)

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I have one eye that is 75% bluish and 25% brown. The 75% blue section is light blue like the other eye, but both have a thin very dark blue outer ring.

    • Denise 2 years ago

      Both my parents have Hazel eyes (which change color depending on what they are wearing and the lighting) and my sisters have Hazel eyes. I got green eyes which just get more intensely green depending on lighting and what I'm wearing. My brother has blue eyes. I always found this interesting. Thanks for the info.

    • Paula Jean Carlson 2 years ago

      Those of us with green eyes appear to be very curious.

    • Laura335 profile image

      Laura Smith 2 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      I've never seen a lot of these eye colors before. I'll have to start paying more attention to people's eye color. Really interesting.

    • Lisa 2 years ago

      My eyes are mostly green with a thin golden ring near the pupil, so I usually say hazel. My cousin has heterochromia with one blue eye and the other brown... very pretty.

    • Awesome Person 2 years ago

      My eye color is one eye is half brown half blue and the other is blue but the plain blue eye is a shade lighter than the blue in my half brown half blue eye

    • Jennifer 2 years ago

      I actually thought the poll said "which do you think is the rarest eye color?" And I put red, then wondered why so many people chose brown. Super bad dyslexia moment. I have literally never heard of anyone having violent or red eyes though. In the picture, the eye looked blue to me. I have brown eyes but they become amber in the sun. My dad has green eyes and my mom has brown, so I think I got a mixture of both. There's this one boy at my school who has amber eyes, even inside, and they look amazing. He really does look like a mythical creature or something lol. Also, I wish you had mentioned why some people have two different colored eyes. This one girl in hs had one green and one blue eye. Oh well, I like my brown eyes :P

    • elise 2 years ago

      People say my eyes r yellow like cat . I admit they are very striking. Who can I email pics and ask what colour they are. Iv never been sure what to say if ppl ask me. I get asked a lot haha

      Email me in curoius now

    • Mel 2 years ago

      I have super dark brown eyes n ppl usually tell me they never seen a person with really dark eyes. But I always seen them so I thought till today when I saw this men with black eyes.. Never in my life I seen black eyes.. But I seen other colors.. Blue n green n brown have to be the most common I seen. But I only seen one guy with amber or yellow eyes n his mom too.. They are beautiful n my favorite.

    • So zoro 2 years ago

      My eyes are hazel they go brown and green and blue is that rare ?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 years ago

      It is hard to say So zoro. There are people whose eye colors are influenced not only by the lighting of the room but also by their hair color and the color of what they are wearing. So these factors can also play a role. Thanks for stopping by.

    • jackie 2 years ago

      I wonder what it's like having a rare eye color. I only have ordinary darkish brown eyes. Anyway I thought this website was interesting.

    • isle 2 years ago

      Yeah i've got amber eyes :) but in darker places they look brown :(

    • Victoria 2 years ago

      My grandfather has gorgeous eyes. They switch from amber to green which surprises me because they're the two of the rarest eye colors! None of our family has amber eyes, we've only had brown/hazel. They also change color! One day they're a light green, the next they're a bright amber. How can eyes change color like that? I thought only babies eye colors changed

    • Tim 2 years ago

      Man I wish I had a rare color of eyes, I just have plain brown

    • Sophie 2 years ago

      My great grandfather had amazing eyes, they were a truly vivid shade of green, my great grandmother had brown eyes and all their children somehow ended up with blue.

      The next generation had blue eyes all round (mother, aunts and uncle) as did their partners.

      And yet somehow all my cousins and I (7 of us) ended up with different shades of green. My eyes are grey-green and then I have a light muted-hazel in the centre of my eye (heterochromia)

      Like many people with green eyes, my cousins and I seem to change colour and confuse everyone from day to day; all depending on clothing, the light, and our environment.

    • misterhollywood profile image

      John Hollywood 2 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Such a cool hub - I really did not know any of this about eye color!

    • Calla Wolf 2 years ago

      My eyes have goldish suns around the pupils sometimes. they also turn yellow sometimes.

    • spotscene 2 years ago

      I have amber eyes...ever since I was a child people would tell me how pretty my eyes were. ....almost on a daily basis. Funny thing is that I always thought they were talking about the shape or something. A few years ago I found out it was because of the color lol. I guess i never realized it was rare because ive always had them so never thought twice about it....if that makes any sense. I think I realized it when color contacts got really popular and I started getting asked "are those your real eyes" or "omg where did you get your contacts, they are so pretty and look soooo natural!".

    • Clover swift 2 years ago

      I have a grey eyes♥ mm..Will I see that green eyes is the most common eye color when I has voting I've see that the most people they eye color is green

      25% green eyes and only 6% grey^ I don't know but I don't see a lot people with grey eyes people with green eyes they're more common than people with grey eyes

      But blue eyes still more and the most common eyes in the world

    • ShannonBarlow13 2 years ago

      I have 3 colours in my eyes. Around my iris, I have a lilac-y grey. Surrounding that, I have a lagoon, ocean-y green. Ringing that, I have a deep blue. I have no idea how I got that since both my parents have pale blue eyes but I would love to hear your insight.

    • ShannonBarlow13 2 years ago

      I could show you a picture if you want. I'm sorry that the picture will not be great because my iPad camera isn't as good as the new ones and I'm only 13 and really can't take a picture but if you decide that you do want to then let me know how.

      P.S. I swear to God that I'm not wearing contacts

    • Tanner E. 2 years ago

      Okay, so I am currently unsure of my eye color. I highly doubt hazel since there has to be a at least some brown, but my eyes have never appeared brown anywhere other than a small gold ring around the iris. Most the time they tend to be a blue-green Tending to be an equal mix of the two.

    • Kitkat 2 years ago

      My eyes and my brother's are gray, blue, and green. Is that rare or even normal?

      My mom has green eyes and my dad has blue.

    • Pete 2 years ago

      Kitkat--my eyes (and my sister's also) are blue, gray, and green. My dad's eyes are blue-gray and my mom's are bright green. Basically, my eyes will mimic whatever color shirt I put on in the morning. Green shirt=green eyes. Blue shirt = blue eyes. Gray shirt=gray eyes.

    • Pieses rule 2 years ago

      My eyes are a really silvery blue. I really like your hub very cool :-)

    • Karen in S.E. TX 2 years ago

      I didn't see a mention of gray eyes. I've only met two people my entire life (48) who had truly gray eyes and not some form of hazel, green or blue when looked at closely.

      My sister and one of my nieces have amber eyes. My sister's eyes were a greyish color that had yellow in it sometimes. Her eyes slowly morphed into amber cat eyes. Her daughter's eyes were more of a hazel blue and changed to amber cat eyes.

