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6 Agents of Pollination

Learn the different agents of pollination. This article also includes examples with pictures of each type of pollination agent. This article also includes how these agents pollinate flowers, how they pick flowers to pollinate, and the whole process of germination and fertilization of pollen grains.


3 Different Types of Ecosystems

There are 3 different types of ecosystems: natural ecosystem, man-made ecosystem, and microecosystem. This article describes the characteristics of an ecosystem, subcategories for each type of ecosystem and examples with illustrations.


The Tropical Rain Forest

Rain Forests are the oldest and one of the most complex ecosystems of this planet. The weather mechanisms and ecosystem services that are linked with the rain forests are invaluable to the habitability of our precious abode, the earth. This is a biography and tribute to the tropical rain forest


The Ecology of the Human Microbiome

In our bodies, microbiota like bacteria outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. Yet, we know almost nothing about our microbiome and how it reacts to "disturbances" such as starvation. I take a research paper style approach to discussing what we expect given our understanding of "macrobiotic" ecosystems.


Why Water Is Important to Life

What role does water play in life and what would happen if we were to lose it or it didn't exist? There are already parts of the world where we can see how life would change, if there were no water. This article explores it further.