Best Medical Inventions of the 1980s

A Healthier Look at The 1980s

Laser surgery in the eyes is a common surgery for patients. It is a great option, rather than the knife. It has saved eyesight for thousands.
Laser surgery in the eyes is a common surgery for patients. It is a great option, rather than the knife. It has saved eyesight for thousands. | Source
The Permanent  Artificial Heart was invented in the 1980s and was a major breakthrough in the medical field.
The Permanent Artificial Heart was invented in the 1980s and was a major breakthrough in the medical field. | Source
The MRI Machine was and still is one of the biggest medical inventions of all time. It is a tool that is used to diagnose patients with many different ailments.
The MRI Machine was and still is one of the biggest medical inventions of all time. It is a tool that is used to diagnose patients with many different ailments. | Source

Big Discoveries in the Medical Field

1. Permanent Artificial Heart (1982): Thousands of people/patients have benefited from this medical breakthrough. It has saved lives and contributed to the discovery of many other medical advancements. Major advancements, have been made in heart surgeries even compared to just a few years ago. Those advancements in surgery are allowing us the capability to perform many tests everything going digital, we are now even using robots for some surgeries.

2. MRI Machine (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) 1985: The MRI machine is a diagnostic testing machine of almost all body parts. It is used to diagnose many different problems, for example, to see if a patient has a torn shoulder or to diagnose cancer. It also might be used to see if a patient has a broken back or broken knee, toe or foot, arms, neck elbows. Any where an x-ray can be shot, will allow doctors to diagnose the patient and give them a plan of action.This is an invaluable tool that doctors use to treat their patients. Certain tests can be done without contrast and some need to be with contrast. Most insurances require the test to be approved before they agree to pay for the scan. It is becoming more common place now for some insurance companies to not want to pay for these scans. The staff that works on getting these authorizations work closely with the doctor to ensure the proper documentation to get the test approved.

3. Human Growth Hormone (1982): This hormone helps with cell reproduction and it also stimulates growth in humans and in certain animals. This prescription drug is used in humans and children. The HGH has many benefits. It increases height in children, stimulates the immune system, increases bone mineralization, increases muscle mass, and it also promotes lipolysis. This was a big controversy a few years ago in baseball. Some players were testing positive for HGH. This is a banned substance by the MLB League because of it's ability to increase muscle mass.

4. Prozac (1988): Prozac is primarily used for the ADHD, ADD, treatment of depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and a few other mental issues. Prozac has also been used to treat alcohol dependence. So, it's effects in the world of science are great and this medicine has been given credit for keeping many people from hurting themselves because their brains don't function quite right and it like their brains want to attack their own bodies. Prozac has been credited with having paved the way for other similar mental health drugs. These drugs have been produced as a result of Prozac's success. For some, this is a life saver drug.

5. The Elimination of Smallpox (1980): Small pox has been around for many, many years. Small pox had two viruses attached to it, and it was deadly to humans when it was first discovered. Many children have passed away from the small pox virus before it had a name and before they knew what it was capable of. The deadly disease was finally eradicated world wide by 1980. Smallpox starts in the blood vessels of the skin and can result in blindness, major blisters in the throat and even death. Any of these symptoms or results would be a terrible connection to smallpox. This sounds terrible to have!

Permanent Artificial Heart

Best Medical Inventions of The 1980s

6. Kidney Dialysis Machine (1985): Dialysis is done on patients whose kidneys have stopped working. These particular patients are no longer able to rid the body of it's waste. If the kidneys do not rid the body of it's waste, then the body will become toxic. Some people may not realize how serious this is but, a patient can certainly die without getting dialysis. Dialysis has saved countless lives of people with kidney failure. My neighbor worked in at a dialysis office and she would tell me stories about some of the patients there. I have heard a story of a man that just accepted that he would die without kidney dialysis and he said he was tired of getting dialysis done each week and he went home. The next time I asked about him, they said he had passed away.

7. Cornea Laser Surgery (1986): The cornea is the outermost part of the eyeball. It is a very thin tissue that is used to protect the iris and the pupil of the eye. If the cornea is injured too badly to heal on its own, then a laser can be used to correct the problem. Using a laser to perform eye surgeries, give surgeons a precision cut. The cornea and the transplantation process has been developed and studied and advanced have been made. These surgeries can be performed if the damage to the cornea is so much that the cornea itself can be saved.

8. Synthetic Skin (1986): Synthetic skin is used in robotics and on prosthetic limbs. This skin is taken from cadavers and used to graft skin to make the prosthetic limbs come to life. Prosthetic limbs give amputees a new sense of freedom they did not necessarily had before. Because it is real, it makes whoever receives the prosthetic limb feel more comfortable with the replacement. Prosthesis' have come a long way over the past couple of years. They are much more realistic looking with the use of real skin. There is really no limit to where this technology could go. Researchers are working hard each day, studying, to make life easier.

A little movie fact; Although fictional, the synthetic skin was used on the robot skeleton in the movie called "The Terminator".

9. DNA Fingerprinting (1984): Scientists use this technique in medicine and during criminal investigations. Using a swab in someone's mouth in the most common and easiest way to get a sample for testing. The acronym DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. You only need a few cells/tissues from just inside the jaw to test DNA. A single strand of hair can give a strand of DNA and tell a lot about an individual. DNA testing has exonerated innocent prisoners that were originally proven guilty. It is a test that us also well worth using when it is used to bring criminals to justice.

10. Tumesent Liposuction (1985): Liposuction is surgery to immediately removing unwanted fat from a person's body by sucking the fat cells out through a sterile plastic tube. I have seen this done on TV and it looks very painful to recover from. The doctor performing the surgery has to poke and prod to remove those fat cells. Some people get so desperate to lose weight that they make the decision to have liposuction. Thinking it is going to be a quick fix, and it is, you lose weight instantly. What is failed to be told to you, is how bad the recovery is going to be. Some women may get liposuction after having a baby, and, of course, it is used as a means to help someone who is obese to lose weight. These surgeries are very successful.

How an MRI Machine Works

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