    • bob 2 years ago

      i have very dark eyes and people say they look black but they are very dark brown because if you look closely you can see hints of brown

    • peggy 2 years ago

      My dad had hazel eyes n my mom brown with a hazel ring. . weird. My eyes are hazel. Dads ancestors r indian n white. Im african american.

    • Bill G. 2 years ago

      Dichromatic here, one blue, one green!

    • Delta-Aria 2 years ago

      I have central heterochromia. Dark blue rim around the iris, blue-green iris, and yellow around the pupil. Most of the time, my eyes just look green.

    • Amber eyes 2 years ago

      I have Amber eyes and I always thought they were just a clear light copper brown until a few years ago. Always get compliments about them. New favorite part of myself :-)

    • samuelknowles profile image

      sam knowles 2 years ago from florida

      very interesting article, i think genetics can be implemented here. I come from a line of amber eyed people, and it's a fact that the recent generation (me and my siblings) are of mixed race. Every known race has a set qualities that define there eye color genetically, but it seems mixed race people are more prone to these minor mutations than most. Like you said it's a genetic trait that's inherited, so i guess "mixing the gene pool" makes it happen more often.

    • miketm 2 years ago

      Is green really that rare? My dad, grandma some of uncles and cousins have green eyes. Only my grandpa and one cousin have blue and everyone else has brown. Not sure green is so rare.

    • hal 2 years ago

      I find it hard to believe that green eyes are more rare than gray or amber. I know a bunch of people with green eyes. I've only met one person with gray eyes, and only one person with amber eyes.

    • emmy 2 years ago

      I was wondering were the silver eye colour was i mean i know my eyes are blue but when i ask people what they see (mainly because my eyes turn purple on occasion and i wanna know when) they tell me silver or grey which confuses me

    • emmy 2 years ago

      Oh also when people are not telling me my eyes are silver or purple they are called ice blue mainly because i can stare daggers at a person or the fact that they actually look like ice (that is how i know they are blue)

    • lawdoctorlee profile image

      Liza Treadwell Esq aka Liza Lugo JD 2 years ago from New York, NY

      Really interesting hub! I had to share this will all of my green-eyed friends. Keep up the good work!

      Hoping 2015 brings you continued success.

    • mama Mac profile image

      Callie B 2 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Interesting article. My husband, my children, and I all have blue eyes. My husband and daughter have dark blue eyes, and my son and I have light blue eyes.

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 2 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      My late father had amber eyes (true amber eyes, they were golden and liquid and beautiful), my sister and I have always wished we had inherited them. We always said they were wasted on a guy (they don't need to have beautiful eyes), but we both got different hues of brown eyes. My mom's side of the family has a lot of blue and green eyes, so it surprises me that green eyes are so rare. Intereresting!

    • AshimaTan 24 months ago

      Whoa! I never thought about such details while looking at somebody's eyes but after reading this I'm more familiar. Really interesting! And I love the light brown shade.

    • Louise 23 months ago

      I am sooo confused right now. So I was searching about eye colors and if black/brown eyes are common or rare. I have black (?) eyes but when you point any kind of light towards them, they tend to go brown. I know a lot of people with dark brown eyes but they're not really black. If you go really close and check my eyes out, they're like a really dark shade of brown like a dot away from black. So I'm not really sure if black eyes are rare. Are they?

    • Kaylea 23 months ago

      I am one of the lucky people with Amber eyes, only mine are more orange.

    • Amber 23 months ago

      My eyes can be Amber, green, hazel, brown, or black my eyes just recently started changing black i don't know why

    • robin 23 months ago

      I have a amber eye color. Darker around the outer edge. My ex had the most brilliant sea blue/teal eyes I've ever seen. My daughter really does have strange eyes. I took her for a Identify Kit at the Sheriffs office and the Deputy was like "What color ARE her eyes? I'm not sure what to put on the card". They seem to almost dance between green, grey, and blue. I know color "changing" can't be possible, right? So they must just pick up light like a prism. One thing for sure is that they are mesmerizing to look at. Probably why she is so spoiled!

    • anomynous 23 months ago

      i have gray eyes and i think that violet eyes are extremely beutifull

    • Kat2u 23 months ago

      I have green eyes...only one in my family. Mom has has brown.

      My daughter has blue.

    • ladysonoma 23 months ago

      My eyes are so dark that they look black. They are also a little large on the irises. Everywhere I go, people say what large dark eyes you have. They think I wear colored contacts. Its kind of. I like my strange eyes. I have pretty dark hair and a light complexion, so I get told I look like Rose Macgowan, who also has large dark brown eyes and hair to match - and pale skin.

    • anonymus 22 months ago

      i have blue/grey eyes wit some light yellow ring, but lots of people have told me that my eyes are green... which is completely wrong. If you have a yellow/brown/pink/whatever ring around your pupil - you don't automatically have green eyes. People have to calm down with this green-eyes-fetish like srsly.

    • Charles Dickens I 22 months ago

      Hello anatomynotes, just here for a question.

      When I was younger, say from birth to around 10, I had brown eyes. I know this as true do to photos.

      But from then on, I seemed to have green eyes, I did not take notice at first, but now I am. I am 15 now and am just wondering why.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 22 months ago

      Hi Charles D. I, thank you for stopping by. Most eye color changes happen before the age of one. It stays fixed after that. However some people have reported a change in eye color in their adulthood. I am not sure why yours changed from brown to green instead of the other way around. There is still a lot of unknown when it comes to the genetics of eye color.

    • Charles Dickens I 22 months ago

      Thanks for the answer, and it's Zach by the way, just called myself this for stupid purposes.

    • James 22 months ago

      I have pure siler grey eyes. The started out a light blue when and until a while ago I classified them as blue. But then in the mirror I looked at them closer but I couldn't see any blue at all. Just like a weird greyish faded colour. Is this normal?

    • James 22 months ago

      I mean when you look at them a bit further away they look like a light blue or light green. But up closer they are just grey.

    • Morgan carey 22 months ago

      My eyes change from blue to grey to light green and also golden yellow! Is that hasel eyes

    • Shinjitsu 22 months ago

      The fact that the poll isn't even close to representative of the normal distribution of colors demonstrates that people who visit this page are self-absorbed jerks who've come to see how rare their non-brown eye color is. No jelly, I'm actually one of them =]

    • stanlee01 22 months ago

      I have darker color gray eyes,but when I look closer they appear to be dark green with hints of gray,I've been told they look like cat eyes,:)

    • Ivy75 22 months ago

      My eyes were basic brown with my pupil being dominant ( as my son now) in childhood.In my 20's they changed to a brown copper center with black flecks and green outer layer. I have been told in sunlight and dim light they're "wolf" eyes --more copper toned. What color are my eyes? Oh my husband has green eyes & my daughter has the most beautiful gray eyes. I am glad to know she's unique..if they stay.

    • Anonymous 21 months ago

      My eyes are brown-golden. If you look closely you would find gold in them. They change,in the sun, to amber. So are my eyes amber?

