Why Does Corn Come Out Whole in My Poop?

Find out the answer to an age-old question.
Find out the answer to an age-old question. | Source

Thousands of times you have stood up from the toilet to flush and for some reason you are always compelled to look inside the bowl before sending last nights dinner down the pipe faster than a bobsledder in Vancouver. Today, like many times before, you stare at your turds and ask yourself "Why does corn come out whole in my poop?" You've been wondering why it stays whole even though you've chewed the crap out of it (no pun intended) and today your going to find out. The explanation is quite simple, so let me explain.

Did You Chew Your Food?

The easiest explanation would be that you did not chew the corn, but instead just swallowed all of the kernels whole. We both know that's not true. You're not that much of a glutton. Yet the corn "appeared" whole in your poop. An appearance is exactly what it was. Getting a little weird, I know, but hey you Googled it, not me.

What Corn Is Made Of

The hull (or outerlayer) of a corn kernel is made up mostly of cellulose. Cellulose is sort of a rubbery substance and it does not break apart easily when chewed. On the other hand, the innards of a corn kernel can be chewed into next to nothing rather easily. With that said, when you chew corn, the outer layer stays intact for the most part, while the insides of the kernel almost dissolve in your mouth. Now, picture the hull as a shriveled up empty sleeve—pretty easy to swallow, right? But still, you wonder, why does it look whole in your poop? Let's continue, if you'd like, but I must warn you it may get a little graphic.

How Humans Digest Corn

OK, I'm glad your still with me. It's not really gonna be that graphic, unless the word poop offends you, but at this point I think your comfortable with it so I'll continue.

We humans lack the enzyme needed to break down cellulose. Basically this means that the corn's hull (or empty sleeve) comes out the same color and form as when it went down your esophagus. In the process, these empty sleeves are being packed with the other things your body decided to discard today (more poop).

Congratulations! You learned something new today!

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Mikey 6 weeks ago

Heather.... you can copy the https: address and paste it in your email or anywhere else.

Towelie 6 weeks ago

And dont forget to bring a towel

you wanna get high corn?

Anonymous 2 months ago

If all you ever eat is corn, then will you never actually poo poo and only poo corn?

annonymous 3 months ago

i sqeezed one and it was crunchy and dry even after going in the toilet water is this something else? i know i ate corn with my lunch that day but i dont think its supposed to digest that fast? my lunch was about 12 hrs before this happened to me

annonymous 3 months ago

i sqeezed one and it was crunchy and dry even after going in the toilet water is this something else? i know i ate corn with my lunch that day but i dont think its supposed to digest that fast? my lunch was about 12 hrs before this happened to me

stupidw poop geeks 13 months ago

you guysa re so nerdy cmon corn? really?

PoopMaster 14 months ago

I can poop corn like a pro. I bet you're all jealous...

jaden 15 months ago

Thats good

Anonymous 17 months ago

Ok im weirded out

L R 18 months ago

Thanks for the information this is a story I have to tell when my mom was making corn I ate two and when I pooped I saw corn it came out excatly like corn on the cob

Elvis Presly 19 months ago

The more you know

Bunny 19 months ago

Wellllllllp. You learn something new everyday just by googling.

tyasia 24 months ago

I love pooop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat 2 years ago

Ok, what if you are getting these corn like shapes in your stool, but you are NOT eating any corn? I squeezed one and it was soft and smoochy, yellow all the way through. I thought it was fat deposits. Then I was wondering if it could be meds that I take. No clue here! Just real weird and glad to know I'm not the only one!

Observater 2 years ago

I have noticed olives too are not easily broken down Like corn

Jim 2 years ago

Ok jojo that's just wrong

But very interesting

Tom 3 years ago

Dear "just me", I'm not sure why you reacted the way you did, the person pretty much said that the article was perfect except for one grammatical error. If he had attempted to discredit the piece because of simple grammatical errors, I'd be on your side- alas, this is not the case. I think you picked the wrong Grammar Nazi instance to triumph.

Davon 3 years ago

"Getting a little weird...I know, but hey you googled it not me."

Touché random blogger, Touché...

Really loved the article, I was reading this as I was eating corn and said to myself, "I'm going to chew the $h#^ out of my corn and see if it survives the journey now."


3 years ago

this would be the perfect article if you used the right "you're"

stephanie 3 years ago


Puckles 3 years ago

I'm just grateful you didn't include pics.

Barkley Rosehill profile image

Barkley Rosehill 4 years ago from Philadelphia Author

Heather, thanks for the props on my writing skills lol. Much appreciated. I am sorry that you couldn't find a share button. The facebook and twitter buttons are usually aligned to the right toward the top of your screen. However Hubpages is constantly changing things up in order to keep things fresh so perhaps when you visited either the page or site was under maintenance. I apologize for that. I'm glad you got a good laugh, and I wish you could have educated your friends on facebook with my silly article.

Heather 4 years ago

Aww, I wanted to share this, but there's no button that I can see. I love how you wrote this, I laughed harder than ever and learned a thing or two at the same time :)

Gina 4 years ago

Thanks for writing something humerous and I think we need to be besties cause you are pretty funny! Thanks for the info on the poop and corn mystery

anonymous 4 years ago

at above: ewwww haha interesting

JoJo 4 years ago

I squeezed one, and sure enough it was full of poop, even though the outside was bright yellow;-) Leigh Ann

kirsteno profile image

kirsteno 5 years ago

Okay, this was great! I can't believe someone would write a hub on it, but I read the whole thing so what does that say about me??

The Tomato Gardener 5 years ago

Lol. Ya your right I have always wondered how corn comes out whole even after chewing the crap out of it.

Dave Cald profile image

Dave Cald 6 years ago

Wow,I really do learn something new everyday. Thanks for the scoop on poop!

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