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Math: How to Do a Matrix Multiplication

Multiplying two matrices is different than multiplying just numbers. Because of these differences, the order in which the matrices are multiplied does matter. To be able to multiply two matrices, the dimensions must be right.


Four Interesting Types of Mathematical Numbers

There are many special types of numbers beyond the ones we commonly learn about, like square and prime numbers. The more rarely discussed types include perfect numbers, vampire numbers, Fibonacci numbers and narcissistic numbers.


What Is It About the Tower of Hanoi?

A number of stories surround the puzzle known as Tower of Hanoi, Tower of Brahma and Lucas' Tower. Over the years, the puzzle has provided challenge to people in all walks of life, including mathematicians, computer programmers and strategists.


1ppm – Have You Ever Wondered What 1ppm Means?

ppm is mentioned in many user manual specifications sections of appliances, gadgets, and materials. Why should this be? Why not use per cent (%) or even decimal fractions? ppm is important for accuracy and for safety reasons and is explained here along with conversion methods between the parameters.


Converting Number Systems

Converting between digital binary words and decimal, octal, or hexadecimal number systems, for human use, is essential to understand the inner workings of the vast tech world of gaming, gadgets, computers, and computerized most things. I describe the best ways to perform these tasks.


The Birthday Paradox

How many people do you need to have in a room before you have a better than 50% chance of at least two people sharing a birthday? The answer is surprisingly low.


The Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall Problem is a popular example of how intuition can often lead you to make mistakes in probability. In this article, I will describe this interesting problem and the mathematics behind it.