    • Eyrist 21 months ago

      I have dark red eyes mixed in with a bit of black. It's almost a dark maroon shade. I think I may know the reason why though I'm not sure.

      When I was around six or seven on new years day, I ran outside then tripped. That caused me to fall forward and hit my head on a rock. It was the very top of my forehead, just barely below my hairline, that started to drip out blood (though I convinced myself it was only sweat because of the cartoonish way it ran down the side of my face)

      Would this be the reason why I have these weird irises?

    • Ariana 21 months ago

      I have what people would call black eyes. I find them horribly uninteresting. It's pretty hard to see any eye color under any far or close light. I have tons of family with blue eyes, and my favorite is blue. My parents are honey brown eyed, and so is my brother. I'm not sure where I get the darkness of mine, as my grandparents and great grandparents had either honey or blue/hazel eyes. Maybe some strange genetic variation? Whatever it is, I'm not find of my color. It's plain boring. I'm latina, from US Puerto Rico, by the way, if that helps with any research on ethnicity and eye colors.

    • Tilley 21 months ago

      I haven't gone to a doctor or anything but my friends and family have noticed that my eye colors change with my emotions, is this normal?! They are light blue - grey when I am happy but very green when I get frustrated...

    • Nicole 21 months ago

      My twins (identical) have dark brown , chippewa full daddy, my youngest has changing light (what I call see through eyes). They are sometimes light brown, green, grey, with a blue edge, but like crystal glimmers. Her dad has even more glimmer crystal changing color eyes. Mine go from brownish green to green.. Her dad is irish, german and filipino, I'm German irish and Cherokee (so I'm basically white).. I have seen, as well as others, my youngests eyes change color at the blink of an eye. It's weird, cool but weird....

    • Enzio 21 months ago

      Nice Article, I just want to add that I have black eyes, I'm from south africa but my great grandfather was from germany

    • Sharon Bowers 21 months ago

      I have very very dark brown eyes and they appear black. Its strange because i am a brunet (but a red tint to my hair like a ginger my dad is a ginger .O.) veryyyy white and people say i look like a vampire lol. But when i shine a flashlight in my eye, its still a pretty dark brown . I hate my eyes .. my sister is a red head and usually gingers has blue eyes but she has hazel green eyes its soo pretty and around here eyes is like orange ... :3

    • Bree C. 21 months ago

      hello, I'm wondering what you would classify my eye color as. They start from the pupil being a gold-ish color then they blend into a light yellow-ish color but they are fully yellow in the sun. Yet on rare occasions they can be a yellowish blue but I don't know how or why it happens

    • rachel 20 months ago

      My eyes are Black

    • bexy 20 months ago

      Wow didn't know my eyes r rare my family is cool i have yellow amber eyes my partner has near enough black eyes and my son has a grey blue eyes bit of a mix and match

    • jens 20 months ago

      There are five stages of green eyes where dark green is the only green that has a balanced form and you can watch the seperations of blueish grey/rusty yellow in cold white light - because dark green will stay green in every stages of warm light...

      In my opinion and coming form denmark i have meet a lot of people claming to have green eyes, through these peoples eyes only have the green traces in evening light or in yellow toilet light, true green is the green color visulized at the beginning of this page

      But meeting people with green eyes or even the traces, taking form my experienses asking people/talking with them/analyzing, you are sure to find someone with an adventures imagination given the emotional state they are in at these people crave knowlegde... but not in really in the fact way as people with blue eyes tend to do, but in the way that they really wanna understand the basic matrix of thing, like the emotional complexity of animals or sensual understanding of all kinds of art... not so much the a to b concept but the A to Z ... Hope you understand my English and if you have opserved upon this i wound love to hear your opinion - espessialy if you know any blue eyes people who said there eyes change coloer and structur, i've meet 7 and they really seriusly claimed that sometimes they see ghost(Not that i believe, it's just interesting because they really ment it)

    • Mama G 19 months ago

      One of my daughter's has green eyes and the other amber. I found this topic very interestinteresting. I never knew how rare that was. My oldest daughter, with the amber, we always called them a "honey" color and my other daughter, i argued with for a long time, i always thought she had blue ljke me, until one day i really saw the green come out.

    • Wendy 19 months ago

      Mine are olive green with amber right around the iris. Autumn colors. Plus I'm a red head.

    • Grace 19 months ago

      My eyes were a deep blue until I was 10, and then they changed to a light green. At one point I had one blue eye and one green eye and I got made fun of a bit- but it was okay. I'm very proud of my eye color! They're unique. I have a dark green starburst around the iris and then a light green and a black ring. I also had my DNA analyzed and I also am a carrier for amber. I have two amber specks on the bottom of my left eye. Both my parents had brown eyes. My half siblings parents had brown eyes as well and all four of us have green eyes. No one else in our families have that. Our cousins all have blue eyes.

      I had my half sisters DNA tested as well and she is not an amber carrier and neither is my full brother.

    • Mara 19 months ago

      When I was a baby my eyes were a very dark blue and slowly lightened as i got older, when I was around 10 my eyes were completely grey no matter what i wore but as i got further into my teens and now currently, my eyes have a dark blue outer ring, a very light blue middle, and a yellow/light green center. I love my eyes, there are so many colors in them and I always get complements on them, I classify them as blue green and Im the only person I know with eyes like this though Ive seen famous people with similar eyes. Both my parents have dark blue eyes along with two of my siblings and my other two siblings have brown eyes. Are blue green eyes likethis common?

    • Id65 18 months ago

      When I was a baby throughout elementray school my eyes where bright blue, just like my father and my two half siblings, though I had a teensy bit of brown around the pupils. (Both my full siblings and my mother have dark dark brown eyes, so much so you can't even see my siblings pupils,) but sometime around puberty-probably at puberty-my eyes turned dark grey (Assumingly it was a slow process but I just didn't pay much attention to my eyes until I was about thirteen) and then it became much more noticeable I had heterochromia - I have small amounts of light brown surrounding each pupil which used to be barely noticeable but is now a slightly out of wack ring.

      The weird thing is, nobody in my family on my mothers or as far as I know on my fathers side have grey eyes. The brown doesn't surprise me much, but the heterochromia does. Assumingly, from what I already know about my eyes and heterochromia, and what I read here (very interesting by the way!) is it possible my eyes where caused by whacked out melanin? It's strange, because also about the time my eyes changed my hair went from princess blonde to dark brown - much like the rest of my families.

    • Jessica Holman profile image

      Jessica Holman 18 months ago

      I noticed that there is no central heterochromia mentioned in your section on heterochromia. I only notice because I have central heterochromia and so does most of my immediate family. Also, are there any estimates on percentages of grey eyes?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 18 months ago

      Hi Jessica, thank you for stopping by. I have another hub on heterochromia. You can check it out if you like. I covered the different types of heterochromia including central.

