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Sea Monsters Of The Cretaceous

What makes the Cretaceous sea worse than any other in history is that there isn't just one predator to worry about, but a whole collection of them, including sharks, lightning fast killer fish and fearsome giant marine reptiles called mosasaurs.


After the Dinosaurs: Life in the Eocene

The extinction of the dinosaurs marked the end of one era, but heralded the beginning of another. It only took the Earth a few million years to recover from the after effects of the asteroid impact, but it was a changed world. This hub profiles one small corner of that world, in a time called the Eocene...


The African Megafauna

Have you ever stopped and wondered why all the large and dangerous animals seem to live in Africa? Or why we seem to harbour an incurable fascination with monsters? The answers to these questions could well lie in our past, where our remote ancestors lived alongside Africa's real monsters...