10 Spectacular Yellow Coloured Fish—A Visual Feast

Updated on December 31, 2016

Yellow Fish—A Feast for the Eyes

Many of us like to have a fish aquarium at home. Fish can be the perfect pet for children who are thrilled by the presence of colourful creatures. Others go to the aquarium and enjoy watching a vast variety of fish apart from experiencing peace and serenity that the movements of these fishes offer. A few venture further and do snorkeling to watch the real world of fish in their natural habitat under the sea and enjoy actual movements of colourful fish as a recreational activity.

There are different species of fishes and they are of different colours too. I have chosen a few yellow coloured fishes with spectacular shapes and structures for this article. Watching videos will provide you with an opportunity to appreciate their movements from close quarters.

#1. Longhorn Cowfish

Longhorn Cowfish - Lactoria cornuta
Longhorn Cowfish - Lactoria cornuta | Source

This fish has acquired its name because it resembles a cow having long protruding thorns on its head.The thorns have the capability to regrow when broken. They can be of other colours and often have white spots on their bodies. Their flesh is poisonous which makes it not so attractive to the predators. Being slow swimmers can easily be caught and are known for making grunting sounds.

A Closer Look at Shape of Cow Fish

#2. Yellow Trumpet Fish

Yellow trumpet fish - Aulostomus chinensis
Yellow trumpet fish - Aulostomus chinensis | Source

Unlike other fishes, Trumpet fishes have very elongated bodies with small jaws at one end. These fishes can swim vertically and also align themselves with other objects pretending as part of the object and this ability is used by them as a trap to prey. They may look like motionless sticks to other swimming objects in the sea. They can go up to 30 metres deep into the water and grow up to 31 inches. They use sucking action to swallow small fish.

Watch the activities of a yellow Trumpet fish

#3. Bluecheek Butterfly Fish

Bluecheek Butterfly Fish - Chaetodon semilarvatus
Bluecheek Butterfly Fish - Chaetodon semilarvatus | Source

This fish is normally bright yellow in colour with beautiful orange stripes on both sides. Also there is a dark patch behind the eyes. Mostly kept as pairs in aquariums, this disk-shaped fish is another very peaceful creature. Its habitat is Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and can be seen in aggregations of up to 20 and generally feeds on live coral. In fact, their presence in good numbers is an indicator of the health of coral reef in a particular area.

Watch slow motion of Bluecheek Butterfly Fish

#4. Electric Yellow Fish

Electric Yellow Fish - Labidochromis caeruleus
Electric Yellow Fish - Labidochromis caeruleus | Source

The colour of Electric Yellow fish is striking, lips are thick and forehead is slightly arched. Its dorsal fin has a black bar at the top on the elongated body. It is known to be dwarf normally not exceeding 4 to 5 inches in size and temperamentally cool and quite fish. Mothers carry, hatch and develop the eggs in their mouths. East Africa and Lake Malawi are their known habitat.

Longsnout Seahorse

Longsnout Seahorse - Hippocampus reidi
Longsnout Seahorse - Hippocampus reidi | Source

#5. Longsnout Seahorse

Longsnout Seahorses can be of different colours including mustard yellow. Normally there are many dark spots on the body looking like decoration. Males have a pouch on their belly. Being very cool, they are popular for aquarium. They are known for their affinity to coral reefs as also for sea grass beds.

Longsnout Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi)

#6. Yellow Tang

Yellow tang fish - Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow tang fish - Zebrasoma flavescens | Source

One of the extremely popular among home saltwater aquarium fish due to its bright colour which tends to fade away slightly at night. This oval shaped fish normally remains active and is non-aggressive which adds to its popularity. It is known to be a grazing fish which likes algae, lettuce and even grass, though can take even shrimp.

Stupid Fish Tricks - Yellow Tang Doing Back Flips

#7. Yellow Boxfish

Fading of Yellow Colour

Faded colour of Old Yellow Boxfish - Ostracion cubicus
Faded colour of Old Yellow Boxfish - Ostracion cubicus | Source

Named after the shape, the Yellow Boxfishes are really very bright in colour when in juvenile stage, but it tends to fade away as these fishes get old. It has black spots throughout. Reaching a maximum of 45 centimeters in length, these are found in the temperate marine water of Pacific Ocean, Indian Oceans and in Atlantic Ocean. Starting from the central coast of Western Australia the presence of yellow boxfish is felt in the north and east coasts also. Coral and rocky reefs are the natural habitat for these fishes.

#8. Yellow Goatfish

Yellow goatfish - Parupeneus cyclostomus
Yellow goatfish - Parupeneus cyclostomus | Source

Also called yellow saddle goatfish, these small-eyed, yellowish gray adults are found on coral or rubble bottoms of reef flats in Red Sea, Hawaii, Maldives and South Africa. They eat small fish, shrimps and crabs during daytime. Large fish can live solitary but the juveniles in schools.

#9. Foxface Rabbitfish

Foxface rabbitfish - Siganus vulpinus
Foxface rabbitfish - Siganus vulpinus | Source

Another bright yellow coloured fish of medium size with black-brown and white stripes on the head and also the front portion. They have long snout-like mouth which helps in eating vegetation and algae. The attractive looks of Foxface Rabbitfish make them popular for saltwater aquariums.

The video below provides more information about this fish.

Foxface Rabbit Fish

#10. Pineapplefish

Pineapplefish - Monocentris japonica
Pineapplefish - Monocentris japonica | Source

This is one of the strange looking aquarium fish. It has a shape which looks like a pinecone or pineapple. Its body is yellow with scales outlined in black. Also the lower jaw is black. It is found in the caves of rocky reefs at a depth of 20 to 200 meters. The presence of luminous bacteria in its lower jaw makes it unique as it glows at night to attract shrimps. It looks like an ornament in an aquarium.

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