      I haven't come across accurate estimates of the percentage of grey eyes.

    • Aumàny 18 months ago

      Around the pupil is yellow then in the middle is a bluish grey color with hints of green and the outer rim is grey wh

    • Loz 17 months ago

      thxs for dis article it hepls

    • JC 17 months ago

      I've been looking all over the internet about black eyes and all the pages say the same thing, that black eyes don't really exist. This is not true, my mother has black eyes, I wish, i find more information on this

    • Monica 17 months ago

      my eye color is not just one color it depends what mood I'm in like if I'm sad my eyes are dark purple I'm pretty sure my eyes are rare so u should put them on your rarest eye color charts!!!

    • Jake 17 months ago

      I think gray is so stunning and rare, there is a procedure called brightocular that permanently can change eye color.

    • Ric 17 months ago

      The eye doctor MD told me I had amber after my examination, my wife of 44 years plus thought them to be blue grey & my mom she said hazel. Maybe that eye MD is color blind!

    • Mel 16 months ago

      I have Brown-Green hazel eyes, I am French and Native American. My husband has dark brown eyes, he is Latino.

      Our daughter dark latin skin with amazing green eyes and dark brown hair. We both thought she would have brown eyes, but were stunned when they stayed this amazing colour.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 15 months ago

      Thank you all for stopping by and for leaving a comment, I appreciate it. I hope you found this hub interesting.

      Hi Mel, eye color is a tricky trait, it can change as a child grows up. If you daughter is younger than one, then there is still a chance that her eye color will change. You can also check my hub where I discuss eye color change in babies.

    • blue green eyes bra 15 months ago

      Eye colour is simply a mutation and has nothing to do with the performance of your eyes although it is said that Brown eyes are able to cope better with hard light and are also better adapted to UV rays, the only reason people with blue and green eyes have been able to exist is because they have been born up in the northern cold areas where there is less UV rays :D

    • Peter Colivet 15 months ago

      I have extremely light blue eyes. But, my left eye is green around my pupil. With the light blue around that. My right eye has a tiny section where it has the same pale green, but it's mostly the light blue.

      People say my eyes are an extremely uncommon light blue, but my ex-girlfriend, who used to see my eyes up close often, used to tell me that my left was green and my right was blue. Both extremely light.

      I'm English, and have light brown/dirty blonde hair. I love genetics.

    • Mat 14 months ago

      Seen a girl that looked similar to Zooey from the show BONES" today on the subway with the most glorious Blue eyes i've ever witnessed in my life. I wanted to just hug her but figured that would be weird, so I just occasionally glanced (not trying to be a creep). But Ive never seen eyes like that before. I just couldn't help it. Forgive me society for being a weirdo that stares at people! ... ps. i usually dont stare. just focus on the ground or a pathetic ad...

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 14 months ago

      The rarest eye color I ever saw was yellow. I’ve met two people in my life that had true yellow eyes, lighter than gold. One was in Arkansas and the other was in Texas. I also had a co-worker recently swear that her eyes were hazel, but they are amber with no traces of the green or blue.

      I had an alternative healer tell me that eyes could change color with a person’s health. Apparently there can be a pigment change when a person is suffering from a disease, and I am one of those people. As a child my eyes were a very dark turquoise blue (French, German and Native American blood). In mid to late adulthood, they turned dark green. Five years ago I had my thyroid completely removed (Hashimoto’s disease and precancerous), and they are turning almost navy blue and are developing a distinct limbal ring.

      Sure glad I found your article.

    • Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 14 months ago

      I found your article to be informing as well as interesting. Good luck in your future writings.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 14 months ago

      Thank you Jane, I am glad you stopped by.

    • amazonteacher 14 months ago

      Thank you for sharing this.

    • Anny Mous 13 months ago

      I have Amber eyes. They look black far away but when you get in a 9ft distance they look Amber.

    • Anny Mous 13 months ago

      I always thought I had brown eyes because I never paid much attention to them. I asked my mom what color eyes I have and she said yellow.

      I looked at them in the mirror and saw really really really really really light brown eyes. I looked again and they were extremely golden. I read this article and found out my eyes were Amber.

      I've always gotten compliments on my eyes about how bright and unique they were but now I know why.

      Thank you for writing this article it helped me a lot.

    • Jonas Rodrigo profile image

      Jonas Rodrigo 12 months ago

      I didn't know black was rare! Thinking about it though, most people's eye color are not really black - just very dark brown. Like mine. I wonder what it's like to stare into black eyes, must be like staring at an abyss.

    • Al-Lyn profile image

      Allen Neims and Lynn Raynor 12 months ago


      Have you done much with eye color in various types of dogs and cats, especially different breeds and mutts?

    • Bel 12 months ago

      I was bron with clear light blue eyes, a year after, they switched to green, by the time I was two they changed to yellow. I have amber eyes. When light catches them, they look solid yellow or gold, sometimes reddish. I used to joke about them saying I had anger eyes, and that I was some sort of evil witch or demon with powers. I just appreciate them. I like "yellow" eyes, they could be brown or green, but are neither. A couple friends that suffer from colour blindness say they thought I had green eyes. Funny how perception works. Go Amber!!!

    • Bel 12 months ago

      Oh, and I forgot to say, the "rim" around my iris, which I've seen is usually black, is blue in my case.

    • Cal 12 months ago

      My whole family has brown eyes and brown hair, literally My whole family on my moms and dads side has had brown hair and brown eyes as far back as when my family started. But I have light Blue eyes and Blonde hair why?

    • Cal 12 months ago

      And when I say blue I mean as blue as the sea can get

    • 11 months ago

      Not sure if my eyes r amber, topaz etc. Most people say yellow . Msg my email if u can help

    • turtles 11 months ago

      Are my eyes rare? Because they are a green/gray-ish i dont know the color but will you please respond?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 11 months ago

      Hi Turtles, thank you for stopping by. That is a very interesting description you provided. There probably is a higher chance of finding someone with a blue/gray eye color than someone with green/gray. Based only on your description, it's not easy to give an oppinion whether or not it a potentially rare eye color.

    • Rings 11 months ago

      I find it weird that for a log time I had blue eyes then they gradually turn to green now they are grey with a yellow ring around the pupil. Is that normal?

    • Jay 11 months ago

      I used to think my eyes were blue, until I asked my friends for their opinions and got from green to black. They're a blueish grey colour with a thick limbal ring; like hazel, but for blue. Either that or hetrochromia, which gets very confusing when I'm asked about it (like in this poll; black, grey or blue?)

    • Rachel 10 months ago

      Its easiest for me to say I have hazel eyes, but my eyes change from blue to green and back with a light brown to almost amber color around my pupil.

    • Tara 10 months ago

      Can you tell me that my eye color is rare i have dark blue eyes that change to a blue grey or green gray and dark blue so im not really sure my mum has dark green that change to brown so can you plz tell me if my eye color is rare

    • dwn2earth 9 months ago

      My eyes are really dark blue, with grey lines, and green blotches. Thoughts??

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 9 months ago

      Dwn2earth, that sounds very interesting and show how much variability exists when it comes to eye color. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • seasix 9 months ago

      Really good read here and 'eye opening'! Seriously...

      I've been curious if I've been describing my brothers eye color correctly and often just thought it was strange that for 5 siblings and each of us have a different color eye. Of course my Dad had brown eyes and my mother green... So I guess we wound up with EVERTHING in between. But my one brother had the strangest eye color... we could barely describe them exactly, other then they were 'golden' in daylight. Really awesome! Even though I'm female we looked so alike people often thought we were twins... only my eyes are light green in daylight. Now my son, who also looks just like my brother & I, has a bluish/grey eye color. As far as bloodline... that's the whole ticket. My great grandparents were definitely 'Scotch/Irish'. One of those names with a 'Mc' 'Mac' in front of it, LOL. Oh & the other, simply 'English'. thanks 4 the article!

    • brittney 9 months ago

      well my eyes can change ,to blue,green,brown,hazel ,violet ,gray in a little black my mom can change to pink in purple its weird

    • Dusty Pages 9 months ago

      Very interesting! Thanks :)

    • Maddie 8 months ago

      My eyes are grey blue but one Time my friend said they were gray green

    • Millie 8 months ago

      One of my eyes is grey-blue and the other is grey-green. My eyes occasionally change color to a bright blue or a dark green and even a turquoise color.

    • Kaylee 7 months ago

      I have blue and green and gray eyes. So sometimes people say it is weird for people to have three different eye color (s). I'm fine with it though. My guidance counselor said that it is rare to have three different eye colors.

    • Missy 7 months ago

      I have yellow eyes ( cat eyes ) both parents have brown eyes.

    • christil 7 months ago

      My eyes are gold.How common is that?

    • Maria 6 months ago

      My eyes were blue and now there green and in the middle there orange it's weird because sometimes there grey

    • Toya 6 months ago

      I mostly say my eyes are blue, but really they are kind of a dark speckled grey most of the time, although they definitely look blue if I wear something royal blue. It is kind of annoying though, because I love grey dresses, but my face always looks really washed out if I'm wearing one, because of my eyes!

    • Than 6 months ago

      My eyes are black, like really really really black. Indoor and outdoors. My room mate once shined a torch in my eyes, to find out if they really were pit black and he says they were a really dark shade of brown. Is this weird?

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 6 months ago from Philippines

      I grew up thinking my eyes were black, but now I know they are brown. However, now I also know there is no such thing as black eyes, thanks to your article. Very interesting and informative:)

    • Phoenix 6 months ago

      I have dark gray eyes to the point of people thinking I have black eyes. (Until I go into genetics-mode and tell them black eyes don't exsist, lol) however, I know two color blind people (my mother and a friend of mine) who say they're green. Idk, they were blue until I was about seven and then they were green and now... Thoughts?

    • lauren 6 months ago

      My eye colour is grey in winter and green/greeny brown through the summer. my makeup doesnt seem to make much of a difference but my mood certainly does. As does my partners. He has skitzophrenia and i can tell by what kind of mood he's in depending on his eye colour. Theyre usually a normal medium brown colour, but go bright amber when hes happy and almost black when hes scared or angry. One of my kids has bright blue eyes with royal blue outline, my oldest has hazel eyes, green in the middle and brown around the outline.

    • sven 5 months ago

      i knew this little black girl and i think she had amber eyes, when ever i looked at her i thought she had tiger eyes, they were beautiful

    • Rida 5 months ago

      My eye colour is black and its even written on my birth certificate. I have looked very closely but it still appears to be black.

    • not76 5 months ago

      Eye color can change, with time. I was distinctly one eye blue and one brown when young, complete heterochromia iridum. Now at 40 years old it looks like a green full of brown streaks and a blue with a couple brown streaks similar to central heterochromia. I bet if I make it another 40 years they will be very similar in color, perhaps the color I should have started with had there not been a melanin mutation. Of course experts say it can't change; I've never had an eye doctor care when I showed them the changes over the years so how would it get noted as being possible. The earth is flat who am I to question that, right?

    • Ash Asher 5 months ago

      I have mostly green eyes but I have tent of red,brown, a little more blue,and yellow in my eyes. And my eyes change with the seasons too. I think for what you are saying is pretty awesome. I hope that you post more interesting stuff again, and I would really want to get to know about my eyes more now after reading your theories.

    • Shubham Jain 5 months ago

      nice discription about the colour of eyes. still i want more. can u tell me where i can get more information about the colour of eyes. because i think the real concept is quite missing. but still i like this information. and yes my eyes have quite dark brown colour but sometimes it gets change into red colour. i don't know exact answer of this question. so this i want to know

    • Matt 5 months ago

      I have black eyes, very white skin, black hair and reddish-brown beard.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 5 months ago

      Hi Shubham Jain, I am glad you liked the information. Many people with light-colored eyes have reported a slight change in their eye color under different lighting conditions. But the fact that you have dark brown eyes and still notice the same thing is interesting. I am working on a separately article about your question. I hope to publish it soon. Thank you for stopping by and leaving this interesting comment.

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 5 months ago

      Thanks for all your comments guys, I really appreciate it. I am glad you found this article interesting.

    • Matt 5 months ago

      Asking my mom I found out I was born blue-eyed blond but later they turned out to be that much dark as I said in the earliest post.

    • Xandra 5 months ago

      What if your eyes are black when light is not pointed at your eyes and when there is light it turns reddish brown? My hair is obviously black to others but is really reddish brown if I got my hair dyed permanent black and still fades.

    • Iron Veil profile image

      Iron Veil 5 months ago

      Some eye conditions also affect the eye color of an individual. My whole family are brown eyed, but due to a genetic mutation, I ended up having bluish grey coloring.

    • ..... 5 months ago

      I have blue tinted green eyes with white freckles in them,they seem to be greener on certain days

    • anna 5 months ago

      I have light brown eyes that look Orange in the sun.

    • Sara 5 months ago

      My friends with brown eyes say I have grey eyes but my friends with blue eyes say they're blue everytime I ask them so it isn't about the lightening or clothes, and when I look at them myself I think I have a combination of both, medium/dark grey with a blue undertone so I don't really know what my eyecolor is.

    • Abi 5 months ago

      I looked up this site because yesterday a girl in work started showing everyone my eyes saying they were tiger eyes which I have had quite a lot but I can go a whole year without someone going on about them and then have a year where people go on about them all the time is weird! I've often thought it's more when I've been stood by a window so hence the light making them appear more yellow but I had it once when I was in a bar in darker lighting. I have been called Wolf, cats eyes but usually tiger eyes! a lot of people (as did the girl yesterday) ask if I have contacts in - I guess because they think they've not noticed them before. I get really affected in the sun - when it's really bright I find it hard to have them open and need to wear sunglasses a lot. I wonder if having light eyes also contributes towards me getting migraines from bright sunlight - literally if I went out for the day in bright sunlight without shades I will get a migraine. (I live in UK luckily!). Some people say I have hazel eyes and some green - I would be interested to know if people with hazel eyes can appear yellow sometimes? The outer line on my eye is a really dark green which may also contribute to the 'wolf look' I guess. The melanin makes sense as I've always been told I have a yellow skin tone by hairdressers and make up people. I can understand certain colour clothing making your eyes look yellow but yesterday when it was commented on I was wearing grey? so I wouldn't have thought that would effect their colour? I know when I went to a optician before to buy coloured contacts (everyone thought I was mad because they said I already have unusual eyes - but I also have auburn hair but dye it constantly!) but the only coloured contacts that worked were violet (which looked really wishy-washy) or turquoise - even blue just weirdly blended right in - he said it was strange and that I must have a lot of different colours in my eyes hence them just blending right in and not noticing. My mum's heritage is Irish and on her side there are true green eyes and they look amazing! so I know mine are not totally green. My dad's side are hazel and my mum also has hazel, my brother has a really dark brown though and my other brother has a mix of blue, hazel and brown - he literally has one blue segment on one eye which looks weird and a dark blue outer rim so his are quite cool. David Bowie has one blue and one brown eye and I've seen a lot of dogs with this also. My brother had green contacts once and they worked on him yet on me they did nothing (like wearing normal clear contacts). My hair is also weird though as auburn so indoors looks brown and outside red and people used to think I'd dyed my hair. At school people thought I had put blonde highlights in as I used to get pure blond streaks but only about 4 of them and mainly through the back of the head - I used to think why would I only put 4 in ! not sure if I still have them (think it only used to happen in the summer) as I've literally dyed my hair since I left school. The unfortunate thing is in the UK there was so much bullying about red hair and although getting better still is - I really wish people would see it as racism and not teasing - I don't have a lot of confidence and people constantly going on about whether or not I dyed my hair and calling me ginger and what if my kids came out ginger (as if that's such a bad thing!) really got to me. I used to have people drive by as I was walking down the street calling me gingernut. I wanted to blend in, hence why I dye my hair - it is currently a blue/black. It's funny how we now have the paralympics and other things and people are being (rightly so) more understanding about everything but people with red hair or still picked on - the amount of times I heard when I was younger that people with red hair are ugly! and the red haired girl in Girls Aloud was the 'ugly one'. It just makes me think there are a lot of morons in the world who are like sheep and follow each other.. and how these people often refer to themselves as the 'educated' ones.. mmm but you act like sheep? I would be the sheep questioning why am I going into this paddock I'm going to run off.. so why are you not doing the same?!

    • Shay 4 months ago

      In the only one in my family with multi colored eyes. My eyes consisted of: amber, gold, green, blue, brown, grey, etc. Don't know what it is called. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Random Internet Denizen 4 months ago

      I actually have really weird eyes. I'll be standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror, not changing the lighting or my clothes, and my eyes will be green one minute, I look away and then back at the mirror and suddenly they're light-ish blue. Do so again and they're hazel. It also does with with a medium grey color, and teal or aqua, and sometimes brownish. What's more, I'm a guy, and I'm fairly certain that eye colors like this are more common with women. It's really weird, and I don't know how to even describe what kind of color that is.

      I should note, I'm a plain American, not any sort of fancy special ancestry or anything, I don't even know who my ancestors were. I should also note that my eyes have gone through all the colors I listed within three minutes of eachother. I've actually tested this and have at least three other people who've noticed it. As I keep saying: Weird.

    • Comichoso 4 months ago

      Im actually not entirely sure what my eyes color is, they seem green to some people (me included) but others say they are blue, even had some people say they look grey. Im portuguese and with the exception of one aunt who has bluish eyes all my family has brown eyes.

    • Helen 4 months ago

      The funny thing is, I have never in my intiere life seen anybody with grey eyes I don't believe that they are one of the common eye colours.

    • Bella Wind 4 months ago

      I found this article very intriguing, realized that I personally know people with all of these eye colors. I also like my eyes because they are yellow around the pupil and black everywhere else.

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 4 months ago from Western NC

      Very fascinating read. Alas, I have one of the most common eye colors: brown. It's everywhere. LOL.

    • amy rose 4 months ago

      well i kinda have gray green blue brown hasle and a dark sircle around my eyes ist it rare or something else?

    • Shoshannah 3 months ago

      Why do no studies that I've found--and I've read many--ever cover blue-green eyes, esp studies of the rarest eye colors?

    • Marie A. Bauer 3 months ago

      My eye colour is Black, but it says there are no such thing as Black eyes, My skin colour is white , with Alburn hair. I have seen other people with Black eyes.

    • Snake 3 months ago

      Hmm, this was very informative but it doesn't cover eyes like mine, even suggests they aren't possible...

      Essentially my eyes change colour, ranging from blue/violet, to plain blue, green, and grey. I've spent some time checking and what I wear doesn't have much effect, though light, health, and emotional state do. The blue/violet colour shows only when I'm healthy and happy in direct sunlight, while plain blue is the standard and strongest under incandescent lights. green comes when I'm angry or in pain and is strongest under florescent lights, grey shows when I'm sad or very sick and no type of light changes it.

      I have actually observed one change as it happened. Was in front of the mirror as painkillers wore off after a surgery and noticed my eyes looked strange. When I leaned in to get a better look I saw something shift, and the green colour spread out from my pupils.

      Just thought you science types might find it interesting to think about...

    • May Pham 3 months ago

      I went and looked at my mirror three times to see if my eyes were very dark brown or black.

    • DJ 3 months ago

      my father and sister both have amber eyes. it looks really yellowish even when they are not in the sun

    • Barry 3 months ago

      "dic" is the rarest eye color in the world. It is similar to hazel in that they change color, but unlike hazel they do not appear different colors due to what the individual is wearing, but shift colors, blue green grey. My eyes have this designation on my drivers license, they shift from blue to green and back every so many years with a occasional grey shift randomly.

    • Michael 3 months ago

      Is there different rarity od green? Is dark green rarer than light green or is light green rarer than dark green?

    • David Talbot 3 months ago

      I have central heterochromia, amber and grey-green. My friend has amber eyes.

    • Francine Claire 3 months ago

      I have pink eyes the doctor told me he said I have rare eyes is that true because a lot of my friends have Amber or violet one has Snow White eyes

    • Emily Chooi 3 months ago

      TBH I still think my eye are black. They are the exact same color as my pupils and they don't have a trace of brown.

    • Sherrie 2 months ago

      I have strange pale grey eyes that have a green tint to them, looking closely they even have specks of yellow and I was recently complimented on my eyes and their colour.

      I did used to know a girl and her eyes were captivating. They were a light brown but in the light they shone an amber colour, they were so beautiful. I just wish I'd have told her.

    • Littlekofta 2 months ago

      My eyes are light brown and so is my husband and we are pakistani. To my surprised my daughters eyes turned out dark grey with specks of light brown in the centre of the eye. Its mums mother brothers had dark blue eyes, could be dark grey, hard to remember and my dads grandfather had light eyes, assuming green.

    • Lisa 2 months ago

      I don't even know what color eyes I have, but there is a Breton word, that exactly describes what color my eyes are, and the word is,"glasz." Since I have central heterachromia, it causes some confusion, as I technically have two eye colors, as I have a small light brown, almost amber ring, around my pupil, with a slight starburst, and then I have, what I can only describe as swamp to turquoise, depending on the light, etc., for my main iris, and then a dark limbal ring. So I am like a calico cat, however, sometimes they totally look green, and other times, plain blue. I actually used to just say they were blue, because I am also colorblind, and just assumed they were, however, I would say that, and there would people sometimes who would want to argue with me to say they are green. And then other times, people who say they think they're totally blue. I even have had people try and tell me my eyes are hazel. I also get random people, who just flat out ask me what color my eyes are, since they can't figure it out, and were curious. I often just say I don't know. However, I once found an article that described my eye color, perfectly, but its a Breton word, and was also talked about on an Anthony Bourdain episode, when he visited Brittany, France, and called this eye color, "glasz." Evidently this is an eye color that a lot of people in Brittany have, which is just south of Ireland, so perhaps its a mix of Irish Green and European Blue. Anyways, if you look up "glasz" eye color, that's pretty much spot on, my eye color. And now when people ask me what color my eyes, sometimes I now like to say, "glasz."

    • Maor 2 months ago

      Although I never seen anyone else with black eyes - my eyes are fully black, and I've never saw any shades of brown in them even while lighting them with the brightest light.

      And I have seen way too many green eyes.

    • tired american 2 months ago

      my aunt had amber eyes with chunks of brown in them......really weird

    • Kayla Hines 2 months ago

      i have GREEN BLUE and GREY in my eyes.... WHAT COLOR IS THAT!

    • Faith Tekavei 2 months ago

      I have big chocolate brown eyes with a really thick limbal ring around them. Although when I was born, I had green eyes, which then changed to gray, then amber, then hazel. My eyes were a shade of light brown until I reached grade 6, then they began to darken to chocolate. How is that possible?

    • BillyZhang profile image

      Billy Zhang 2 months ago from Sydney, Australia

      I would have thought black ( i.e. very dark brown eyes) were the most common eye colour. Very fascinating read!

    • Eileen Fong 2 months ago

      I am 100% Chinese with no mixed blood at any point in my ancestry. So, naturally, I have Dk. Brown eyes. However, I wanted to change them naturally so bad. I wanted to get Turquoise eyes. Then, I started listening to subliminal eye color changing tunes on YouTube. Now, after a full week of listening to them, I'm starting to see a light blue-grayish circle forming inside my iris behind the dark limbic ring. I believe it's working, and then I'll be the first pure Han Chinese with natural Turquoise (or Blue-ish Hazel) eyes, depending on how the rest of those rings expand. My dark brown iris melanin is also beginning to lighten as well.

    • misslynn 2 months ago

      Violet eyes are actually a real thing, scientific fact. Also, most people who say they have hazel eyes actually have heterochromatic eyes.

    • Miyu Limliriel 8 weeks ago

      I always used to tell the folks at the DMV my eyes are hazel because they appear to change colour and the DMV folks never could tell what colour they are either!

      After doing some research on the science of eye colour recently, it turns out I actually have bright GREEN eyes with a very GOLD central heterochromia ring around a different shade of moss-green surrounding my pupil, and very pronounced forest-green limbal rings.

      My eyes seem to change colour between this green-gold-green combo and mostly-amber/gold depending on lighting, mood, and surroundings, but there's not a hint of actual brown in there so they're not hazel! My eyes are little drama queens, gotta be flashy :P

    • Alli 8 weeks ago

      My eyes are one pink and one purple

    • Cameryn 7 weeks ago

      My eyes sometimes change color to green and hazel. WHATS GOING ON!!!!

    • Quantum 7 weeks ago

      My eyes are pure amber. Potential of change?

    • Collin 7 weeks ago

      I had green eyes when I was really young that turned to hazel, and now they're a reddish brown. (They almost match my dark red hair color, precisely. That's the 2% I belong to. Where are the Blue-Gray eyed people? i.e. George Washington, Bill Clinton, James Monroe, William McKinley, & Woodrow Wilson. Or, Black eyed folks, like John Quincy Adams, Andrew Johnson, & Chester A. Arthur. Or, Hazel like Thomas Jefferson, Zachary Taylor, Herbert Hoover, or Jimmy Carter. Or, Gray eyes, like James K. Polk, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, & Warren G. Harding. Or, Brown like James Madison, William Henry Harrison, Lyndon B. Johnson, or Richard Nixon. There have been no Green eyed US Presidents. President Obama's eyes are "Dark Brown". All other US Presidents not already covered, all had Blue eyes. So, although Blue eyes occur with less frequency than Brown, If you want to be US President, Blue is the eye color you desire. With 23/45 US Presidents having Blue eyes. FYI, in case anyone was wondering

    • amelia 7 weeks ago

      i have and always had black whatever the conditions are . i thought that black was the most common eye colour

    • Michelle 7 weeks ago

      I have blue-green eyes but they can look really different depending on lighting. If I'm indoors/in dim light they look more greenish, but when I'm in bright sunlight they look really blue.

    • Tiffany 7 weeks ago

      I have black colored eyes , I'm aware that they are just really really dark brown, but they are so dark that even if I look into a mirror, and look very closely into my eyes, I will see reflections instead of my pupils. Most people have dark brown eyes here , but I'm always told that my eyes are the darkest they've ever seen. Btw I love green eyes

    • Ron 7 weeks ago

      "That's not to say that green eyes aren't special, because they are!"

      Why the politically correct fear that you'll hurt a special snowflake's feelings by allegedly telling her that her green eyes aren't special?

    • Micaela 6 weeks ago

      My eye colour is a mix of different brown shades. The center ring around the pupil is brown to light brown, the rest of the iris is an amber shade that fades into gold. In the sunlight they seem to have an outer ring of a greenish gold hue, but I don't consider them hazel because the greenish hue is not that visible, and not amber because the amber shade is not solid, so I usually say they're light brown. Both of my parents have brown eyes, my mum's are plain brown, my dad's are dark brown, but both of my grandparents had light coloured eyes, one had them teal blue-grey, the other had them green. My brother's eyes are of a similar colour to mine. I'm argentine of italian and spanish heritage, and I also had a great-great grandmother of mapuche heritage (an amerindian people of my country).

    • Princess ❤ 5 weeks ago

      My eyes appear reddish-brown so i really dont know how to classify it.

      Help me guys. Though my friends say that i look like a vampire. Haha (^∇^)

      Sorry for my grammar.

    • Welp.. 5 weeks ago

      OK, my eyes are three colours... they change from grey to blue to green but most of the time are a darker grey with lighter flecks of blue and grey.. when I try to figure my eye colour out I just get confused :/ It's annoying not knowing my eye colour.

    • Welp.. 5 weeks ago

      Hi, I'm back again! I didn't specify why I said my eye colour but I would love help identifying the true colour! Please respond!

    • Roger 5 weeks ago

      I have Dark blue eyes and have what I call a halo around the pupil.. The best way I can describe it is this; We've all seen pictures of a full solar eclipse with Sun's corona surrounding the dark of the moon, that's how it looks around my pupil.. I've been told that Dark Blue eyes are very rare by my Optometrist especially with golden rays surrounding the pupil.. Do you agree? Or have any statistics on people with my eyes? I also have the scattering of gold flakes as mentioned above.. My Father was Native American w/ brown eye's and my Mother has green eyes, but her mother (my grandmother) was Dutch and had blue eyes..

    • Viviane 4 weeks ago

      I've always thought blue eyes are the most special and beautiful eye color BY FAR. I never thought green eyes were more "rare." Even so, I'd rather have blue eyes like my dad and one of my brothers, than green like my sisters, myself and my other brother. I mean in our family, out of seven, only two have blue eyes and the rest of us have green eyes. So I thought blue were more rare, and I still think they are way more beautiful!

    • Clayton Irlbeck 4 weeks ago

      My eyes change color depending on my mood. Some days they will be green and orange and some light blue and dark blue. Other days light green going to like darker green. and some they appear as a stormy grey with very light blue. please email me at " " if you know anything about this tell me please

    • anonymous 3 weeks ago

      I have met three people with brownish amber eyes but only knowing that amber eyes are rare now.. btw I have dark brown eyes.

    • Kai 3 weeks ago

      My eyes change between blue and green and an in between. My eye also has a black dot in the iris what causes that?

    • Julia 3 weeks ago

      I was curious due to my eyes are gray, but they also are sort of hazel

    • Devin 3 weeks ago

      My mother has an eye condition called aniridia, which means she has no iris. This causes her eyes, in a sense, to be black.

    • Jonnice 3 weeks ago

      I've never met anyone with "Red" eyes in my entire life.

    • Jessica 3 weeks ago

      Hi, I wonder if you can help m figure out my eye color? I find your article very interesting although it didn't satisfy my need. My clothes don't really change, since I always were the same colours, but my eyes colour is changing. It used to be all brown, but now I only have a bit of brown near my pupils, a dark circle around the Irise and in between my eyes are turning green or grey depending on the mood. I am utterly confused about my eyes, can you help?

      Also, most of the people that answered your question were from the population of the two rarest eye colours. Although it is ironic since you spoke about how little there are of them, I believe that because of their rare eye colour they research about it more, and want to know more of it. Your research is remarkable, and I will definitely remember that in my older years :)

    • Random person 2 weeks ago

      I was wondering because my boyfriends eyes change color randomly ever so often and he gets really bad headaches they go from brown to a bright reldish/hazel color I've only seen it in movies I was very surprised and a little weirded out the really strange thing is that this happens to his father's eyes as well but their eyes and head hurt excruciatingly bad and I have no idea what to do to help him any advice or ideas or recommendations?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 2 weeks ago

      Hello Random Person, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is possible that your boyfriend's eye color change and his headaches are not associated. I think it's best that they both check with their respective doctors.

    • Mara:)) 2 weeks ago

      My original eye color was like an ocean blue but then it starts changing blue-aquamarine-green-grey-light blue. And it changes every day

    • chealsy 2 weeks ago

      I have Blue Green with a hint of gold around the black part of my eyes

    • Gray Gray 12 days ago

      My eyes are green with a little hazel and some grey

    • Morgan 10 days ago

      My eyes are very dark brown (what people call black) but if you look really close they have a tint of red. If you put them in the correct amount of sunlight, you can see the limbal ring and the eyes have a looking texture of cinnamon rolls and the red tint disappears. Thoughts?

    • Alex 9 days ago

      i Guess my eyes are dark violate

    • Al Vasquez 8 days ago

      My eyes have outer bluish-green limbal rings and pale-greenish iris, I'm the first born. My younger brother has green eyes and our youngest brother has blue eyes. Our maternal and paternal DNA tests show we are Basque heritage. Our Mother had amber eyes and our Father had blue eyes.

    • Nordlys 7 days ago

      Green rare? Is quite present in my family. I have brown eyes, but I might have the green gene as recessive since my mum has green eyes.

    • Credwards 6 days ago

      I really enjoyed reading this article! Have you written anymore about eye colours since this post?

    • James Quillen 6 days ago

      my eues are grey blue and i have no clue what it means i researched it on here and grey is really rare

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 5 days ago

      Hello Credwards, I am glad you enjoyed reading this article. Yes I have written other articles on eye colors; see articles in the spot light of my profiles page. Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

    • Joshua 5 days ago

      I did green because that is closest to my color of greenish-aquamarine.

    • Stacy 4 days ago

      Both of my parents have very dark brown eyes. Even their parents were brown eyed people. And I also have black or dark brown eyes. And almost everyone I can remember in my family has brown eyes EXCEPT my grandmother. She has gray eyes. And they were very pretty.

    • Laura Joy profile image

      Laura Joy 4 days ago

      I have red hair and steel grey eyes and I don't know anyone outside my family with eyes like these. Brown or green eyes are definitely more common in redheads.

    • Green 2 days ago

      There is something weird in this vote (at this time) about 23% Green eyes voted, or green people very curious about which color is rarest or this statistic is wrong.

    • Hi yeah no thanks 2 days ago

      Why do my eyes look red? Like, they have a base of brown, but they've always had a reddish tinge, and with my new red hair it just looks like a dark red. Is there any reason for this? Is it a common occurrence?

    • anatomynotes profile image

      Edmund Custers 40 hours ago

      Thank for you comment, Green. There have been similar comments before. Indeed, I also think the proportion of green eyed people who visit this page is high because they are curious about eye color, hence they are more likely to search for this kind of information.

    • Dharz 41 minutes ago

      It says here that there is no certain black color eyes, i tell you all filipinos have black eyes and im one of these people . Im quite disappointed since article is not so accurate although there are some points have.

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